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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Monday, April 4, 2011


posted by Ellis The Ram

As each day passes since our return from the beach, the flock has been bombarded with several issues, some of which have been written or alluded to in previous posts....from previous posters. {The author sort of poster not the paper ones of various sizes on endless subjects} Ah yes, the issues.

1. We are still debating the selection of who in the flock will get to travel to Malice Domestic which is the end of this month. Esme and I are 'old hooves' at this wonderful weekend so the fact we are actually going to take a few of the flock has created quite a bleating throughout the pasture. Which has now resulted in a missing ovine. Yes, Callopie seems to have disappeared. No we don't believe she has been lamb~napped. She had, in her usual non stop way, begun asking to go to Malice. After several times telling her we would consider it but she have to wait with the flock and would know when the others did....well she had a baaa'd tantrum. The next morning Sullivan, who is normally quite calm, woke us quite frantic. When he woke his little sister Callopie wasn't with him, they sleep side by side. Sullivan apparently searched throughout the pasture with no luck. With good fortune we will soon post of finding Callopie and the reason for her disappearance, but I suspect she is safe and simply hiding.

2. Yes, Piper seems to again be afflicted by his VDD {Vegetable Detachment Disorder}. After our session with Ellis, after which our MTF had a session with Piper, things seemed to be returning to normal. But just yesterday we woke up to find him sitting in his usual spot in the pasture in his EGGPLANT outfit. When Herzig tried to speak to him, she said he made strange noises. And wouldn't respond as normal. Apparently Herzig hadn't been aware of this, a symptom noticed during Piper's last VDD problem. Others in the flock since have told Herzig that Piper was speaking in EGGPLANT. {A language our Piper seems to have developed himself-that is our guess as we have never heard an Eggplant actually speak. Come to think of it none of us has ever heard a carrot speak, or a cabbage speak, broccoli? No, radish? No.... Come to think of it, I can't think of a vegetable we have ever heard utter a sound. Except a sizzle from the pan-Piper would be very upset if he read this so I'll leave it at that, sizzle!} So a post or several will be coming dealing with this issue.

The First Dairy Queen Blizzard
3. The KOO have been progressing quite nicely in their world of firsts. And GFBFHD, newly returned from her POO {Point of Origin-Devon, England}, has conveyed that Mr Sparkles~of the Dennison Flock in California seems to be thrilled at learning of the KOO. Which means we may be selecting them as part of the Adventure to Malice Domestic for Mr Sparkles pleasure. We may speak to Noah and Ovi about more intensive EDUCATION to prepare them for interacting with numerous HCs as well as Ovines from several flocks.
Well, those are just 3 of the issues Esme and I are juggling at the moment. Being the head of flock is most certainly a FULL TIME job. Esme and I hope to assign the reporting on these and other situations to others in the Pasture very soon, in order to keep all informed of life in our Pasture.
Stressed but undaunted,

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