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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

posted by Malice Flock
We are ready for schmoozing!!!!!
Some of us were ready to go and waiting for the dawdlers, so we could get going for our morning downstairs. We were heading to the 'NEW AUTHORS' breakfast where each author would stand and introduce themselves and tell of us 'their book'. So exciting as authors from all over with fresh stories and fun new characters to meet. And we also wished to meet the authors and other HCs like ours who loved to read Cozy Mysteries.
Avery Ames and Turk
Early down to breakfast, we plopped into the first table where we schmoozed with new people and the author Avery Ames, whose Cheese Shop mystery series got us off to a great start. She was a very nice lady who spoke to each of us-obviously Avery Ames 'GETS IT'. The amazing thing is after being introduced to Marty Grau and the KOO she asked one of the KOO what its name was, and of course, the KOO hadn't selected any names yet. Avery simply declared looking at him and exclaimed TURK. So now its Marty Grau and Turk, and the KOO.
Danielle and Apri Cot
A nice lady at the table took an immediate fancy to another KOO who informed the lady, Danielle, that her name was Apri Cot due to her Apricot colored fleece. {Strange she never bothered to inform us of her name. Probably jealous 'Turk' had a name first}. Anyway, together they shared the day.
Tammy and Marty Grau alongside Jenn and Ovi
After breakfast we went to a few rooms enjoying the people and attending panels to listen to the authors. In the hallway we ran into 2 wonderful ladies who told us this was their FIRST time at Malice. This was very exciting as it was Ovi and Marty Grau's FIRST time at Malice. It was so nice to know we weren't alone or the only ones who were at their first Malice. Plus, we learned these 2 fine ladies were Veterans, like our HC. We were very honored when they agreed to have a photo taken with us. Aren't they nice?
Noah took over the next portion of the day. Since he hadn't found Mr Sparkles yet, he would approach a couple of our favorite authors. The first is a favorite because she is from Maine, the home of the heart of our HC. She was so nice and plans to ride a bike across Italy in a few weeks. Noah is certain she may be tied up with this event so doesn't ask for her endorsement of his candidacy, at this time. But once her Adventure is complete he may email her and ask if she would consider endorsing his candidacy. She writes wonderful mysteries where a real estate agent is the 'sleuth'. Our HC got #1 and #2 so we will soon get bedtime stories from Vicki Doudera's books, one chapter a night. Noah poses with Vicki Doudera

Now it was coming up to the noon hour so we would return to room #420 for a rest, but before that across the room we strolled, to visit an acquaintance of our HCs, from last years Malice. Sally Goldenbaum write mysteries around a subject very dear to our hearts. KNITTING, which is one of our HCs better skills. She gladly signed our HCs book so Noah quickly asked for an endorsement. With a great smile she agreed, HLB'ing...HLB'ing...HLB'ing. Noah had his first OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT FOR HIS ELECTION TO EASTER CREATURE 2012.

Sally Goldenbaum ENDORSES Noah for Easter Creature 2012

What a wonderful morning of schmoozing. What a wonderful group of HCs who all treated us very kindly. Who all appeared to 'get it'. The rest of the day may be Ex-traOvine busy but soon more photos from our first Malice Domestic.

The Flock

Friday, April 29, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram & Esme the Ewe

The event dreamed of finally arrived, as did those of us in the flock. With our HC's MPU Polly, we settled into our terrific room and prepared to go downstairs to get ourselves checked in to Malice. A new bag full of books for our HCs {and once they are piled in TBR piles WE will take custody of the bag.} All of us decided it would be such fun to go when we wished and to events each thought interesting. But for Esme and myself our first priority was to find our great friends Hannah Dennison and Elizabeth Duncan. Authors EXTRAORDINAIRE! Duncan of the Mache Triplets would be arriving from Canada with CBF Elizabeth. We were assured his 'anti bullying' training has gone well and perhaps he would be rejoining the pasture in Pennsylvania. Also Dennison of the Mache Triplets was accompanying our GFBFHD, Hannah. Dennison has not been quite as successful with his anti bullying training and lately has been giving Hannah an increasing amount of trouble. To think he had progressed last year much much further than Duncan. But this year a complete shift. We would need to speak to our Hannah to determine what will be next for our Dennison. But first the priority was to find Elizabeth. Yes, Elizabeth who left her flock we knew she would be terribly lonely and homesick for the Canadian flock. Elizabeth was so happy to see us after a long year apart and just as we hoped?????


Imagine, for the night Esme would be sill-sitting in our CBF's room and catching up. Esme would accompany CBF to the Banquet the next night. But when we found CBF Elizabeth I knew she was in need of not only Esme at the SLEEP~OVER, my presence was also needed. So the first night that is where we HLB'd. Sullivan would take charge of the flock in our HC's room so all would be well.

