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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

Baaa'News~~~3 Ovine Plan on the knitted Eggplant~~~Himhe and Callopie STILL planning on live chat~~~A bit more worried as no news from Noah {or Noel}~~~Bobble H. Ovine has a project and is working at the other house ~~~KOO starting after school project for 2012 Krewe of Ovine float~~~BFSS aka Dee Vine still an issue!

Easter Creature Campaign 2012



From a lady who knows all about the value of fleece. Fleece being a CENTRAL part of the platform of our party and a KEYSTONE of our campaign.
Sally Goldenbaum, holding our candidate NOAH~THE GREY ONE is a wonderful author of the equally wonderful Seaside Knitters series of cozy mystery books. We have so many favorite stories but ones which feature Ovines.......or the value of what Ovines provide, are always dear to our hearts. Our HC has read the first 3 in Sally Goldenbaum's series to us, a chapter a night at bedtime. #4 is at the top of the PASTURE PILE  and #5 in the Bullpen. So naturally~LIKE OUR FLEECE naturally~we wished her to endorse our NOAH~THE GREY ONE in his 'bounce' toward his election as EASTER CREATURE 2012.
And she quickly agreed. Holding our Candidate aloft, she graciously posed for our photo session. Thank you Sally Goldenbaum, you and your books ROCK.....or perhaps it should be CLICK as our fleece is knit into beautiful garments on needles who CLICK CLICK CLICK along.

Victoria Thompson appears to be considering endorsing NOAH~THE GREY ONE for 2012 Easter Creature election.  Our HC really is rocketing through her Gaslight Mystery Series. A turn of the century New York City setting and really appeals to her love of history. After being read Murder on Astor Place, the first book and another bedtime reading for the pasture, we realized that era of history which we lack knowledge about. Well, pasture is no where close to city living. As our HC has moved on without us due to far too many Baa?s and Bleat?s which interrupt the story and annoy all of us....flock has begun their lessons of that era. Our HC will then read us the 2nd and then the rest.
So while our HC was getting her stack of Gaslight Mysteries signed Noah landed in a perfect spot for a photo with Victoria. So nice. We think her allowing her photo to be taken with our candidate is an endorsement? Or could be anyway.

When Malice concluded Mr Sparkles~CM and Noah~The Grey One~CD   accompanied  Hannah Dennison back to the Dennison Pasture in California. But with a stop on the way for another event. So the CM and CD {Campaign Manager and Candidate, with Hannah's assistance, garnered endorsements from Wendy Lyn Watson and Heather Webber. 2 top drawer authors of great cozy mysteries.
Our HC met Heather at a previous Malice, and we now see why she told us what a truly fine lady she is. Plus this year she was nominated for an Agatha. {Our HC voted for her but alas the award went to another. But Heather is still our winner.} Her two series, Nina Quinn with the Landscaping {always a flock favorite as MLGV potential exists} and her Lucy Valentine sleuth which is off to the races with Truly, Madly~~flock is Truly, Madly pleased for her endorsement. And Noah~The Grey One looks thrilled to be snapped with Heather.
Wendy was an author neither we nor our HC had met. But since our HC discovered these mysteries involve ICE CREAM we know we will be in for a treat when they are the 'tome of bedtime reading' in the pasture, which we suspect will be soon. And although she didn't manage to enjoy a conversation with Wendy, we could all tell immediately that Wendy was another person who 'GETS IT'. Obviously just by the way she hold Mr Sparkles.

Many thanks to our GFBFHD for making Heather and Wendy's endorsement possible.


ECCH needed something to assist creating Campaign Material. Material to hang up, pass around, perhaps even send to potential supporters and ultimately to voters. While the HC was busy Callopie spent a considerable amount of time browsing the internet to find just what we needed. And she purchased our Campaign Design Materials software. Again when the computer was free we loaded the disc and went to work. And we were quite pleased with the first sign but would need to hunt just the right paper to put it on so we put our sign into saved. Unfortunately the next time we opened our sign we seemed to have a small line in purple in one section. {We did post and place photos which showed the problem. So for now we won't put our sign here~~until its PERFECT. Baa'd results until we correct software issues.}

When we complete tasks we will post items which can be copied and used for any who may come to hear of our Easter Creature 2012 Campaign. Categories of copy-able material will be PLATFORM~~~HANDOUTS~~~SIGNS AND BANNERS.
So stay in touch!