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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Monday, January 24, 2011


posted by Sullivan

My Adventure to the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Lebanon PA was the day after our trip home. My HC had to go to a doctor at the B~I~G VA building in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It was to have her eyes checked again.

In December she saw big flashes of lightening in her left eye and when she 'mentioned' it to her nurse at her check up the next week...........well talk about lightening. Lightening quick the next morning before we all woke up, the phone rang. It was a very nice eye doctor at Lebanon requesting my HC 'immediately' come and see her so she could check my HC's eyes. Right now.....that she, or rather WE went. Whew, they said her eyes would be OK and to come back in a few weeks for another check. Well, the day after we arrived home we went for the second check.

A Bit Mangled

You see, I also wear spectacles. But due to many play-times in the pasture they have become quite--well--sort of bent? So since my spectacles needed fixing I got to go along. It was very cold and gray day, but I enjoyed a quiet drive up with my HC, it takes about an hour and a quarter each way, up and back. Lots and lots of lovely farmland and so many wonderful pastures. Although covered in snow I could just imagine how lush and full of MLGV they will be when spring arrives. {Maybe we can convince our HC that a Pasture Tour may be in order?}
What a lovely place and such a HUGE building, as you may see on our current banner photo {should you wish to view it later it will also remain in our Banner Photo page}. We completed our appointments and they ordered me a new set of spectacles after they finished checking my HC's eyes. This Veteran's Hospital is very old and while my HC was with the doctor I read a bit on its history. I believe this hospital opened around the time of THE GREAT WAR when many soldiers were horribly hurt-sadly, all wars damage so many. Some parts of this stately hospital are newer than others but my favorite is the main building, Building #17~on the second floor was where we had our eyes checked.
As we left to go home I managed to convince my HC to take several photos of me, my favorite is this one where I sit at the bottom. This is one lovely place and although my HC waited years to allow the Veteran's Administration to be her health care provider-we in the flock can see that they TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF HER, OUR HC. And for this we are truly grateful. Thank you Veteran's Administration Hospital Lebanon Pennsylvania. And the Veteran's Administration for whom they work, Thank You also!
Soon to have fresh spectacles,

Sunday, January 23, 2011

posted by Piper, OOC at command central
I've been designated as OOC~Ovine of Contact, to keep everyone informed of events as they occur in the matter of 'the flock within the flock'. After returning from the Ocean, with all but Willy, Ellis and Esme briefed the entire flock regarding this Purple, Green and Gold issue which we all agree must involve 'the flock within the flock'. With the discovery of something brought home in the bowl~bed and the subsequent disappearance of the bowl~bed contents, we are coordinating a east to west and north to south search of the entire Pasture. Often we gather together in some point in the Pasture and in complete silence try to detect any sounds which may give us a clue to a hiding place. So far no sounds have been detected.
Our Flock will leave no rock un~checked, no foliage un~searched and not a single sprig un~munched in our quest, of that all can be assured. I will post the next update~#2~on the morrow. So as not to confuse you by my signature which differs from the byline above, we are both one and the same.
EGGPLANT aka Piper

Friday, January 21, 2011

Heading North

~~posted by Ovi~~
Ellis and Esme have designated me to post of our journey home. I hope you enjoy my first ever all to myself~by myself for you to read~~posting. Yes, Tuesday morning found us leaving our Oceanside Pasture for our trip North. Anxious to rejoin the flock we left behind we gathered together and walked down the hallway toward the door through the parking lot to climb into the car. The only one who had any baggage was me. I walked next to Sullivan at the end of our flock. The red string which you may notice around my neck and down my back on both sides was attached to my bowl~bed. For some STRANGE reason it seemed far heavier than ever before. But I persevered and the 6 of us, oh plus our HC, settled into the car and away we went. We got to ride 'shotgun' atop a lovely fleece blanket, naturally once we put our seat belt around us we were ready to enjoy our first leg of the journey.
Sullivan, ME, Callopie, Himhe, Ellis and Esme

We left as the sky brightened stopping for fuel. A bit of a pile on but lots of fun. After an hour or so of driving went crossed our first state line, North Carolina. While our HC went to a building, we piled atop the sign showing where we were and when she returned she snapped our picture. Back to the car we went for our next part of our trip. Very soon we found ourselves in another state, Virginia! Ellis told us it was about halfway and this was very exciting. This time Callopie yelled PILE ON. After Ellis and Esme talked it over we did just that~PILED ON. And I the OVI~NATOR got to be on top. Well Callopie was next to me but as I'm taller I claimed KING OF THE HILL!!!!!


