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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

Baaa'News~~~3 Ovine Plan on the knitted Eggplant~~~Himhe and Callopie STILL planning on live chat~~~A bit more worried as no news from Noah {or Noel}~~~Bobble H. Ovine has a project and is working at the other house ~~~KOO starting after school project for 2012 Krewe of Ovine float~~~BFSS aka Dee Vine still an issue!

Meet the Ovines


In order of INTRO: Ellis, Esme, Callopie, Sullivan, Piper, Dee Vine aka BFSS, Noah, Marty Grau, Herzig, Bobble H. Ovine

So many Ovines jockeying for their turns but bit by bit they will all get their turn. So I get to start first. After all, I am ELLIS THE RAM.

CBF{Canadian Best Friend-HC type} noted my qualities while walking by my HC, Susan, at a wonderful conference~Malice Domestic. Gathering of authors, fan and readers, others who work in the publishing industry who meet yearly to celebrate the Cozy Type mystery genre. She immediately asked of my health, told me I have eyes which told her how insightful and perceptive I was and immediately told me of her concerns that her son would not arrive for the weekend. Eventually he did. Anyway, she is ONE WHO GETS IT.
Elizabeth simply states, in regard to we Ovines, that HCs either  Get it or they Don't! Elizabeth, our HC-Susan, our great friend Hannah of the California Dennison Pasture, all Get it. How can I tell when I meet such a person? They simply begin to converse. Speak to me without questioning my function. Listen when give my opinions.
And Opinions are items of which I've an endless supply.

Ellis The Ram

I asked Ellis to post for me, as in my role as Ewe of the Flock so many of the recent members of our flock need monitoring, either to alter inappropriate behavior or to assist with explanations if answers are sought. Of course Ellis handles his share of the duties. Although he fusses when our HC declares herself 'full-no more room-busy' he frequently does the same . {If only he knew how alike the two of them really are}.
Me......hmmmm, well as Ellis has said, I am his lifelong friend Esme the Ewe. I can't tell you how old we are or where we met but we have been together since we both awoke on a shelf. A shelf in a large large room, in York Pennsylvania. What we were doing on a shelf at a 'craft show' escapes me, but there we were. Ellis was awake before I stirred and when he saw my eyes had opened he said "I am Ellis the Ram and if we stick together things will always be OK". And they have been. And here we are in the Van Hyning Pasture.
The pasture is never dull. We never know what adventure our HC is planning, what any of our flock will get 'up or in to', who may decide they wish to live in another Pasture and who may ask to join our flock. What we do know, is to live with an open and accepting mind and heart, respect all other creatures-for their faith, genders, cultural background, and always be willing to extend open hooves to those in need.
Ellis would say what I wrote is sentimental twattle but don't let him fool you, he is very insightful and kind-despite his occasional rants and pithy scarcastic comments.
I am so glad to have written, not so much because I enjoyed it.....but as now it has been completed. Ah, hearing very excited Baaa'ing from another spot in the flock so best see to it. Can't wait to take you along in our pasture.
HLB~HLB{Happy Lamb Bouncing} I get to write, I get to write........Callopie is my name and chatterbox is my game. Ba-ha ha ha. I'm a little ewe lamb to my big brother Sullivan-he can post about himself later. I love adventure, friends, exploring, asking questions, asking more questions, and then asking even more questions. Wonder what we will get to do today? Wonder who will get to go along with Ellis or Esme? Wonder if there will Leafy Green Munch-a-ble Vegetation? {Wonder why they spelled my name with an 'ie' instead of a 'y'?} OOUU, gotta go sounds like something is going on over there and I wanna see what it is, sure it must be fun ????? Will you be here when I get back? >>>>>>>>>
Now that I did an actual post and all by myself I may add !!! It doesn't seem so scary to introduce myself, on MEET THE OVINES. My sister Callopie, who has no fear, posted before. I am her older brother Sullivan. I am the far more serious of us, obviously ! But I think its because of what happened, for Callopie and me. Not 'to' us but 'for' us. You see, I think we are orphans as we were found by Ellis at a store called PATTERNWORKS, 2 summers ago.
Patternworks is in New Hampshire. Ellis asked the people there if 'we' belonged to anyone.......some lady said Not Yet. Which seemed to confuse him. So he requested his HC to ask what that meant. Soon she came back to tell him, we were all together on a shelf waiting for her.  'Not Yet' meant that we didn't belong to anyone so if someone wanted us to belong to them, that was OK. So then Ellis explained to us that IF we wished we could 'belong' to the flock of ELLIS the Ram. Of course, Callopie was out the door~~ HLBing~~before we knew it. I didn't move and Ellis just sat there.
It took me a while to understand 'didn't belong to anyone' meant we were all alone~~~so we must be orphans. And really, I didn't like it at Patternworks. There were other Ovines but they were scattered throughout many rooms and many shelves. I wasn't 200% sure just what a 'flock' was but deep inside I knew the Ovines at Patternworks weren't a 'flock'.
I asked Ellis what a 'flock' was. And he explained it was a family of a kind. In his flock were Ovines of all sorts, colors, and sizes. Ovines who were quiet and rowdy, with opinions of ALL SORTS. And in 'his' flock all Ovines were welcomed, with only one rule.
 To be 'open and accepting' of others.
That seemed easy enough really. And I knew that even if problems appeared, that Ellis would help me sort them out. So I decided, for both Callopie and me, that it would be the right thing to 'belong'. I left Patternworks with Ellis, we collected Callopie {who of course was running about outside with no regard to vehicles which may be driving through the parking lot}.
I sometimes wonder if Ellis knew what he was doing when he asked Callopie and I if we would like to 'belong' to his flock. But I am so grateful he did. Thank you for reading my introduction on Meet the Ovines.
Sullivan, proud big brother of Callopie

