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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram
I thought it would just be we two boys, sill sitting in New Jersey. And it seemed to be until I looked out from the coffee table and what was rolling down the entry way? THE RED TEA POT ! I could have predicted it if the trouble between Noah and the Rude Rabbit hadn't occupied my thoughts. After all, I was the one who said that Callopie was simply hiding and would appear when she wanted. And when I heard Esme shout out to the boys, when they had gotten Ovi to the top of the RED TEA POT, I should have gone over to see if Esme needed my assistance....right then and there the answer would have been found. But I didn't and now what was to be an Ellis and Noah sill sitting quality time weekend...well AND THEN THEY WERE 4. Well, 3 plus a RED TEA POT. Yes, it wasn't just a RED TEA POT rolling down the entry way because right behind it in what was obviously a 'tailing operation' was Sullivan. And I couldn't just him let me know when he got to the coffee table because he got stuck in the door. And he already told you about all that up til after I assisted him out of the door.
As the 3 of us...Noah, myself and Sullivan convened on the coffee table we all pretended not to see as the RED TEA POT made its was to the tabletop also. But it kept its distance. While the 3 of us conferred I heard our HC and her MPU discussing why Sullivan and the RED TEA POT appeared. HC assumed I simply brought Sullivan along and I didn't correct her. But she also assumed her MPU, Polly, had brought the RED TEA POT. That is when the next clue arrived. As our HC and her MPU questioned how the RED TEA POT would have been packed as next weekend it would go to MALICE DOMESTIC....out of the corner of my eye I noticed the pot shake and heard a bit of a gasp from inside the RED TEA POT. I suppose you can guess the next part. I 'suggested' Noah and Sullivan go with our HC and explore other portions of the hotel as we had plenty of time to sill sit. And when they left....
Up I climbed to the lid of the RED TEA POT. "Callopie? You need to open the lid as it will be simpler to talk if I'm not having to speak to RED TEA POT, but to you."
I climbed down and slowly the lid flipped back. I stood quietly and when Callopie didn't appear I had to become ELLIS THE RAM, HEAD OF FLOCK and tell her she must come out as we needed to discuss all. Her disappearance. Her hiding as I knew full well she heard the frantic searching by her brother as well as others in the flock. Her temper tantrum when she didn't get what she wanted in answer to her frequent requests to go to Malice Domestic.............I waited.
And then she appeared. "Why don't you explain where you have been and what you have been doing the last several days?" Callopie slowly told me how important it was to go to Malice Domestic and she had been upset having to wait with all the others to see if she was chosen. After she had run away she knew Sullivan was horribly worried but she was torn between wanting him to know she was OK and wanting to find a way to go to Malice. It was then she noticed the RED TEA POT. And wasn't a TEA POT what the Agatha Winners at Malice were given to honor their achievements. And Red and Black were Malice colors and wasn't this a RED TEA POT. Surely this could be a special thing taken to Malice by Polly, she couldn't imagine it would stay at home. And when she heard a trip was planned for the weekend-IT MUST BE MALICE DOMESTIC. So if she could stay inside the RED TEA POT she would be taken to Malice Domestic and wouldn't need to see if she was picked.
"How did you get any MLGV while you were gone?" Callopie said she had found a bit here and there the first few days but once she was inside the RED TEA POT she realized if she got out to find MLGV she might not managed to get back in. Plus she had been so lonely after the first night that she had rolled in the pot to the sleeping spot in the pasture, where she always slept next to her brother, Sullivan. And they all woke up before she could roll away the next morning. Since then she had been trapped, almost found and all the while gotten very very very hungry.
We both sat quietly for a few minutes. Finally I said, "Callopie, this has been a very dangerous thing you have done. Rolling about in this strange place in the RED TEA POT. You're lucky no one thought it had been abandoned and decided they could then take it. And you worried all of us, especially your brother, Sullivan. I don't think I've ever seen him so worried. Plus, you haven't been fair insisting you must be chosen for the trip to Malice over others. That was not only rude but unfair. Every ovine in the pasture would like to be chosen." Callopie hung her head and soon I could hear Baa' who-whos quietly sounding. Esme wasn't along but I did my best to comfort her. Then I told her the moment we returned to the pasture she needed to appear, APOLOGIZE, and asked forgiveness. Of all the flock but most importantly, Sullivan. Then I told her we all loved her very much. I got her some MLGV and told her when the others were about she needed to stay in her RED TEA POT but could explore, but IN THE ROOM. Bit by Bit my Callopie began to return to herself. I knew by the time we returned home and the difficult task of asking forgiveness was over she would be back to the energetic questioning little ovine we all loved.
I think she has learned a great deal these last few days. Because not once since then has she pestered me about Malice and being picked for the Adventure.
You know.........I think she will be going.........but she will have to wait with all the others to find out. Case Closed~~~~ELLIS THE RAM

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