After such a morning and many exits and entrys of rest areas, we all were very tired and slept the rest of the way home. Except of course, our HC, who drove safely and didn't stop to eat. As we had planned ahead and had a big big big morning meal we didn't get hungry. Later as the sun set and hearing some baa'ing from the others I woke up and we were home. We all piled out and followed our HC to the door, back home at last.


Only one thing seemed strange. After all things were put away and we greeted the home flock, shared our adventures and we all clustered together and had a good night sleep. The STRANGE thing? The next day while our HC was busy we got to use the laptop, to look over our blog and enjoy our trip home photos. And when the photo of us coming down the hallway to the door appeared something was weird with my bowl~bed. Remember at the beginning of my post when I said my bowl~bed seemed heavier than before? We all gasped as we saw 'something' IN the BOWL~BED. Some things that appeared to be shades of purple, green and gold.......and although we enlarged the photo we wouldn't quite make out what it was. Finally Sullivan declared there appeared to be FOUR things in the bowl~bed and he thought they looked strangely like the back part of Ovines~hind ends.......Where were the stowaways? We thought they had been left behind with Willy...........but TWO hind ends looked like TWO of the stowaways but that left TWO. Those TWO seemed to be in shades of Green and Gold. The stowaways had been black with purple among the black fleece and white with gold among the white fleece. We rushed back to my bowl~bed but it was empty. Where are the contents of my bowl~bed we are all asking ourselves. If it is the TWO stowaways and somehow they have brought back TWO others.......well we will find them, they are somewhere in our pasture and we have a very very very large flock~~~They can't hide forever. Oh, in case you have trouble seeing the hind ends we placed 3 question marks by the 4 hind ends.

By permission of Ellis the Ram, my post is concluded.


Monday, January 17, 2011


On the Hunt for the answer
Himhe, Ellis, Esme, Sullivan Callopie and Ovi
sitting left to right
Getting at the computer to do the research we previously spoke of, proved more time consuming then we all expected. But finally we crowded around the laptop which had been placed in the comfy chair. The first search we tried was GREEN BAY PACKER. And much to our amazement the screen filled with the explanation....

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL) and are the third-oldest franchise in the NFL. Ah, the clue provided by GFK about a 'game' proved to be valid. Seems this Green Bay Packer is a group of human who engage in a game called Foot~Ball. Further reading down the page informed us that while playing the game of Foot~Ball these Green Bay Packers don garments which are Green and Gold.

Now, Ovines aren't really interested in 'games'. It seems most humans do nothing BUT play games........And most of these games seem to involve round objects and sticks. Hoc~Key=little black round object flat on top and bottom and a STICK. GFK works for something called the Milwaukee Brewers. The average Ovine would believe this 'Milwaukee Brewers' are engaged in 'brewing'. Remember, Humans=Games. This Milwaukee Brewers, they play Base~Ball. Base~Ball=a round object about 4" in diameter {and very painful if struck by such an object as it is hard like a rock............wouldn't using a rock be just as easy and certainly cheaper-rocks all over the pasture?}and a STICK. So we assumed this game called Foot~Ball would have a ball and STICK. So we next searched for Foot~Ball.

A form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron

Ah, finally a game with only a ball. And this ball appears to be oblong and filled with air which certainly must feel better if one is hit with it. But after this research, we all agreed that this does not answer the question of Purple, Green, and Gold. We must tell our HC to inform our GFK that the answer to her question is NO. The colors don't appear to mean a Green Bay Packer, a game, or some human named Favre who it seems likes Purple.

