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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

posted by Ovi

Have to say, IT'S HOT. I'm wondering if Daniel had the right idea of working on the West Coast for a while. Of course haven't checked the weather past Joplin Missouri.

I woke up last night from a nightmare. Well, at first I thought it was a nice dream. There we were. The Flock. All of us together in a fresh spring pasture. Clumps of MLGV EVERYWHERE. And plenty for all of us. When my dream started we all were gathered in the center of the pasture, happily baa'ing together between chomping on wonderful soft tasty MLGV. And we didn't have to munch it down to the dirt, there was so much. So we would take the bestest tastiest part off the tops of clumps where we stood. Then like by magic we would find ourselves in a fresh spot of the pasture and enjoying the bestest tastiest part off the tops of clumps. When I would look back at where we had been chomping, I COULDN'T FIND WHERE IT WAS. Because after we left and were in another spot, the MLGV would quickly grow back.


But then the sound came...First a breeze began but it rapidly became a wind that rapidly became big gusts with trees surrounding the pasture bending over in pain. We all stopped chomping and the entire flock began to bleat with worry. Then all of a sudden it got very chilly and a big noise appeared. I looked over past the poor trees and it was no longer a sunny lovely day. The sky was grey. And not the beautiful grey of Noah. But an angry angry grey and then big flashes of light. THUNDER!!!! And that sound? What was that sound?

It was then that Sullivan said he had heard that sound. Long ago when young he had been pushed into a crate with his sister. The crate was put on a big cement shelf next to long long out of sight row of 2 metal things. And between the metal things which went out of sight over the horizon, were wood things which fit between the metal things. And while Sullivan was frightened in this crate on this cement he had heard the same sound.

We asked "WHAT WAS THE SOUND?" Sullivan said it was a long long group of boxes that came over the horizon and was heading right for his crate. And the closer the boxes came to them the louder the noise became. Until the boxes were almost right next to the cement when it began to slow down til it stopped right in front of his crate. It was OK though Sullivan said because then a man put his crate into one of the boxes and made sure it was secure, closed the doors of the box and from inside he began to heard the noise return but hearing from the inside so not nearly as frightening.


Then the wind became like nothing I've ever seen and it began to pick me that point though, WHEW WHEW WHEW I woke up. Only a nightmare. Then I remembered watching the weather with my HC. Now all of it made sense what they talked about in this Joplin Missouri.

I wonder if it was hot where Daniel was? Wonder if it is hot where Eleanor is? And we all wonder how all the ovines in Joplin Missouri are? And where a flock is there are always human creatures who need looking after. They think they look after us Ovines but in reality it is we, the Ovines, who watch over the Humans. We hope they are alright!


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

posted by Bobble H. Ovine

FINALLY! Word from our GFBFHD, advising the flock that our Daniel is safe in the Dennison Pasture. I have been very worried about my best friend. Oh, me? I'm Bobble H. Ovine, but Daniel calls me Bobble, which is fine by me. Guess now that Esme assigned me to post the news I will soon be tasked to post about myself on MEET THE OVINES. But in the meantime there is the really IMPORTANT NEWS. Daniel and his bed~bowl arrived safely in California. Our Hannah had been doing 'author' stuff in North Carolina but arriving home quickly informed us of Daniel. {Hope Hannah didn't return with some of that southern accent. I can't imagine what an British way of speaking accent wise combined with a southern drawl may sound like?}

We received 2 photos from Hannah to verify her news so we share one with all of you. Daniel, of course, is safe in his bed~bowl beside which the other 2 Mache Triplets stand. I couldn't tell which was Duncan and which was Dennison.

I had met the Mache Triplets when they first arrived but once I observed the way they treated Daniel I just kept my distance. And for that I am so VERY sorry. I haven't really told Daniel how horrible I feel that I didn't do the RIGHT thing. By that I mean, I didn't help Daniel. I didn't speak up when his brothers bullied him. I mean, I have never bullied ANYONE. But over the last 2 years, while Duncan and Dennison have been learning about how their behavior hurts others and worked to change their ways, I have also been learning that it is just as bad to stand by and watch as someone is bullied. When Daniel comes home I will apologize and because I have learned how wrong it was to not try to stop the bullying.......I will never stand by silent again.

Opps, think I was just suppose to announce that Daniel has arrived safely. And he has.

For my bestest friend in the world~Daniel,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ellis the Ram takes Piper aka Eggplant to Ellis the Original
posted upon return by Ellis the Ram
As Esme had requested I immediately went in search of our HC who regularly saw our MTF, Ellis the therapist. {For which we are eternally grateful!!!} When I told her of Piper's disappearance~into an Eggplant, she seemed puzzled. "Eggplant? Are you sure he isn't teasing you? He had asked me to help him make an Eggplant costume for last nights Trick or Treat, that's all. Its just a costume." Again I explained to her that since Piper had lost the Eggplant, the one she had made long ago, he had become increasingly withdrawn. As she still stood there looking puzzled I must admit I began to get annoyed. Finally, and it just came out I swear it did, I fussed in a raised voice at her saying, "If you hadn't made and then allowed Piper to find that silly knitted Eggplant to begin with, then let him carry it around, Then take it with him that day when he lost it, THEN helped him secretly make that costume~~~~Maybe I wouldn't be here having to convince you our Piper is in need of Ellis the Original HELP!" She just stood there with that typical 'Who ME?' look on her face......but finally shrugged and said "OK, I'll call Ellis and see when he can see Piper or Eggplant....What am I supposed to call him now anyway?" {I turned and went back to the pasture to wait for her to call, muttering inappropriate Baa'^%$s and Bleat*&(^s the entire way}.