Sullivan, Piper aka Eggplant, Callopie in her RED TEA POT, Ovi comfy in his bed and Marty Grau and KOO, now in Esme's cozy bed and our Noah, the next EASTER CREATURE!! all happily in room 420 while we snuggled in room 112. The next morning each of us would get a turn 'smoozing' with all our old friends and making new friends. Lots of photos will be snapped and new friends introduced. And Noah is very anxious to ask Mr Sparkles to accept his request to be his campaign manager. Mr Sparkles is very adept at presenting himself and unafraid to put himself 'out there'. That was something Noah knew he would need over the next year during his campaign. Mr Sparkles? A unique and 'performance' oriented Ovine from the Dennison Flock. First thing on Saturday morning............With hopes of a good night sleep both in room 112 and room 420,

Smoozingly yours,

Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe

Monday, April 25, 2011

posted by Esme the Ewe
As the flock is scattered here and yon in the pasture, it leaves time for me to express myself. And I'm thrilled and soooo baa'ry excited for in 4 days we shall be in the vehicle and on our way to the best weekend EVER EVER EVER!!!
So much going on in the flock these days I know. What with Noah planning his campaign for next years Easter Creature Election. He's losing and making Fleece Balls. The losing part he will explain soon, Rude Rabbit!!!
Ellis confided in me the story of our little Callopie and the mischief with the RED TEA POT. Hard to be truly angry with her really, she is quite the little imp. Still a stern talk with her will be on my agenda FOLLOWING our return from Malice.
Piper has not spoken a word since we reported of Herzig's finding out about the Vegetable Detachment Disorder relapse. We are seriously considering bringing him along to Malice hoping perhaps the break from his routine in the pasture may at least make him communicate, well speaking in something other than Eggplant that is. All in all though he really gives no trouble although, certainly not our Piper.
All in all things are going well for me. But there has been 2 pieces of disturbing news. Our GFBFHD, Hannah, just learned her pasture has been sold so immediately a new pasture must be found and then relocated into. I haven't mentioned my private concern to Ellis the Ram. But I'm worried that the Dennison Flock may not be invited to the new pasture. Or with all the rush may be injured or left behind. I am very very worried and Hannah is so busy even if I wrote of my worries she may not see my email for a while. By then it may too late. I must ask our HC if she can help.
And truly disturbing bit of news came from our CBF, Elizabeth. Apparently she crossed the border from Canada and is now scurrying about America on a book tour. She is a very very very talented author. But it seems in the process of preparing for that trip~during which she will be at Malice, and so YES YES YES we will get to spend time with her....BUT, she did not bring ANY of the Duncan Flock. Well, she is bringing Duncan home as his anti-bullying training seems to finally be complete. Hannah is bringing Dennison back from his anti-bullying training also.
Who are Duncan and Dennison?
Oh Yes, you haven't met the Mache Triplets, Daniel being the third triplet who needed no training for a bullying problem so he remained home with us. Well, that is another tale to tell, which hopefully will end happy and the Mache Triplets will be together back in our pasture and on to new Adventures.
Oh yea, Elizabeth. So no Eleanor, Sammy or Joe or any of the Canadian flock to reunite with us over the weekend. But all in all will be nice for me as Elizabeth has asked if I can spend time with her and no doubt it will mean I get to SLEEPOVER in Elizabeth's room. I will miss not seeing the Canadian flock it will mean I will have more time with my CBF.
Just wanted everyone to know how excited I am that Malice Domestic Weekend will soon be here. And trust me when I tell you, I will share our weekend with all of you.
BBBing all the way to the weekend,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram
I thought it would just be we two boys, sill sitting in New Jersey. And it seemed to be until I looked out from the coffee table and what was rolling down the entry way? THE RED TEA POT ! I could have predicted it if the trouble between Noah and the Rude Rabbit hadn't occupied my thoughts. After all, I was the one who said that Callopie was simply hiding and would appear when she wanted. And when I heard Esme shout out to the boys, when they had gotten Ovi to the top of the RED TEA POT, I should have gone over to see if Esme needed my assistance....right then and there the answer would have been found. But I didn't and now what was to be an Ellis and Noah sill sitting quality time weekend...well AND THEN THEY WERE 4. Well, 3 plus a RED TEA POT. Yes, it wasn't just a RED TEA POT rolling down the entry way because right behind it in what was obviously a 'tailing operation' was Sullivan. And I couldn't just him let me know when he got to the coffee table because he got stuck in the door. And he already told you about all that up til after I assisted him out of the door.
As the 3 of us...Noah, myself and Sullivan convened on the coffee table we all pretended not to see as the RED TEA POT made its was to the tabletop also. But it kept its distance. While the 3 of us conferred I heard our HC and her MPU discussing why Sullivan and the RED TEA POT appeared. HC assumed I simply brought Sullivan along and I didn't correct her. But she also assumed her MPU, Polly, had brought the RED TEA POT. That is when the next clue arrived. As our HC and her MPU questioned how the RED TEA POT would have been packed as next weekend it would go to MALICE DOMESTIC....out of the corner of my eye I noticed the pot shake and heard a bit of a gasp from inside the RED TEA POT. I suppose you can guess the next part. I 'suggested' Noah and Sullivan go with our HC and explore other portions of the hotel as we had plenty of time to sill sit. And when they left....
Up I climbed to the lid of the RED TEA POT. "Callopie? You need to open the lid as it will be simpler to talk if I'm not having to speak to RED TEA POT, but to you."
I climbed down and slowly the lid flipped back. I stood quietly and when Callopie didn't appear I had to become ELLIS THE RAM, HEAD OF FLOCK and tell her she must come out as we needed to discuss all. Her disappearance. Her hiding as I knew full well she heard the frantic searching by her brother as well as others in the flock. Her temper tantrum when she didn't get what she wanted in answer to her frequent requests to go to Malice Domestic.............I waited.
And then she appeared. "Why don't you explain where you have been and what you have been doing the last several days?" Callopie slowly told me how important it was to go to Malice Domestic and she had been upset having to wait with all the others to see if she was chosen. After she had run away she knew Sullivan was horribly worried but she was torn between wanting him to know she was OK and wanting to find a way to go to Malice. It was then she noticed the RED TEA POT. And wasn't a TEA POT what the Agatha Winners at Malice were given to honor their achievements. And Red and Black were Malice colors and wasn't this a RED TEA POT. Surely this could be a special thing taken to Malice by Polly, she couldn't imagine it would stay at home. And when she heard a trip was planned for the weekend-IT MUST BE MALICE DOMESTIC. So if she could stay inside the RED TEA POT she would be taken to Malice Domestic and wouldn't need to see if she was picked.
"How did you get any MLGV while you were gone?" Callopie said she had found a bit here and there the first few days but once she was inside the RED TEA POT she realized if she got out to find MLGV she might not managed to get back in. Plus she had been so lonely after the first night that she had rolled in the pot to the sleeping spot in the pasture, where she always slept next to her brother, Sullivan. And they all woke up before she could roll away the next morning. Since then she had been trapped, almost found and all the while gotten very very very hungry.
We both sat quietly for a few minutes. Finally I said, "Callopie, this has been a very dangerous thing you have done. Rolling about in this strange place in the RED TEA POT. You're lucky no one thought it had been abandoned and decided they could then take it. And you worried all of us, especially your brother, Sullivan. I don't think I've ever seen him so worried. Plus, you haven't been fair insisting you must be chosen for the trip to Malice over others. That was not only rude but unfair. Every ovine in the pasture would like to be chosen." Callopie hung her head and soon I could hear Baa' who-whos quietly sounding. Esme wasn't along but I did my best to comfort her. Then I told her the moment we returned to the pasture she needed to appear, APOLOGIZE, and asked forgiveness. Of all the flock but most importantly, Sullivan. Then I told her we all loved her very much. I got her some MLGV and told her when the others were about she needed to stay in her RED TEA POT but could explore, but IN THE ROOM. Bit by Bit my Callopie began to return to herself. I knew by the time we returned home and the difficult task of asking forgiveness was over she would be back to the energetic questioning little ovine we all loved.
I think she has learned a great deal these last few days. Because not once since then has she pestered me about Malice and being picked for the Adventure.
You know.........I think she will be going.........but she will have to wait with all the others to find out. Case Closed~~~~ELLIS THE RAM