Tomorrow the flock travels with our HC back north to our pasture in Pennsylvania. We will miss the Ocean, the Seagulls, the Sunrises and the Sunsets. But our HC need us to accompany her to keep her attentive during her long hours of travel. Occasionally Baaa'ing and Bleat'ing to ensure she does not fall asleep. But Willy, the elder statesmen of our flock, will remain behind to keep our HC's MPU company until we return. Which will be soon, we hope.............meanwhile we remain vexed, JUST WHAT IS THIS PURPLE, GREEN, GOLD THING !!!


Ellis, Esme, Himhe, Sullivan, Callopie, Ovi and Willy.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Question makes us wonder?

OUR SEARCH BEGINS~~~~~ posted by Ellis the Ram and beach Ovines
Our HC swapped emails with our GFK this morning and apparently she has been reading our blog. The gold/green/purple issue prompted a question as to what the colors are all about. Well, as it is our blog being kidnapped by this 'flock with in a flock' we would like to know the answer as well. And we all are on the lookout and WILL discover the answers as we work feverishly to discover the meaning of it all.
So our GFK asked our HC if the colors were heralding some upcoming event involving something called a 'GREEN BAY PACKER'? We all gathered to discuss this strange term, 'GREEN BAY PACKER'. First we asked the oldest in our flock, Willy, if he had heard this term. And he had not but he did point out that in his experience a Bay was a geographical term for a body of water. And although the world was filled with various such bodies the only Bays that knew of were in shades of blue. Like dark blue/grey during stormy weather or sparkling water which shone blue under cloudless skies. Or maybe even brown blue from trees which sit along the edge and provide tree colors. But he did not know of a Green Bay.
Well then what about a PACKER? After mulling over the question Willy provided a few possibilities. Didn't wolves, our sworn enemy as they are known to tear away young ovines from their flocks in order to devour them, travel in Packs? DFH !!!!!!! Maybe a Packer was a really really really big pack of wolves. Or maybe a Packer was several wolf packs, who banded together to create even more DFH. Or maybe a Packer described what this Green Bay did? Would a Green Bay wish to Pack itself and if so into what and toward what purpose?
As you see, plenty of questions but no answers. Then we realized our GFK in her inquiry had provided some clues. She said this Green Bay Packer is having a 'game' on Saturday night. Well, having dealt with CBFEJD and her interest in what she termed a 'game' called Hoc-key perhaps this GREEN BAY PACKER played the game of Hoc-key. We learned last year during the HC festival of Olympics, about many 'games'. So we decided this gave us a direction which may assist us to discover just what this GREEN BAY PACKER was.
The flock reviewed GFK's message one last time. This GREEN BAY PACKER may not be answer to the colors as GFK indicated that the Green and Gold only related to this GREEN BAY PACKER but Purple was connected to a creature called FAVRE. { But as to why this FAVRE is connected to Purple is a mystery}. Tomorrow while we are alone in room 207 research will be our priority. My first task will be to look in the dictionary. I will start by looking up GREEN BAY PACKER................

On the hunt,

Ellis, Esme, Sullivan, Callopie, Ovi, Himhe and Willy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ellis the Original !!!!

posted by Ellis the Ram
Although our HC is 'clueless in Carolina' {or anywhere else on the planet-galaxy-universe} regarding posting, we are not. So we sent an email to our MTF {Most Trusted Friend} Ellis Berkowitz~MSW, ACSE, LCSW. Although he functions as a therapist to our HC assisting her to co-exist with the rest of the world {you wouldn't believe how long that will take~FOREVER}, to the flock Ellis the Original is our MTF. As a matter of fact it is from Ellis Berkowitz~MSW, ACSE, LCSW..... that I acquired my own name.
For future reference and to ensure you can tell us apart..................Ellis the Original-see above. And I, ELLIS THE RAM. Yes we both have very stylish similarly colored fleece but while his fleece confines itself to his head, mine encompasses my entire body. I feel a bit sad for Ellis, the original, but that is the advantage to being Ellis, the ram. We both are extremely insightful, highly intelligent, extremely humorous served with witty and pithy commentary on all subjects. In other words, ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME. But again-Ellis the Original AND Ellis the Ram. Separate but equal.
I simply wanted to announce that when we do post and there may be accompanying photos relating to the post~~~~~~~I have received the appropriate approval. I hope now you all can rest easy knowing I have taken care of this. I know I will.
Rest Easy