Piper in my Leafy Green sweater with my Eggplant
I'm Piper.  I love purple. I came to the flock from the same place my good friends Sullivan and Callopie did, Patternworks. I never really thought of myself as an orphan as I have always found friends everywhere, especially in gardens. Carrots, beans, tomatoes, really all plants. I like them all. NOT TO EAT THEM, as most in the flock may do. Well, they really don't eat those things but they can eat their leaves and such. But because I have asked them not to, they confine their consumption to MLGV in the pasture and not the garden. 
I do have friends in the Flock but my real friend is my Eggplant. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be an Eggplant. But as long as my friend Eggplant is around we are just us, Piper and Eggplant. {Sometimes the other Ovines seem stand-of-ish, and a few have mentioned they do not understand my friendship with Eggplant, but no one is ill mannered to either of us. In this flock the only rule is to be OPEN AND ACCEPTING. And so Eggplant and I don't go anywhere without each other.}  
Also like the elder statesman of our flock, Willy, I enjoy wearing sweaters and sometimes caps. The green one in my picture is my favorite but I do wish my HC would make me a sweater in Purple. I LOVE PURPLE !
Written by my Eggplant and I, Piper.
Editors Comment-that is Esme the Ewe::::Although this introduction is just posted it was written at the end of September, when the flock first considered writing of our life in the pasture. Since then several things have happened to our Piper and his Eggplant. That journey will be posted when we can ensure our Piper won't be seeing the blog. Needless to say at this point in Piper's story we felt it would assist with his 'adjustment' to name him the Ovine of Contact for our investigation into Purple, Green, and Gold in regard to this flock with in the flock problem. Despite his ongoing 'adjustments' we knew he would do a top notch job.
Dee Vine 