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Strange Case of the RED TEA POT
report from Sullivan

To update you on my hunt for Callopie I will now relate how my last few days have been. A bit challenging...a bit dangerous....a bit disappointing. But I am pleased to report I discovered that I am really quite good at being a DETECTIVE. Except, I didn't 'close my case', I still haven't located my sister.

When last we posted we had almost opened the RED TEA POT but were busted by Esme. Noah, Ovi, Fla'Lamb and I began to plan our next attempt to open the lid of the RED TEA POT. But before we finalized our plan, an unexpected event....Ellis the Ram announced to Noah, that in recognition of his hard work with the KOO, he was taking him on a weekend Adventure, with our HC Susan and her MPU Polly.

It happened so fast, as the next morning as I woke, they were leaving. It was then I noticed a strange occurrence, the RED TEA POT seemed to be going with them. Well, not WITH them, it seemed to be following them. Careful not to let them notice its presence, THE RED TEA slowly began rolling along, a distance behind. This RED TEA POT had become a very important object and somehow I felt it might know something of my sister, Callopie. It was then I decided to follow also. And just as this RED TEA POT was doing, I would also keep my distance and avoid being seen. I needed to know what the RED TEA POT was doing, why the RED TEA POT was doing it, and what it knew about my sister, CALLOPIE. So as Ellis and Noah moved down the sidewalk...and the RED TEA POT rolled quietly behind them...I waited for my opportunity.