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Can you figure out Gold/Green/Purple?
posted by flock within a flock
We have had to post while everyone is asleep, no witnesses.....We've been sneaking in these 3 colors for a specific purpose..... to let everyone know that we are getting prepared......... very soon the colors that are special to us will appear......a few here or there like you see in this post....... then the number will grow, or maybe the size, or
perhaps the shape......because we are preparing to take part.....this is our first year.. but will not be our last because we are OVINES.....we may look a bit different but we have Ovines in other flocks and if you look closely you may see similarities ......fleece that is more colorful than your usual Ovine or tails that are a bit different or don't hang in a fashion you are used to seeing........perhaps some theme to our decor which may not seem pasture~like...... because of 'us' you may learn new terms or learn the story of the holiday that our colors have become such a symbol of.......colors very recognizable in some very special places......... so if you wish to follow our 'flock within a flock' remember to keep in touch.......we are working to be part of a big parade~~~~~~~~~~~~~where? in a place where
are known to one and all as very special....
Goodnight.............very soon THE K~O~O will be born.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Regarding Lucy

A Visit and The Result
posted by Ellis the Ram
Yes, as I spoke of earlier, my HC took her knitting, camera and myself and we left room 207. Walked to the elevator, punched UP. When it arrived and the door opened, we entered the elevator and pushed the button marked '12'. As the door closed I must say I felt uncertain. Uncertain if this Lucy who is reported to have referred to the BOYS as toys would react when we arrived. If she would invite me in with my HC. But mostly I was privately uncertain about any devious intentions fermenting in the brain of my HC.
The doors opened, we exited and walked to the door numbered 1204......and knocked. The door opened, by Lucy of course. I waited. She was looking at my HC and then looked down and noticed me. The moment was here.............and she smiled at me, nodded and invited us in. My HC had concurred with the Boys and said she seemed a very nice lady but all 5 {HC, MPU, Sullivan, Himhe and Ovi} also agreed that she didn't seem to 'get it'. Hmmmm ?So we entered, walked with Lucy down the hallway to her living room. I saw her computer sitting on a large table.

Finally my HC introduced me stating that I was the head of the flock, ELLIS THE RAM. I opted to sit in a chair at the table with Lucy while they reviewed the computer issue. Then urged on by our usual unspoken communication, my HC asked the question? She said "I brought my head of flock because when we all returned from the luncheon the boys told Ellis all about the 'toys' comment, that you seemed a very nice lady......but they felt sad for you, because we didn't think you 'get it'." The silence was DEAFENING.
But after just a few seconds Lucy said "I understand how you may have thought so, but my 'toys' comment was all made in fun. And I really do 'get it'. My late husband and I once took a trip to visit Canada and we took one of our teddy bears along with us. We hiked many trails and always took our bear along. Often my husband would put our teddy in his backpack so teddy could look where we had been. It was often quite funny to see the looks on the faces of those behind us. So I do 'get it'."
I must say not only was it a nice story which I could share with the boys but 'whatever my HC' may have been plotting was torpedoed, hopefully. After a photo of Lucy and I in chairs was taken I decided I'd much rather rest of the table by the computer. Mostly so I could look at the window at the ocean. But also to be nearby should my HC begin to 'misbehavior' in some fashion.

