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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

Baaa'News~~~3 Ovine Plan on the knitted Eggplant~~~Himhe and Callopie STILL planning on live chat~~~A bit more worried as no news from Noah {or Noel}~~~Bobble H. Ovine has a project and is working at the other house ~~~KOO starting after school project for 2012 Krewe of Ovine float~~~BFSS aka Dee Vine still an issue!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A bit more 'Ellis' time!
posted by Ellis the Ram

The canoe adventure was even better than I expected. And the next day I felt a bit more rested. But with all the upheaval, pasture wise, one afternoon wasn't going to be enough. Then I overheard my HC tell her MPU the car was ready to 'leave in the morning'. Hm? I immediately located my HC and asked where she might be going. Atlantic City was the answer and without hesitation I stated I would be accompanying them. {The sill sitting in Atlantic City is top notch!}

I went and asked Esme if she wished to join me and after a moment said "No Ellis. I think I am needed in the pasture and really am not in need of the quiet time. But you my friend I know need more rest than an afternoon on a canoe. You go. Things are beginning to settle around here now. Everything is just about prepared for Callopie and Himhe to contact technical support regarding the software issue for the campaign materials. Herzig has planned the nudges over the knitted Eggplant and we will begin that while you are gone. The moment you return you can do a few nudges on your own, if we haven't yet seen progress. Noah and Mr Sparkles are STILL not communicating and I intend to write our GFBFHD in California and ask her to get tough with those 2. BFSS, aka Dee Vine.....I've sent her up to the house where our HC does the maintenance for 'consideration time'. You and I can go check on her to see if it has done any good. You go, I'll rest here".

 So I went. We left the next morning and had 4 wonderful days. I did accompany MPU and HC to the casino area a few times. Such colorful lights and interesting scenes. Both on the machines and among the humans. I have photos which you may find interesting. 
A Shepherdess perhaps?
FREE, My Favorite Thing!

4 days of rest, sill sitting and observing humans. Have I mentioned I'm very blessed to have been born an Ovine!!

Ellis the Ram

Friday, July 15, 2011

Even I'm HOT!
posted by Ellis the Ram

Despite my sturdy fleece, even I am beginning to feel the effects of the heat. But fortunately it has had a quieting effect on the flock. Gives me a bit of time to contemplate the various issues from my last post. But one thing at a time. So I've met with Herzig and Esme as we begin our, what I hope to be our persistent, attack on our HC regarding the knitted Eggplant. She says she has been working on what she refers to as an Adult Dining Linen {ADL} for the lady from Malice Domestic. Referring to it as #4, she is very secretive about this #4 and keeps telling us once we see it all will be clear. Clear? She is knitting it in a tan fiber with a little tiny string of a brown....rather like the grass in our pasture these days. And clear? Its not clear at all. It is a knitted fiber piece so once its knitted all you see is the fiber. Doesn't clear mean I could see through whatever it is? And as to the fiber? Its not fleece but made from a plant which is generally what our species views as MLGV. VERY CONFUSING!! So we plan to, one by one, the 3 of us will appear to ask IS THE #4 FINISHED AND HAS THE KNITTED EGGPLANT BEGUN? Either she will work harder at the #4 and start the knitted Eggplant or perhaps even set it aside just to keep us from asking. I've learned with my HC there is no point being angry or demanding but repetitive and constant works.

Meanwhile, DID I SAY ITS HOT? So hearing my HC and her oldest best~est girl scout camp friend, Gobel, were planning an adventure to canoe, I invited myself along. Gobel is a most trustworthy friend and accompanied the KOO on their first outing. Canoeing is something the Flock who went to New Hampshire 2 summers ago had attempted. But HC Maggie informed us life jackets were required and none fit, so we went raft floating instead. HC and I climbed in the vehicle one afternoon and drove over to the Pasture of Gobel. Then the 2 of us climbed out of our vehicle and.....
 the 3 of us climbed into Gobel's vehicle. And to 'the place' where canoes, paddles, life jackets and water were to be found. I took the seat in the middle and enjoyed my ride as Gobel drove to 'the place'. She is driving in the photo of me shown above.
Keep in mind my HC is not fond of having her picture taken but finally I got her to take a snap with me, before we actually went boating. Just in case an unexpected occurrence....such as a strong wind or poor seamanship resulted in the 3 of us out of the canoe and into the lake. Then we went into the building to acquire 3 essential components for our boating. Gobel rented a canoe which came with paddles. As none were designed for ovines there were just 2 paddles.
And once the life jacket which would fit an Ovine. For a moment I feared I would once again be prevented from this boating adventure and never have the experience being out on a body of water upon a vessel of ANY type EVER. But my HC boldly set me up on the bow seat in the canoe, at first 'backwards' but that could be corrected after we had gotten underway.
Once my HC and Gobel took their positions, wearing their life jackets and carrying their paddles, we got FULL STEAM AHEAD. Well, that would be the term if we had some sort of mechanical device operating our vessel. The idea still holds....we got underway. The 2 of them took the same positions they had 40 years ago at camp, my HC in the bow and Gobel in the stern.
The next hour in the horrid heat we enjoyed the cooler temperatures and at times drops of light rain. If you look to my right at the end of the canoe, there in the water you can see where a raindrop had just fallen. It was a baaa'utiful moment in and baaa'utiful hour. We left for Gobel's house, got back in our vehicle and went home a lot more ready to tackle everything.