It soon came as Ellis and Noah were helped into the back seat of the car, and our HC opened the trunk of the car and returned indoors for travel items. With great difficulty the RED TEA POT managed to get into the trunk. It did this by hooking its handle over a piece of luggage sitting by the car waiting for our HC to lift it into the trunk. Hmmm, why not me also. So I hurried back to the house and climbed inside a suit bag which had not yet been zipped closed, climbed in and burrowed under clothing. Next thing I knew I was being carried and put down...then I heard the trunk shut. Soon after the car was turned on and I could feel us moving. I was on my way.

A while later I awoke and realized I was being carried along on a wheeled item of some sort. Ellis and Noah didn't seem to be with us but it was then I detected a sound. A sound very much like a badly mis~shapen ball, rolling away. Quietly, I unzipped the suit bag and seeing the RED TEA POT about to leave this room full of luggage, I hopped out of the suit bag and followed.

Carefully through doors, down passageways, around columns and across floors the RED TEA POT, with me behind, traveled til we came to an elevator. This I knew was going to be tricky. If I should get into the same elevator as the RED TEA POT I no doubt would be noticed. Observing the RED TEA POT, as it seemed to be eavesdropping on several groups of HCs, he finally rolled into an elevator. Waiting, like I've seen on old movies our HC watches, I noted the elevator went right to the 15th floor. Now the problem, how to follow in another elevator going to the 15th floor and quickly. Luck was with me and the very next group of HCs were speaking of going to the same floor. I scooted around their legs and waited as they filled the elevator and pushed the button. When the door opened I had to crouch very low by the door {L: Long Range View and R: Close Up} and there right in front of me was the RED TEA POT and it was rolling away. SO I FOLLOWED......

The RED TEA POT started down the corridor {L: Long Range View and R: Close up} and carefully I followed. The the real challenge was coming next. As the RED TEA POT reach door number 25. A cart, the very cart I hopped down from to follow the RED TEA POT, was coming out of door number 25. As that happened the RED TEA POT easily rolled through it. I was a bit behind so hurrying behind, I barely managed to get in.

Actually 'getting in' wasn't exactly what happened. I was halfway in when the door closed on me. But not a bleat or a baa I uttered. {And believe me with this heavy door pinning me again the door frame this was NO small accomplishment!!!} But luck was with me again as from across the room Ellis turned and saw me. So pretending he was checking the floor along the wall along the corridor, he 'pretended' not to see the RED TEA POT and made his way down to the door where I was trapped.
With great effort he managed to pry the door off of me, allowing me to free myself and placing himself where I had been trapped. I have never been so proud to be a member of my flock. Ellis 'our' Ram was the best HEAD OF FLOCK in the world. I began to fear his fate wedged in the door but he whispered not to worry as our HC was fetching 'ice' and would soon be back and when she opened the door he would come with her into the room.
Quite soon our HC returned with the ice and as soon as she pushed the door open I heard her say..."Why Ellis, whatever are you doing stuck in this door. Hopefully not setting a bad example for Noah? Get up on the coffee table with Noah, I don't want either of you to get hurt or lost." It was then she saw me and asked Ellis why she didn't know he was bringing Sullivan. Then she saw it.....THE RED TEA POT. Asking her mother why she had brought it along this weekend instead of to Malice the next weekend.....Polly said she had not packed it at all and had no idea how it came to be packed.

But I knew how the RED TEA POT came to be sitting with us on the coffee table~~~The real question was WHY?


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Before speaking of Callopie...........Some ideas for my campaign!
posted by Noah, The Grey One
Having had a few days to think on my points 1-5, I feel the need to bring OPEN AND ACCEPTING back into our pasture. Specifically I want to assure all my supporters and potential supporters that the make~up of my campaign committee will NOT be limited to fellow Ovines. I simply stated 'ovines' in that step when in a state of high state of offense brought on by that RUDE RABBIT.
The role of leading Easter is not restricted to Ovines, any more than it is the property of that RUDE RABBIT. So I seek any creature.....OK, yes, even participate with me. And let there be no doubt, my goal is not to become the permanent Easter Lamb. Nor that the Easter Creature is only for Ovines. It is for all creatures. And as it would be such an honor to serve as the Easter Lamb....should I be elected....I will not run again for the honor. Unlike that RUDE SCREECHING RABBIT WITH THE FAKE EGGS AND FLOWERS, I don't believe it is a forever honor.
I have so many ideas, concerns and thoughts that many things may escape my attention or may be presented in a way that raises questions. But fear not~~~~OPEN AND ACCEPTING is the basis for life in our pasture. And after requesting the flock to join with me and receiving their promise of running as a team.....I'm feeling more empowered.
If any question of my intention to hide or leave the pasture, either over the holiday or 'forever' due to the demands of that RUDE SCREECHING NON EGG PRODUCING NOR FRESHLY GROWN FLOWERS RABBIT****NO.
As to any of the flock hiding****NO.
As to the ridiculous statement that I or any of our flock is now BANNED from the pasture. Well, that is simply RABBIT RAISINS {and I'm sure we ALL know what those ARE!} We have only one reply to that......Baa'umbug!!!
Your hopeful candidate,
Noah, The Grey One

