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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

CBF Elizabeth Duncan with Emily and MPU Polly Van Hyning with Esme the Ewe and Ellis the Ram as they prepare to take their seats
YES, The big night arrived so with all other Ovines having their own part'ee in #420, I escorted Esme and Emily to the award banquet. Together we gathered with our CBF Elizabeth Duncan, Polly and our HC for pre banquet photos. As usual we sat at the best table, which this year was #23{like Malice Domestic #23?}. How did we manage THAT? Silly question, I am after all~~~ ELLIS THE RAM! {Baa~ha~ha}

At our table were so many fine intelligent women so as the only male at the table, I kept alert. Lea Mesner sat to the right of my HC and I noted them immediately becoming great friends. Which I am very pleased to see. Another fine lady and another which I'm sorry to say I did not get their names. Mea Culpa! Then next our CBF Elizabeth Duncan, IN THE COLD LIGHT OF MOURNING and A BRUSH WITH DEATH. Esme and I had been having our SLEEP~OVER {Baa-rah Baa~rah Baa~rah} with Elizabeth, so back together we now were at dinner. Then 2 very fine ladies, yep Mea Culpa times 2 again. Then Jane Bird who had asked of our HC in the afternoon, finding out she knew Elizabeth Duncan. Jane wished to purchase Elizabeth's 2nd book but couldn't find it in the vendors room. Perhaps our HC knew where she might find one. Sadly no, but Jane was able to speak to CBF herself so we felt better. The next 2 ladies were another set of ladies becoming great friends. Now Polly has the name of her left dinner person, so I won't worry about a Mea Culpa and then Polly, nattering along nicely. {I will ask our HC for her name and tell you another time}.

***In place of 'names' a MC-for the Mea Culpa's.***

MC~Jane Bird~CBF~MC~MC ****MC~Jane Bird and Ellis~CBF

MC~MC and Esme~CBF and Emily*** MC~Jand Bird and Ellis~CBF
The dinner was nicely done with no OVINE entrees, so other than that, well it was Human Creature Food, blah blah blah. After dinner and before the awards portion we finally came to the really really really fun part of the evening. Visiting and chatting, which always means lots of fun with ooo's and ahhh's over us, the Ovines!!! Yes we sit on the table and all the humans really are quite tolerant of that. I mean some have no idea what we may have been hoofing through in the pasture, but we always are Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion for being in such locations at these events. Since no one asked we be removed, all was well.

Jane Bird cuddled us and we had some photos taken with the -Mea Culpa-ladies and Jane and Elizabeth. One lady even tried to tease Esme by helping her sip from a cup. But they all treated us wonderfully. All in all it was another great evening spent with our HC and new friends. WE LOVE MALICE!

Esme and Elizabeth....Jeri and Ellis

Finally, just as the program announcing the winners of this years Agatha Award was to begin, our CBF noted a lady at the next table had the same brilliant fashion sense as herself. Although in different shades of course. So to ensure we would be able to identify one from the other......Elizabeth is holding Esme and Jeri Westerson nicely held me. Now, Agatha awards were announced but you will have to find on the web. HC's are special but no Ovines had been our interest was waning. {But the nice lady at breakfast who named one of the KOO, Avery Ames? She won so..........}


Now the night was over and 'sleep wells' were said so up to #420 we sleepily went, to join the Ovine Stay Behind Crew. And when the door was locked and as lights were outten'd we gathered. A traditional Ovine Sill Sitting, together watching the lights of the city between sweet dreams.

Reporting from Saturday Night at Malice Domestic 23,

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