Baaaa cNEW Stuff

While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

Baaa'News~~~3 Ovine Plan on the knitted Eggplant~~~Himhe and Callopie STILL planning on live chat~~~A bit more worried as no news from Noah {or Noel}~~~Bobble H. Ovine has a project and is working at the other house ~~~KOO starting after school project for 2012 Krewe of Ovine float~~~BFSS aka Dee Vine still an issue!



CM~Campaign Manager aka Mr Sparkles
OMO~Our 'Main' Ovine aka NOAH~THE GREY ONE
ECCHOM~East Coast Campaign Headquarters Office Manager aka Sullivan
HCAA~Headquarters Chief Administrative Assistant aka Callopie
       Currently: Himhe, Ovi, Herzig, Marty Grau, Turk, Bobble, Daniel-COO {Currently Otherwise Occupied} IMPORTANT OBJECTS
MLGV~Munch-a-ble-Leafy Green Vegetation

HC~Human Creatures                                                              
4LCC~Four Legged Canine Creatures                                               
4LFC~Four Legged Feline Creatures
2LFC~Two Legged Flying Creatures
PU~Parental Unit
SU~Spousal Unit
OU~Offspring Unit
OC~Other Creatures, which can be Human Creatures, Four Legged Canine Creatures, Four Legged Feline Creatures or any combination 'of'
PPU~Paternal Parental Unit
MPU~Maternal Parental Unit
GU~Grandchild Unit
OOC~Ovine of Contact-Flock equivocal of the human term POC-Point of Contact
AFHC~Attention From Human Creatures {Vital to 4LCCs-Tolerated by 4LFCs}
BBB~Bouncing-Bouncing-Bouncing as in young ovines in spring. ALL OVINES MAY BBB.
HLD~Happy Lamb Dancing, another acronym for BBB
HOD~Happy Ovine Dancing, specific to adult ovines who may have misplaced their 'inner lamb'.
DFH~Dread-Fear-Horror due to unfair or frightening actions via OCs{see above}
BH~Bed Head. A condition which frequently afflicts HCs. Symptoms may include head hair, which during the night battles itself with horrid outcomes. Eyes which seem to have viewed shocking sights. Strange marks which appear on the face of HCs due to pressing their skin into strange objects. A condition which if appears alone may also be termed~
NR~Nap Rash
BHTSA~Bed Head Trauma Shock/Awe. The results for The Flock of BH.  When we travel with our HC it is always a threat to our safety, unless we slowly open our eyes in the morning so her BH doesn't confront us all at once
FTRM~Full Tilt Ram Mode Condition which may occur when Head Of Flock becomes angry, frustrated or just in general MAD. Normally with some inappropriate behavior among one of more in the flock.
FC~Flock Cluster. For safety, warmth, or emotional need Ovines gather physically close.
UBBB~UN Baaing Bleating Believable-Ovine version of the HC UFB-which we will only say is something HCs, state without use of the Acronym, although this is one example of when Acronyms would not only be acceptable but also preferable
COO~Currently Otherwise Occupied
POO~Point of Origin
PIA~Pain in my/the Ass
GFBFHD~Great Friend and Best Friend Hannah Dennsion. Author extraordinaire and kind friend to our HC. From 'across the pond' but lives in La~La~Land aka Los Angeles, CA. Mr Tig, FLFC and companion to GFBFHD.... so we tolerate Mr Tig. The Dennison Pasture::Emily, Mr Sparkles, Dennison.
CBFEJD~Canadian Best Friend Elizabeth J. Duncan, 'She who gets it'. Author extraordinaire and impartor of knowledge to students of Humber, academic institution at which CBF teaches. Often travels to Wales to absorb  in order to write wonderful Penny Brannigan 'cozies'. Dolly a 4LCC and companion to CBFEJD, who has very ovine coloring of blacks, silver, white fleece. Well, fur. The Duncan Pasture::Florencio, Sonny, Samuel and a ewe of our caliber Eleanor. To the Duncan Pasture from our flock went M'Alice and Duncan.
NM~Nefarious Man aka OU of CBF aka Lucas W_____. Although we find him handsome and interesting we still do not fully 'trust' NM. Our first encounter produced DFH, due to his devious looks and dubious intentions. Gradually bits of comfort gained but still wary. Graduate of Arcadia in Nova Scotia and much loved son. The Flock enjoys hearing of him but is still 'out' on NM.
MTF~Most Trusted Friend, Ellis Berkowitz from whom Ellis the Ram found his name
GFK~Great Friend Kathy  Very old friend of our HC and wondrously kind and understanding. Lives with SU, Dick, in Wisconsin. GFK works for The Milwaukee Brewers, a team of some sort? We understand team plays a game involving sticks and balls, but no sleds. They reside with Pink Monkey to whose Pasture we grew with 2 flock members, Eby and Pink Lamb.
MBFN~Maine Best Friend Nancie. A HC whose PPU served with our HCs PPU, so spent wonderful times together when young. Their PUs, both in NAVY/VP-10 in early 60's. She 'gets it' as does her PPU Calvin. A second PPU to our HC. In the HOUSE OF Nancie also reside, SU Bruce, OUs Hannah and Molly.
NHBFB~New Hampshire Best Friend Bobbie, who went to college with our HCs P/MPUs. Owner of Duncan Lake Cabins where we joyously spend portions of August each year. NHBF sort of 'gets it'.
NHBFBsGU~New Hampshire Best Friend Bobbi's Grandchild Unit Maggie. With whom we have spent much 'silly around' time picking blueberries, canoeing and other adventures. Maggie lives with a former member of our flock, Blue~Barry as they both love hot chocolate. They live in Cape Elizabeth Maine.
HCKF~Human Creature Knitting Friends a term which applies to several of our HCs friends. Lily Maie of England, whom 2 ovines from our pasture now reside, Sooty and Fiera. Rob, friend in Maine who is both a knitter of great talent as well as musician.