Friday, April 15, 2011

IT ALL STARTED ONE MORNING posted by Noah, The Grey One

It was such a beautiful morning, the first sunny day in so~so~so long. Having spent the last year collecting bits of our fleece left here and there in the pasture~and bits removed from a knitted garment here and there~and fleece shavings from finished products which had been washed to firm perfection. They were ready. What was ready? Well our Fleece Balls. It has always been a flock project. To make use of all we are. Plus its fun, not only for the flock but for HCs. They create wondrous items with needles and hooks using our fleece which has been spun into lengths of fiber. Along the way, there are always bits to trim, fuzz to shave, and pieces of fiber unused. So when a large quantity of such fleece was ready the process got underway. Our HC sat down in a chair with all these bits plus a few strands of wool fiber collected along the way which had some nice length, and began to wind it all together. This is Herzig's favorite part of creating Fleece Balls. As pieces are selected somewhat randomly all the colors are wound tightly. We talk about what the finished ball may look like but until the Fleece Balls are completed and then cut in half to reveal inside the Fleece Ball~no one really knows.
So after our HC finished the winding 1 larger ball and used the remaining bits in a smaller ball waiting for more fleece, I prepared for the next part of the process. Placing the balls in a net bag and snugly securing it and then into a washing machine it goes.

I monitored the machine during several times of this washing and then guarded them outside in the sunny brightness, the first photo under the title. Knowing they would not dry or be complete for quite a length of time, but Fleece Ball time was well underway. Things were going as normal,,,,,UNTIL.......IT APPEARED.

I couldn't quite understand who or WHAT this creature was or why it was 'glaring' at me, as though I WAS THE INTRUDER. Then this creature asked what I was doing invading its territory with these eggs. "AND JUST WHAT SORT OF EGGS ARE THEY", it asked. "Obviously they are fake or not eggs at all, REAL EGGS look like these 2 I have." I was taken aback and frankly momentarily without voice. As we stared at each other I remembered what Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe always remind us, think carefully before speaking and be Open and Accepting. I thought carefully before I began speaking but knew the 'Open and Accepting' part was going to be extremely difficult.

After a deep breath I began. "I am Noah, The Grey One and this is where I live. In our pasture with my flock, my HC and her MPU, Polly. And these are not EGGS they are Fleece Balls and they are meant to be round. My question is WHO ARE YOU and why have you entered our pasture with those 'eggs'? If eggs are what they are. They do look like eggs but eggs are normally white or brown, not orange or blue. And they don't look like they are made from calcium which poultry form to hold the eggs as they give birth to them~they look made of clay used in pottery?"
The creature got rather snotty at that point, which I thought very rude, but~deeply baa'ing~I listened. "I am the Easter Rabbit you scruffy in need of a haircut ovine and these are Easter Eggs. This is my time of the year so you....and this flock...need to hit the road and stay out of sight until after Easter. Get with the program!"
"Well.....I am aware of the upcoming holiday and have heard of the the 'traditions' of Easter. A 'Easter Bunny', delivery of eggs in baskets along with sweets, celebrating with spring colors and gorgeous spring flowers. But I'm certain I've never heard that creatures 'not the Easter Bunny' are required to hide."
"As you may see, I have eggs and I have flowers, what do you have? Fleece Balls and cement!"
Then I said, "And if flowers are a requirement your puny pottery basket with fake pottery flowers pales next to my pasture full of lush beautiful Daffodils which, IF YOU NOTE, are real. My Fleece Balls are real and are products of me. Since when did poultry lay a pottery egg. Come to think of it, WHEN HAVE YOU EVER PRODUCED AN EGG?"
I think I had done it then, this Bunny began to angrily hop about screeching. Yes, screeching! The ear piercing sound being the only sound made by these creatures when matters creating high emotional displays occur. The rabbit began screeching " I AM THE EASTER BUNNY. I AM THE ONLY RIGHTFUL CREATURE OF THIS HOLIDAY. YOU ARE NOT. YOU WILL NEVER BE. ITS MY RIGHT AND NO ONE COULD EVER REPLACE ME. YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE IN CHARGE OF THE EASTER HOLIDAY. I AM THE PERFECT CREATURE FOR THIS POSITION AND I BAN YOU FROM THIS PASTURE FOR ETERNITY."
Yes, it appears Open and Accepting was history, as far as this creature was concerned, if ever it had been a concept. It was then I decided that whatever event had concluded that a rabbit was deserving of representing Easter, had been ill considered. And from my point of view no creature 'owned' the position of leading the holiday. I then made my decision. This Easter was upon us and nothing could be done this year. But next year I planned a change.
So today I begin my run for election to the position of EASTER CREATURE. I hereby announce to run on the
Ovine Party ticket for
The next steps
1. Formulate a platform
2. Determine the right ovines to fill key positions on my Election Committee
3. Create a sure fire Campaign strategy
4. Gain support for voting day
Noah, The Grey One

