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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

posted by 'those busted' Sullivan, Ovi and Noah
Wonder if we got the REA TEA POT off of Fla'Lamb? Well, we didn't, although Ellis the Ram, with our assistance, did push it off him AFTER we got busted. Busted by Esme, who came upon the scene just as Ovi reached the top of my head and right before he pushed the lid up to do as we reported. There we were, all prepared and then Esme bleated out Baa'd IDEA and go not one inch forward. Esme isn't one to normally yell at all let alone to us in the flock. Even when some are misbehaving. But not at that moment and just when we were about to achieve our goal, opening the lid of the RED TEA POT and pushing it off Fla'Lamb. BUMMER!
So we stopped. Ovi backed down off my head with Esme fretting and bleating about being careful, until he was all the way down. Soon Ellis arrived and Esme asked him to take charge of assisting Fla'Lamb. After he calmed Esme and told her all would be fixed, he then turned to Ovi, Noah and I and quietly asked us to gather next to him around the RED TEA POT, without stepping on Fla'Lamb. Then on his signal, together we pushed the RED TEA POT off the Fla'Lamb. It tumbled off and rolled over the edge of the area where we slept, it landed in a basket. It sounded a bit odd when it fell and I could have sworn I heard a whispered little sound, a bit like a bleat. I asked Ovi if he heard it and he said he thought he heard something but couldn't define what the sound was. Baaa'ffleing?
The rest of the day was spent in making sure Fla'Lamb was all right and then being given a lecture on safety. {Esme was definitely not pleased at the risks she felt we had taken....of course we didn't see it through the same eyes as Esme but....she loves us all and we know she only wants to protect us. Guess it's a good thing she hasn't been around when Piper and I were playing Spider Man last week. swinging off the railing around the downstairs pasture.}
Although it did interrupt my worry over where my sister Callopie has gotten to, I'm still worried. And won't stop worrying until she reappears. Ellis seems to believe she is fine and is hiding because she is miffed over not being given an answer to her question about going to Malice. Hope she appears soon as in 2 weekends the event will be upon us. If she doesn't turn up soon she won't get to be chosen at all. I also want to go and as we go everywhere together I can't go without her. And if she stays away then I won't have a chance of being chosen either. Boy, then she will really have something to hide from...ME. Until then...back to searching.
Written by Sullivan as dictated by Ovi and Noah.

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