Yes, if one looks carefully you will see the __ beneath the 4 letters above my real name, which is Dee Vine. The __ is due to the fact others in the flock refuse to call me by Dee Vine. They all refer to me as BFSS. Which they say is my real name. Bad Fashion Statement Sheep. To which I must say I am NOT AMUSED.  And if they must refer to me as BFSS then it is up to me to tell you what BFSS really means. It means Beautiful~Fabulous~Stunning~Sheep for that is precisely what I am.
Why? Its obvious when anyone looks at my glamour shot, one of which I've placed above. I mean REALLY, how could any Ovine in the Flock compete with MOI. Well, they can't and that is why they are all so jealous of me. Currently I am the only Ovine in the flock whose fleece ripples in the wind. I am the only Ovine in the flock who can be recognized immediately from outside of the pasture. I am the only Ovine in the flock who is Orange. I am the only Ovine in the flock who is Dee Vine.  
But I have a secret. And soon everyone will know what I know. And then I won't be the only Ovine whose fleece ripples, who can be recognized immediately outside the pasture and who is Orange.  Opps strike that....As 'others' are not Orange, but are Purple, Green and Gold. And I know why they are Purple Green and Gold. And I am helping them prepare for the big event which may begin as early as the 20th of this month but will definitely end on the 8th of March. And I have already been accepted into their social club or KREWE. Ah, Krewe you ask, What is a Krewe? {for me to know and you to find out ! {Childish I know, but can't help myself :):)}
While the flock runs about trying to discover the meaning of Purple Green and Gold......while they are surprised when something sneaks into a bowl~bed, when they find items which they KNOW have something to do with this 'flock with in the flock', I inform them that I know. And soon they will also, then we will see about this BFSS stuff. 

Newest member of the Krewe, DEE VINE

NOAH The Grey Ovine
Yes, I'm aware that a few days ago BaaNews announced that one of our newest members of the flock, Marty Grau, would be introducing himself. But it was my turn after all, I just never managed to be around when the computer was available. Like NOW SERVING 477!!!! {And the tickets ended at 300, geeze} So I decided to wait up until this page was available for me to post and this is the time and place.
I've posted a few times, most recently regarding The KOO. And in that post when I explained my views on GREY, perhaps some of my qualities appeared as why GREY was the best color. But in case it appeared those qualities only applied to GREY I feel I'd best expand on the words. 
I'm Noah and am calm, intelligent and GREY. I was brought to the flock by the cousin of our HC who had found me in her travels and decided I would be a fine addition to the flock our HC resided with in her living area. So I arrived. I knew my name but never the less the cousin and the HC nattered over what to name ME while I sat...and sat.... and sat. Finally I looked over to the cousin and with direct eye contact TOLD her my name. Whew! She told my HC I was called NOAH. {Imagine if I had not managed to convey my name to the cousin.....Harold? Fred? That One There? Enough to give me nightmares!}
I arrived here in the pasture about 2 years ago and truly enjoy my home. I'm quiet, curious, but also a bit daring. I enjoy taking on new challenges, especially when it is something I've never attempted. I love to learn. Which is no doubt why assigning me to cover part of the topic of EDUCATION. So due to my sterling qualities mentioned above I'm often called upon to research when explanation is required. Or to 'test' a new skill. Or simply to take charge in a situation.
I love my life here in the pasture. Yes I realize I'm not like many in my flock. I'm not flashy. I'm not one to voice my opinions just because....I'm not apt to take risks like sneaking away for Adventure or disregarding the wishes of my flock leaders, Ellis and Esme. I'm Noah. When I see a situation to which I may have a solution, I will explain my opinion. When I'm asked I always try to fulfill a request. And I enjoy being intelligent and always being willing to learn. So that is who I am, Noah The Grey One.