Saturday, April 9, 2011

posted by 'those busted' Sullivan, Ovi and Noah
Wonder if we got the REA TEA POT off of Fla'Lamb? Well, we didn't, although Ellis the Ram, with our assistance, did push it off him AFTER we got busted. Busted by Esme, who came upon the scene just as Ovi reached the top of my head and right before he pushed the lid up to do as we reported. There we were, all prepared and then Esme bleated out Baa'd IDEA and go not one inch forward. Esme isn't one to normally yell at all let alone to us in the flock. Even when some are misbehaving. But not at that moment and just when we were about to achieve our goal, opening the lid of the RED TEA POT and pushing it off Fla'Lamb. BUMMER!
So we stopped. Ovi backed down off my head with Esme fretting and bleating about being careful, until he was all the way down. Soon Ellis arrived and Esme asked him to take charge of assisting Fla'Lamb. After he calmed Esme and told her all would be fixed, he then turned to Ovi, Noah and I and quietly asked us to gather next to him around the RED TEA POT, without stepping on Fla'Lamb. Then on his signal, together we pushed the RED TEA POT off the Fla'Lamb. It tumbled off and rolled over the edge of the area where we slept, it landed in a basket. It sounded a bit odd when it fell and I could have sworn I heard a whispered little sound, a bit like a bleat. I asked Ovi if he heard it and he said he thought he heard something but couldn't define what the sound was. Baaa'ffleing?
The rest of the day was spent in making sure Fla'Lamb was all right and then being given a lecture on safety. {Esme was definitely not pleased at the risks she felt we had taken....of course we didn't see it through the same eyes as Esme but....she loves us all and we know she only wants to protect us. Guess it's a good thing she hasn't been around when Piper and I were playing Spider Man last week. swinging off the railing around the downstairs pasture.}
Although it did interrupt my worry over where my sister Callopie has gotten to, I'm still worried. And won't stop worrying until she reappears. Ellis seems to believe she is fine and is hiding because she is miffed over not being given an answer to her question about going to Malice. Hope she appears soon as in 2 weekends the event will be upon us. If she doesn't turn up soon she won't get to be chosen at all. I also want to go and as we go everywhere together I can't go without her. And if she stays away then I won't have a chance of being chosen either. Boy, then she will really have something to hide from...ME. Until then...back to searching.
Written by Sullivan as dictated by Ovi and Noah.

Friday, April 8, 2011

posted by Noah The Grey One for Sullivan

Sometime during the night I heard a noise but went right back to sleep. Mostly because it was just one sound and it didn't seem to wake up others in the flock. But in the morning as one by one we woke and greeted each other~there it was, a RED TEA POT? Sullivan was still asleep, due to his previous day being extremely tiring. Between his searching throughout the day for his sister, climbing up then down the stairs, into each room calling her name and poking about everywhere to check for her, he was exhausted. Plus he had started to sniffle a bit, probably due to the time he spent in the refrigerator searching and then having to wait til a HC reopened the door so he could exit.

But the rest of us immediately saw the RED TEA POT ! Slowly a few of us gathered about Sullivan and the RED TEA POT and nudged our friend Sullivan awake. Our first question was where did it come from and why was it in that spot, right next to Sullivan? After Sullivan chased the sleep out, he told us it was the same RED TEA POT he saw when he spoke with Polly to see if she knew where Callopie might be. And he told us it had been brought back from a Malice Domestic a few years before 'the flock'. Even before Ellis the Ram. Well, that meant the RED TEA POT was really really OLD.

We all discussed its strange appearance and most importantly why it was in THAT SPOT. Right next to Sullivan. Close to where Callopie normally slept? Odd, we all agreed. It was then we heard the muffled bleats and realized that this RED TEA POT was sitting on top of Fla'Lamb. Fortunately Fla'Lamb is already, well~FLAT, but it still couldn't be comfortable. Well, maybe for the RED TEA POT but certainly not for Fla'Lamb. We asked our flat friend if he wished us to fetch Ellis and Esme for help but after freeing his ear from under the RED TEA POT and to raising his head, he assured us that no, he was fine. Plus he said although the RED TEA POT was rather large it really wasn't heavy at all. Fla'Lamb explained he thought the RED TEA POT was empty, hollow. Which was a good thing as it was then we noticed 2 of the Magnet Gang had climbed to the upper part of the RED TEA POT.