We spent about 1 hour as my HC and Lucy did the download and worked at getting Lucy's information entered. Lucy will have lots to do to learn her program but is quite capable, in my opinion. I communicated to my HC I thought it was time to leave and we did. Whew ! Lucy and my flock resolved 'get it', Lucy and my HC resolved the download problem and most importantly........MY HC DID NOT DO ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE. {Always a unknown} We returned to 207, I explained all to my boys. Crisis averted.
In hopes that everyone GETS IT,
ELLIS THE RAM and all our flock here and home.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boy's Day Out

posted by Sullivan, Ovi, and Himhe

Today our head of flock, Ellis the Ram gave us quite a gift. Our HC and her MPU were going to a luncheon~~and they told Ellis if he wished to send any of the flock, he could. Of course, Calliope immediately began BBBing, bleating to be chosen. But to our surprise he announced that today he was declaring the adventure a BOY'S DAY OUT. Of course, we had expected Ellis, Willy, and the 3 of us to be going. No, it was explained a boy's day not a Male Ovine day. And as Ellis and Willy are elders in our Flock that meant US !!!! As I Sullivan am the oldest of the 3, it was my responsibility to make sure we minded our manners. Hey, the 3 of us are on the 'quiet' side of the flock so I assured Ellis all would go well.


Enjoying the morning view of the Ocean we said goodbye and departed.
The car ride was great fun and we all buckled up to be safe. Arriving at the restaurant we went inside and our MPU selected the table and we settled in.

As you can see we gathered on the table and had a lovely view behind us. Naturally the HCs at the table all questioned our purpose. Based on that question it seems there were 5 HCs at the table who 'get it'. The 6th HC we eventually realized was one who did 'not get it', but was polite none-the-less, except.....more later regarding a comment. We positioned ourselves in the middle of the humans eating surface while we met each at the table. Naturally our HC and her MPU we skip.

While our table~mates~ Arlene and Jim, Lucy and Polly, reviewed their menus. Ovi, having taken to Polly moved over to sit next to her. We discreetly wished to read their menus. Not that we expected to have a Ovine lunch option of MGLV. We really wanted to check there was no human food being offered which was made from US ! Fortunately saw no Lamb Stew, no Roast Leg of Lamb, and THANKFULLY no Lamb Chops. I have no idea how we would have gotten back, but if there had been Ovine on the menu but we certainly would have left. What if the chef ran short and began looking our way? Or if we overheard other attendees selecting Ovine items for their meals. Or, DFH, humans at our table selected such meals. Luckily none of that occurred since Ovine wasn't on the menu. But always best to exercise due diligence in these matters.
The lunch went fairly well and although all but Polly C., had little interaction with us, everyone was very polite and we enjoyed their chatter. Polly C. quickly formed a bond with our Ovi and he moved his bowl~bed by her plate. Once actually teasing her by hiding under his bowl~bed while she was away from the table and wiggling to shake his bowl~bed when she returned and prompted an inquiry on his disappearance. I spent the consuming portion of the event on the handle of Polly's walker. Polly was very nice.....and fun. Polly GETS IT.
Finally the meal ended and a nice young man came by to clear away the table. Our HC still had half a bowl of salad which she told the young man she would be taking home with her. Then she winked at us and we knew the bowl of salad would be our MLGV treat for behaving so nicely. Himhe ? He enjoyed his time in the center of the table. When the time came to leave, Ovi and Himhe raced to a clear box full of MLGV, like a game of KING OF THE HILL they made it to the top of the box together. Then I joined them !
&&&&&&&&& After such a fun afternoon we were quite glad to be home. We told Ellis of our adventure and he told us tonight it would make a fine bedtime tale to sent the flock before sleep. But that was much later. Tired, we 3 boys decided the best way to end an adventure was with a nice nap.....even Ovi was so tired he decided to fore go his bowl~bed {although it was close by}.


Oh, Lucy the nice lady who 'didn't get it'. How did we know that? When we were preparing to leave and the humans were saying their goodbyes..........she said to our HC's MPU that perhaps next time she could tell her OU {our HC} to leave her 'toys' at home. She wasn't mean sounding or ill mannered but we could tell she was serious. TOYS ? Good thing Ellis, Esme or horrors Calliope not in attendance. Results would not have been pretty. We all felt sorry for Lucy. Imagine being one who 'doesn't get it'.



Monday, January 3, 2011

Sand ??????