Cooler and Calmer

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Deep Baaa!
posted by ELLIS THE RAM

That is what Esme and I have had to do the last few days. So many clovers in the pasture, we finally realized the pasture was in chaos. Not that everyone wasn't busy~ doing campaign work, helping a friend, Marti Gras and the remaining KOO hard at their studies. Piper has been working very hard to keep conversing with the flock but we can tell he is still sad. Meanwhile his friend Herzig has convinced our HC to make a new knitted Eggplant. Trouble is she hasn't begun it yet and I fear Herzig is growing short tempered. Bobble H. Ovine seems to have a very special project he wants to start for his friend Daniel, who is summering with his brothers in California, The Mache Triplets seem finally to have become proper loving brothers. But word is, there
 is much upheaval in the Dennison Pasture due to a potential pasture relocation. And HC was informed that the pasture must be fumigated {I had to look it up and seems it involves getting rid of bugs or probably keeping the bugs away}. Plus the Dennison Pasture became a spot for many wooden living items which has made it quite 'dense' and difficult to roam.  We are wondering if that is why no word on the campaign Noah announced in April. Mr Sparkles and Noah were to go to California to plan the campaign and hopefully gather endorsements. Esme is a bit worried about Noah. She has begun to speculate that may have gotten seduced by the 'celebrities' as the Dennison Pasture is near Hollywood. Callopie and Himhe have been unable to get any answers with their research of their software issues so they have asked to use the computer to live chat with technicians who are reported to be very experienced and knowledgeable. We are scheduling that with our HC. No one has written requesting to Adopt an Ovine as of yet so Grace, who is such a sweet little lamb, is living in our Pasture. 

Then BFSS, oh yes she prefers to be called Dee Vine, hijacked the blog and engaged in Blatant Self Baaa'ing. Of all the issues that is the one completely unresolved. And despite my Open and Accepting rule even I am finding it difficult to be patient with her. I am all for publicly knocking her down a fence railing or two but Esme keeps stopping me. She says she is thinking very hard of what we can do to correct her 120% self absorbed behavior. I don't think even Ellis our MTF could keep a professional demeanor if he gave her a session or five to help her. That worries all of us. But we will find the way, {I think a rope tied at the far end of the pasture with BFSS attached to it would be a splendid beginning....but}. 

So with all that going on I've informed the entire flock that I will do all the posting until progress appears on all those issues. Plus, our HC has seemed very quiet lately and maybe a bit sad. I overheard her MPU tell her they are taking a 4 day Adventure to New Jersey on the 22nd. Plus she has a MTF appointment and also a trip to the Veterans Hospital to have a place on her skin checked. I told her if she would just grow fleece, those spots wouldn't appear since the sunlight couldn't penetrate it. We are always free of spot on our hides, she doesn't seem to want to grow fleece which baaaaffles me. Anyway I have told the flock that since we adopted her it is our responsibility to get her out of the 'quiet'. Wish us luck.

With Hope,
Ellis the Ram and the ENTIRE Flock

Monday, July 4, 2011


Must admit I'm a bit 'shock~a~tantai' that there have been no admiring comments sent to MOI. At least not as of today. I'm beginning to suspect the hoards of compliments which simply MUST be overloading the Internet have either broken what ever it is that operates this machine or the flock has somehow sabotaged something, to prevent me from reading messages from my fans. Otherwis......

I'm so very sorry that I hadn't noticed until just now that one of the flock was creating havoc, of a sort. Yes, I know, Open and Accepting. But it seems our resident 'diva' hacked into the flock's blog. That is into the ENTIRE flock's blog. Should she have wished to report on something she is involved with, all that would be required was to ask to post. But deciding she wishes to be the blog, another matter entirely. I'm quite at a loss as to how to turn this particular issue around. I mean, confidence is one thing and I encourage all of our flock to take pride in what each is able to accomplish. But it seems there should be a noticeable gap between confidence and egocentric, one would think??? Our Dee has always been a bit 'me me me' so now I suppose Esme and I will have to confer as to how our Dee Vine may be 'right sized'.

By the way, as to Dee Vine thinking her password would be impossible to figure. Have you noted the 'subject' of her posts....EVERY POST? Yep, the password was moimoimoi. Baaa'd choice? Baaa'right!


Saturday, July 2, 2011


Oh, what fun I'm having taking photos of MOI. How is the flock dealing with not understanding why their blog is 'in-accessa-tantai'? I have no idea.....and why should I. They aren't talking about MOI so who cares what they are doing. Perhaps when they 're-aliz-e-tantai' just who is in control of their blog they will begin to understand how 'im-por-tantai' I really am. Anyway, enough about them, BACK TO MOI. I took 2 more 'snap-a-tantais' and here they are.......I'm thinking of hiring a press photographer though, this machine truly doesn't do MOI justice....

Now this last picture was taken by the HC. She had created the boa I have 'en-circle-en-tantai' MOI. But ONCE AGAIN, these creatures just don't pay attention when I grace them with my perfect fashion insight. She made the boa with a fiber which was similar to my fleece. So you really can't see how beautiful I look wearing the boa. I wore it just so she would leave. {I did have to remove that tacky fleece ovine from the picture. HC insisted it be in the photograph, so just ignore the odd colors.}

I know you love MOI, I love me too!
Dee Vine the Devine

Friday, July 1, 2011

Yes, it is finally time that this blog~ whatever 'they' think its about, serves an important cause. MOI. I'm certain the lack of fan mail isn't because the world wouldn't wish to know all about MOI. Of course, its because the 'flock' has deliberately prevented ALL from realizing just who I am!

I've hacked into this machine, belonging to 'their' HC, and changed the password. They will never figure out MY password. And I've discovered that this machine can take glamour shots of MOI while I'm educating the world about how special I am. I know all this absolutely delights everyone. I can't wait til they try to use this machine......Oh, my glamour shots. Keep in mind I'm just becoming an expert-tanti on this machine. But frankly any photo of MOI is stunning. Enjoy!!! And don't fret, there is plenty of MOI for all.....

The one and only DEE VINE