Pepe and A. Fro~2 of the Magnet Gang climb the RED TEA POT

It was then A. Fro told us that the top seemed to be attached to the RED TEA POT, but only for a short distance. And both she and Pepe felt the RED TEA POT jiggle so they thought it was hollow. Ovi, Sullivan and I gathered around the bottom, Fla'Lamb underneath and now with Pepe and A. Fro climbing the RED TEA POT and insisting it was hollow, perhaps we could open it. That might make it easier to push it off of Fla'Lamb. So at least he would be able to move about.

So when A. Fro made it to the top of the RED TEA POT, we outlined our plan. Sullivan would move to the side with Ovi bracing him from behind and I directing the action from the front. First, using his nose, Sullivan would push open the top with help from Pepe and A. Fro. Ovi would then come from behind and climb over Sullivan to position himself along the open top, placing himself where it might add weight, to help lean it away. Then all 5 of use would push it off Fla'Lamb. It would take teamwork and cooperation but together we could achieve the results, to get the RED TEA POT off our Fla'Lamb.

As long as nothing unexpected interfered, Fla'Lamb would soon be free......we thought?

Noah, The Grey One

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

posted by Sullivan

We woke up with all in our usual spots, except Callopie, who as reported in "Overwhelmed", was missing. I had gone to Ellis and Esme yesterday morning to report my sister's absence, after first having searched the pasture thoroughly with no results. Ellis and Esme told me all would be OK and they would soon find my sister, but I was still scared. I've never woken up and found Callopie gone before and why would she be gone?

Ellis and Esme promised me it would turn our with Callopie safely home and very soon. I trust them......but my worry wouldn't leave. So I decided to keep looking. All day yesterday I looked. Under furniture, in closets, under the sink, nothing. I asked each member of the flock and then went back and asked them all again, nothing. I climbed up on window sills and looked behind curtains, nothing. I waited by the refrigerator door until my HC opened the door to get something out and I quickly crawled in before she shut the door. I looked on every shelf, under the cheese, down to the drawer where the fruit is stored, and flipped up the clear front of where the butter lay, nothing. Then I went down to the bottom shelf and very soon my HC opened the door to return an item to the refrigerator and I hopped out, nothing.

Still no sister. I wanted to call our "Callopie, are you hurt? Are you lost?" Nothing. And when the sun was gone I was so tired and so sad I didn't have anywhere else to search. And I was scared.

So I went to the cozy blue chair we had stayed while the painting man was working. But it wasn't empty. Sitting in the cozy blue chair was my HC's MPU, Polly. She was settling in for a while before going to resting place for the night and was sitting in her nightgown.

It was daunting to approach Polly as I knew she was resting before bed but finding Callopie was more important than my fears. So I looked up at her and asked "Have you seen my sister, Callopie?" Polly was so very nice and kind, she could see right away how worried I was. She leaned down and touched my head. "No" she said, "I'm afraid I haven't seen Callopie for, lets see..., since yesterday I believe. Isn't she in the pasture?" Then I told her about Callopie being gone and where I'd searched. Polly kindly agreed to keep an eye open and should she find my sister, or any hint of her, she would immediately call out for all to hear. I thanked her. It was then I noticed a big red............tea~pot?. It was sitting on a little stool next to Polly. I asked her what it was and she confirmed, yes it was a teapot. It was red, Callopie's favorite color. I asked what a big red teapot was doing sitting on the stool. Polly explained it was a bag HCs sometimes carry with important things and she had found it at Malice Domestic.

BOOM! Malice Domestic, a place Callopie wanted terribly to go. I told Polly it was very nice and turned to do a bit more searching before bedtime. I was getting very tired. I could hear Polly say goodnight to me as I walked away. Where was Callopie?

When I got to our bedtime place and the flock were settling down I told Noah, Ovi and 2 of the Magnet gang about my day. Just as I was falling asleep I said "Oh, yea. There was this big red teapot bag which our HCs MPU got at Malice Domestic. We all settled in to sleep, I just hoped when I woke in the next morning, Callopie would be in her spot, I miss her.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram
Yes, once upon a time our Piper was simply a normal ovine. He loved to play and 'hang about'. You could hear him baa'haaing and bleating about the pasture with his friends in the flock. But slowly we began to notice small changes in him. Finally we asked him why he seldom played in the pasture with the others. That was when we first heard him utter the word EGGPLANT. EGGPLANT we asked, "What EGGPLANT do you mean? Would you try to eat some EGGPLANT? There is some over in the garden which is over the fence by the pasture." Just by the look on his face we knew we had said something wrong. Had we asked the wrong question? APPARENTLY.......