Callopie likes Sand........Ovi hates Sand........ posted by Sullivan
&&& Do you believe a simple thing like 'sand' can cause such a fuss between friends? Well, I found out just this morning, that was what all the yelling was over,
&&& Now they are back to being good friends and this morning when we all awoke excited about the coming dawn .. there they were. Snuggled together in Ovi's bowl~bed. Our HC made it just for Ovi and when he is feeling 'in need' that is where I can always find him, in his bowl~bed. While they were out on the balcony in the bowl I managed to look through their photos from the adventure from which they returned
The Flock are familiar with Callopie's adventurous and often 'questionable' behavior. And we have much evidence of it in photos. Sneaking in bags to go along when not invited. The time she rolled in the bowl of blueberries we picked during our adventure in New Hampshire last year. No matter how many times Ellis and Esme told her that rolling about in blueberries was not at all the same as rolling about in leaf piles, she did it anyway. Typical Callopie, she managed to accomplish her blueberry roll without staining a strand of her fleece.
GEESH ! &&&
So not surprising to hear that Callopie had no issue with playing in the sand on the beach. I guess she found it great fun her first 'sneak out' so she simply thought everyone would enjoy it. Hm, well it seems Ovi did not. He did enjoy walking on the sand, where it was dry as he said it easily brushed off. BUT, Callopie insisted they go closer to the Ocean so of course the sand became less dry.......and less dry......and quite 'not at all dry'. He told me that half way down to the Ocean he climbed atop a sand pile and refused to go any further~~~but not our Callopie ! {As you can see by the photo at the beginning of this post}.
Ovi said after Callopie returned and he climbed off his sand pile, they went back toward the dry sand.....At which point Callopie insisted Ovi help her to do something she had seen HCs do on the beach. Yep, the results~~~~~~~

Ovi Reluctantly Assisted & Callopie Enjoyed Results

Seems the big issue was upon their return Callopie's decided a 'rough and tumble' would be great fun and pushed Ovi into a sand hole............thus............the DUST UP. Or perhaps the SAND DOWN !


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Delinquents Return

Guess I'll have to Start at the End of
The Day's 'Adventure'
Esme the Ewe

As you can see Ellis the Ram is a bit 'involved' dealing with Callopie and Ovi who have just returned from their 'unauthorized' adventure. And right after we went through this issue with Callopie just a few days ago. Ellis and I did see that she posted of her sneak about, despite being 'under punishment'. When she returned that day Ellis was absolutely spinning~~~went into FTRM {Full Tilt Ram Mode}. Any who may have dealt with unruly groups for which they are responsible will no doubt recognize FTRM.....Or if an HC, their version of it. May I say some handle such situations in a more calm frame of mind. And at times Ellis, through sheer force of will, can manage to control his temper............but this was not the case when Callopie was returned by our HC the other day.
So imagine my surprise when this afternoon we hear the door open and the noisy bickering and fussing as our Callopie and Ovi made their way down the hallway. THEY DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE US STANDING THERE. I was prepared for a FTRM times two. Instead my Ellis simply planted himself at the end of the hallway and waited. So busy were those two arguing and fussing it took a while for them to notice The Head of The Flock. Ellis was the picture of calm. After the 2 delinquents finally realized they were being watched the silence became complete. Ellis told me, "Esme, would you kindly go and post on our blog that 'THEY' will not be reporting on their 'adventure' for a while." Then to Callopie and Ovi....."So how was your adventure today? Have fun? I see you didn't injure yourselves. Perhaps you would care to explain what the two of you are arguing over?"
Callopie and Ovi uttered not a bleat or baa............complete Silence. {Music to my ears after the din that accompanied their return.} Ellis and the two walked toward the back of the hallway and into another room and we haven't heard a sound, as of yet. Perhaps later, when all the issues have been hammered about, Ellis has said what needs saying, and they return to our Beach Pasture~Callopie and Ovi will be permitted to post of todays adventure, perhaps tomorrow. Perhaps with an explanation of what all the fuss was over.
{{I didn't tell Ellis I thought Callopie posted a nice account of her adventure ~~probably wasn't a good time :):) }}
For Ellis, Esme the Ewe