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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Adopt an Ovine Guide

So many Ovines are in need of adoption. But even more HCs are in need of an Ovine in their pastures. No matter what the need or reason the Flock believes it is our duty and mission to assist both HCs and Ovines to find their places. With that in mind we are offering a guidelines to doing simply that, Adopt an Ovine.

Why are we only providing information for a Human Creature to find their Ovine and not assist an Ovine to find a Human Creature? Truth be told......Ovines need no assistance as they know precisely how to go about locating pastures and the HCs in need of Ovines for their pastures and lives. Frequently we Ovines have to tell HC's where their pasture is located and what the pastures function be occupied by Ovines. So for Human Creatures, assistance is always required.

What are our qualifications for providing guidelines at all? And how to provide updated and informative data? As you scroll through this page there will be several 'TOPICS' which will be updated as required with assistance regarding our ADOPT AN OVINE PROGRAM.


For inquiries regarding adoption of Ovines (Rams, Ewes, and Lambs}
See, the Easter Creature Campaign page for other earth friendly items

And what references can we provide to show quality results in the realm of such adoptions. Simple enough. Our guidelines will begin with examples of Ovines who have adopted HC's, where and with whom they reside and a bit of history regarding those specific adoptions. 
Ovines seeking HC's to adopt, follow

Blue-Barry was a fine little fellow who came early to our flock. He announced he had chosen his name due to his LOVE of picking and eating BLUEBERRIES. And having seen this mug being given to our HC knew she must also love BLUEBERRIES. {Which of course she does}. A year later when the flock returned from our first Adventure at the Duncan Lake cabins and hearing much BLUEBERRY picking was engaged in, Blue-Barry wished he had gone along. Then he overheard tales of a young HC, Maggie, who had accompanied our HC on berry picking outings. And that Maggie had been a girl who 'GOT IT' and spent a lot of time with the flock. Blue-Barry formed a plan. Maggie loved hot chocolate and blueberries. Blue-Barry knew where to get hot chocolate in a package. So with a packet of hot chocolate and the Blueberry Mug, he presented himself and requested to live in Maggie's flock in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. All are happy together in Maggie's pasture.

Following Malice Domestic in 2008 when we met CBF Elizabeth Duncan, M'Alice was found to join the Duncan Flock. Why? Well, her fleece is in the colors of Malice Domestic, black and red. She was our first adoptee with eyesight and the Duncan Flock was in need, one of their Ovines being sightless. And we wished our CBF to think of us and Malice every day until our yearly reunion at the conference. Since she left us in 2008 she has settled in nicely, following a strange near death experience soon after her arrival. {No doubt a story for later}. But due to the 4LCC, Dolly, she is now safe in Canada in the Duncan Flock.


Pink Lamb is a very special adoptee in many ways. First our HC agreed to assist in the arrival of Pink Lamb, and she HATES PINK!!! But having heard our GFK, Great Friend Kathy, speaking of taking part in the Breast Cancer walk accompanied by her Pink Monkey-and how Pink Monkey had blogged of the walk.....we knew we loved Pink Monkey. Then GFK~Kathy, chose to adopt an Ovine from our flock while visiting last fall. She chose Eby and left for Wisconsin together. It was then we requested our HC create Pink Lamb in hopes she could bridge the gap for Pink Monkey and show him he wasn't being replaced by Eby the Ovine but was going to share his pasture with a creature although different was also like him, PINK.
Even more important our Pink Lamb represents all Ovines in support of the fight against Breast Cancer.  


Grace, a lamb
Grace appeared just last week hiding behind 2 fleece balls-THE NEW EASTER EGGS-and fleece remnants toward another fleece ball.  Our HC discovered her and fetched Ellis and Esme, Grace was given safe haven. But she believes, as much as she loves this pasture, that she is destined for another flock. Perhaps a Human Creature with a pasture who has yet to have found one Ovine. A HC who may not know they are in need of an Ovine to keep watch over them and be the friend they always wanted.
Grace knows she is just destined to be elsewhere.
She has long-haired grey eyelash fleece softly waving from a pure white fleece underneath. Her face, ears, and tail are of comfy angora as are her eyes. She weights very little and is very health conscious so watches her diet but will munch on MLGV in any pasture. And is willing to travel any distance to a HC who needs her.