It was then we met....... THE EGGPLANT. It seems that while the flock had been playing in a box of items which our HC had knit, with fiber, Piper found an EGGPLANT. And for some reason, known only to Piper it seemed, was immediately enthralled with this item. At first it seemed of no consequence. After all creatures of all sorts have treasures, treasures which only shine for them. Esme asked our HC if Piper could keep this Eggplant, at least until he tired of it and our HC said certainly. And a matter of fact she gladly would give it to Piper since he liked it so very much. Piper was THRILLED. And from that day forward Piper and his Eggplant were inseparable. Piper went no place without his Eggplant. Then one day while out on an Adventure with our HC Esme, Piper and I sat down to rest while shopping.
AND WHEN WE RETURNED HOME FROM THE ADVENTURE, NO EGGPLANT. Piper was devastated. To the place we sat we all MUST return and find the EGGPLANT. We informed our HC and she took Esme, Piper and myself and went to the place. They looked high and low, in trash cans, in corners and under the bench where we had rested. NO EGGPLANT. Our HC even went to the people who worked in the place the bench was and asked if they had found or even seen an EGGPLANT. {She returned mumbling something about these people must think her mentally deranged, asking about a missing fiber knitted EGGPLANT.~It was difficult not to blurt out "WHY? WOULD THEY NOTICE A DIFFERENCE IN YOU BEFORE THE LOST EGGPLANT AND AFTER ASKING OF THE LOST EGGPLANT?" Esme looked at me and I quickly realized that silence was safer}.
Needless to say Piper was grief stricken. Over the next few days Piper bleated less and less. Until finally nothing could produce a baa of any kind. We worried.
Our HC, noting the change in pasture morale appeared one day with a Pumpkin. A knitted fiber Pumpkin. As it was then October she suggested we give Piper the Pumpkin and maybe he would forget about his lost EGGPLANT. The Pumpkin would replace the EGGPLANT. I didn't have a lot of hope but we tried. The best way to say it, NOT PRETTY. Finally we told Piper that we had found this Pumpkin but no others. And it seemed so lost and lonely we didn't know what to do for it. Slowly Piper began to warm to it but we could see he still sorely missed his EGGPLANT. We hoped that by Halloween Piper would have bonded with this new knitted fiber vegetable and things would go back to normal.

Monday, April 4, 2011


posted by Ellis The Ram

As each day passes since our return from the beach, the flock has been bombarded with several issues, some of which have been written or alluded to in previous posts....from previous posters. {The author sort of poster not the paper ones of various sizes on endless subjects} Ah yes, the issues.

1. We are still debating the selection of who in the flock will get to travel to Malice Domestic which is the end of this month. Esme and I are 'old hooves' at this wonderful weekend so the fact we are actually going to take a few of the flock has created quite a bleating throughout the pasture. Which has now resulted in a missing ovine. Yes, Callopie seems to have disappeared. No we don't believe she has been lamb~napped. She had, in her usual non stop way, begun asking to go to Malice. After several times telling her we would consider it but she have to wait with the flock and would know when the others did....well she had a baaa'd tantrum. The next morning Sullivan, who is normally quite calm, woke us quite frantic. When he woke his little sister Callopie wasn't with him, they sleep side by side. Sullivan apparently searched throughout the pasture with no luck. With good fortune we will soon post of finding Callopie and the reason for her disappearance, but I suspect she is safe and simply hiding.

2. Yes, Piper seems to again be afflicted by his VDD {Vegetable Detachment Disorder}. After our session with Ellis, after which our MTF had a session with Piper, things seemed to be returning to normal. But just yesterday we woke up to find him sitting in his usual spot in the pasture in his EGGPLANT outfit. When Herzig tried to speak to him, she said he made strange noises. And wouldn't respond as normal. Apparently Herzig hadn't been aware of this, a symptom noticed during Piper's last VDD problem. Others in the flock since have told Herzig that Piper was speaking in EGGPLANT. {A language our Piper seems to have developed himself-that is our guess as we have never heard an Eggplant actually speak. Come to think of it none of us has ever heard a carrot speak, or a cabbage speak, broccoli? No, radish? No.... Come to think of it, I can't think of a vegetable we have ever heard utter a sound. Except a sizzle from the pan-Piper would be very upset if he read this so I'll leave it at that, sizzle!} So a post or several will be coming dealing with this issue.

The First Dairy Queen Blizzard
3. The KOO have been progressing quite nicely in their world of firsts. And GFBFHD, newly returned from her POO {Point of Origin-Devon, England}, has conveyed that Mr Sparkles~of the Dennison Flock in California seems to be thrilled at learning of the KOO. Which means we may be selecting them as part of the Adventure to Malice Domestic for Mr Sparkles pleasure. We may speak to Noah and Ovi about more intensive EDUCATION to prepare them for interacting with numerous HCs as well as Ovines from several flocks.
Well, those are just 3 of the issues Esme and I are juggling at the moment. Being the head of flock is most certainly a FULL TIME job. Esme and I hope to assign the reporting on these and other situations to others in the Pasture very soon, in order to keep all informed of life in our Pasture.
Stressed but undaunted,