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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Even I'm HOT!
posted by Ellis the Ram

Despite my sturdy fleece, even I am beginning to feel the effects of the heat. But fortunately it has had a quieting effect on the flock. Gives me a bit of time to contemplate the various issues from my last post. But one thing at a time. So I've met with Herzig and Esme as we begin our, what I hope to be our persistent, attack on our HC regarding the knitted Eggplant. She says she has been working on what she refers to as an Adult Dining Linen {ADL} for the lady from Malice Domestic. Referring to it as #4, she is very secretive about this #4 and keeps telling us once we see it all will be clear. Clear? She is knitting it in a tan fiber with a little tiny string of a brown....rather like the grass in our pasture these days. And clear? Its not clear at all. It is a knitted fiber piece so once its knitted all you see is the fiber. Doesn't clear mean I could see through whatever it is? And as to the fiber? Its not fleece but made from a plant which is generally what our species views as MLGV. VERY CONFUSING!! So we plan to, one by one, the 3 of us will appear to ask IS THE #4 FINISHED AND HAS THE KNITTED EGGPLANT BEGUN? Either she will work harder at the #4 and start the knitted Eggplant or perhaps even set it aside just to keep us from asking. I've learned with my HC there is no point being angry or demanding but repetitive and constant works.

Meanwhile, DID I SAY ITS HOT? So hearing my HC and her oldest best~est girl scout camp friend, Gobel, were planning an adventure to canoe, I invited myself along. Gobel is a most trustworthy friend and accompanied the KOO on their first outing. Canoeing is something the Flock who went to New Hampshire 2 summers ago had attempted. But HC Maggie informed us life jackets were required and none fit, so we went raft floating instead. HC and I climbed in the vehicle one afternoon and drove over to the Pasture of Gobel. Then the 2 of us climbed out of our vehicle and.....
 the 3 of us climbed into Gobel's vehicle. And to 'the place' where canoes, paddles, life jackets and water were to be found. I took the seat in the middle and enjoyed my ride as Gobel drove to 'the place'. She is driving in the photo of me shown above.
Keep in mind my HC is not fond of having her picture taken but finally I got her to take a snap with me, before we actually went boating. Just in case an unexpected occurrence....such as a strong wind or poor seamanship resulted in the 3 of us out of the canoe and into the lake. Then we went into the building to acquire 3 essential components for our boating. Gobel rented a canoe which came with paddles. As none were designed for ovines there were just 2 paddles.
And once the life jacket which would fit an Ovine. For a moment I feared I would once again be prevented from this boating adventure and never have the experience being out on a body of water upon a vessel of ANY type EVER. But my HC boldly set me up on the bow seat in the canoe, at first 'backwards' but that could be corrected after we had gotten underway.
Once my HC and Gobel took their positions, wearing their life jackets and carrying their paddles, we got FULL STEAM AHEAD. Well, that would be the term if we had some sort of mechanical device operating our vessel. The idea still holds....we got underway. The 2 of them took the same positions they had 40 years ago at camp, my HC in the bow and Gobel in the stern.
The next hour in the horrid heat we enjoyed the cooler temperatures and at times drops of light rain. If you look to my right at the end of the canoe, there in the water you can see where a raindrop had just fallen. It was a baaa'utiful moment in and baaa'utiful hour. We left for Gobel's house, got back in our vehicle and went home a lot more ready to tackle everything.

Cooler and Calmer

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