Now you may be curious about my name. Some ovines arrive with a name, normally it will be written on a paper of some sort attached someplace on our body, normally an ear..OUCH! Some ovines allow others to decide their names fervently hoping it is not something which will make them look foolish. {Horrors!! among these have been 'cuddles' 'stuffy' or 'SWEETIE'} Some ovines luck out and find themselves in a pasture of one who gives great thought and weight to the choice of a name. {We live in a pasture with such a HC}. Some ovines choose their own names. Hopefully with the same consideration which I mentioned in the last sentence. And they decide THATS IT, THATS MY NAME! If they  live with a HC who 'gets it', the HC is able to hear that name and understand.
I am fortunate to live with a HC who 'gets it'. I didn't arrive with a paper attached somewhere. I knew my name would NEVER be foolish. My HC is one who gave great thought and weight to my name.
I was adopted from the same place that my friends Sullivan, Callopie, and Piper were found. A place called Patternworks in New Hampshire. Although I didn't know Sullivan and Callopie, who were in another room at Patternworks,  I did know Piper. We were in the main room but over in the corner on top of a place where lovely fiber was displayed. Piper and I were adopted the very same day a year before Sullivan and Callopie. Piper had a paper attached~~OUCH~~so he had no worries about being given a foolish name. Although our HC 'seemed' like one who got it....well, we can never be certain until its proven. So anxiously I awaited my name.

 Every summer our HC and MPU go to New Hampshire to spend time in a wondrous spot in a cabin by a lake. And Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe bring some of the flock along on the Adventure. But I, Thank~BAAAA-ly found myself beginning life in the flock, at this wondrous spot. Now the cabins on the lake are owned by NHBFB, a HC friend of MPU and the late PPU, from their college days. She is already listed on our 'friends' page but, it is from that person that my HC found my name. Because my name was the surname at birth of NHBFB, HERZIG. I LOVE MY NAME although some may think it strange. Its am I. Its got meaning as it is NHBFB's surname.....I also have 'meaning'. The only thing different about me Herzig from NHBFB Herzig? While my namesake is very pleasant and intelligent but not given to rambling conversations. I....well you may have noticed if still awake......I'm a bit more verboise. Piper has often told me that I take the long way around the pasture. And others in the flock often yell at me JUST GET TO THE POINT HERZIG!!!!

Well, that my point. I'm Herzig and a member of a wonderful flock headed by Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe. And that is my introduction.

Bobble H. Ovine

Here I am to introduce myself. I was suppose to do this a few days ago....but I've been missing my best friend Daniel and just couldn't think of anything to say. But Herzig told me that if I introduced myself on Meet The Ovines that would be time I might not miss Daniel.
I'm not really certain where I came from but I do know that it was my HCs Mom who found me and gave me as a gift to my HC. Who quickly introduced me to the flock that lives in her pasture. As she 'gets it', the first ovine in the flock I was introduced to was Ellis. After all~he is the Ram. He was very kind and told me I would be the first ovine in the flock whose head bobbed around. I mean, others can move their heads around but not in the manner my head does. You might think it is painful for my head to always bob about, in reality it is a very nice feeling. Its sort of like having a cloth tied around your neck. And wind blows from all directions and the winds may be strong or just gentle. So the cloth just moves about and fanning what is around making it feel cool. Like my head, the cloth makes a creature feel good. I like it. I like being an ovine named Bobble. My middle initial is for Head because that is the only portion of my body that bobs about. My last name is Ovine because.................well, I'm an Ovine!
I'd been in the flock for quite a while when the Mache Triplets arrived. Soon after I met Daniel. Well I met 'D' from afar. But his brothers were rather rowdy and ill mannered and very rude to 'D', now called Daniel. And so I didn't go around them back then. But when they got sent away to learn proper behavior then Daniel and I finally started baa'ing and very soon we became the best of friends. I miss Daniel and hopes he comes home soon.
Meanwhile when Hannah sends news of him Ellis always comes to tell me.
I do have responsibilities in the flock. I watch out for Quilty and her little lamb. I help 1 Bag Full to gather fleece which gets caught on branches and such in the pasture. Fleece which each of us lose as we eat and play. Then I help 1 Bag Full put the gathered lost fleece into a bag. 1 Bag Full already has a bag around his neck so we save it for when its needed. Right now the East Coast Campaign Headquarters has suggested it be used to next years Easter. As when Noah wins election to Easter Creature Fleece Balls WILL be the New Easter Eggs.
So that is who I am. And I still miss my best friend Daniel.

Bobble H. Ovine