But a short while later my HC came to the pasture and said that MTF Ellis had free time the next morning, actually right before her appointment. I immediately told her we would be waiting at the gate at the designated departure time. And Piper aka Eggplant and I soon arrived at the office of our MTF Ellis the Original. Piper aka Eggplant climbed into a seat across the room from where HC and I were seated. And we waited to be called.

And we waited....... And we waited.......until finally MTF's door opened and he called out "Ellis the Ram?" I hopped off the chair and bounced over to him where we had a whispered conversation and I detailed the situation with Piper or Eggplant. Fortunately unlike our HC, no puzzled look and no further questions.......Ellis winked at me and stood up calling out "EGGPLANT? Please come on into my office." Piper aka Eggplant hopped of his chair and followed our MTF into the office and the door shut behind them. {I had asked our MTF that although he couldn't reveal the actual conversation without permission perhaps photos would ease the minds back at the flock}. I did see Piper aka Eggplant hop onto a couch, where I have sat myself a few times in support of my HC. With a deep sigh I returned to my seat next to my HC and we waited. About an hour later the door opened and MTF and 'whoever' exited the office. MTF walked over to my HC and I, he smiled and nodded at us and handed us an envelope. Saying his 'client' had given permission for us to know all about the visit and the results. And if we had any further questions he was always happy to see us or speak to us on a phone. Ellis the Original then asked after Esme and everyone in the flock. Then he and my HC went into the office and closed the door for their appointment. Piper aka Eggplant hopped up into a seat, this time next to me and actually spoke to me. "Good Morning Ellis and I'm sorry I worried everyone. I didn't realize how badly the loss of my friend, my Eggplant, effected me." I asked him if he felt better and he said, a little better. "Are you going to take your costume off? And is it alright if we still call you Piper?" Quiet for a moment he said "Yes of course my name is Piper, I understand that. And.....I will take my costume off.....soon.....or a bit later. Ellis said I could wear it a bit longer if I wished, maybe tonight take the top off my head, then maybe down to my middle........I will take it all the way off........soon." "Sounds good to me Piper" I said. "Whenever you want to do those things is fine. And you know we all love you." Finally, the first smile from our a long time began to peek through. I opened the envelope and inside were 2 photos of Piper's time in the office with Ellis and a folded piece of paper. I would save the paper for later when back in the pasture with Esme. But the photos made me feel good. On the back of each MTF had written words. They were: I listened very quietly and carefully while the young Ovine told me of his sorrow over the loss of his friend. After that I asked many questions which he answered honestly. My diagnosis and treatment plan is contained in my letter. When our HC emerged and we all said our goodbyes to our MTF we went home. Ellis the Ram
With moving the Acroynm of the Day {AOD} to its own page and the complete listing of Acroynms/Friends/Terms already on their own page.....flock asked me to do a SHORT {and they emphasized the word SHORT} post to let everyone know if you are confused when the 'letter abbreviations' are used they can be defined on the latter.....and if the FLOCK would do its own administrative task, on the AOD page on the day a new acroynm is used.
Bunch of Flock PIA's.
BaaHaa back at you flock, S. E. Van Hyning

Monday, May 16, 2011

NOW OPEN~East Coast Campaign Headquarters
posted by Callopie~Headquarter Chief Administrative Assistant{HCAA}
dictated by Sullivan~East Coast Campaign Headquarters Office Manager{ECCHOM}
With NOAH~THE GREY ONE and Mr Sparkles still working on the party platform and campaign itself on the West Coast, I decided we couldn't wait to get the GREEN FLAG. So I called together my 'team' to get things rolling here in the pasture. Himhe, always adept at recognizing problems, I brought in as my assistant. Marty Grau and Ovi both volunteered to assist where ever needed. To repay me for hiding all those days my little sister Callopie, volunteered as Administrative Assistant.
Now we realize all these decisions are subject to the candidates approval but we believe Noah concur with our choices.
Our first challenge would be to hang a sign so others would know where Campaign Headquarters WAS. We found one of Noah and the fleece balls which he used as a Blog Banner photo around Easter time. It was hanging on our HC's bulletin board upstairs. It took a lot of teamwork to climb up to the desk, pull the tacks out which held it onto the cork, then get it downstairs and outside. TEAMWORK, after which we gathered around and surveyed the sign.
Our first idea was to hang it over on the area behind where the HCs sit and read on the porch. So Marty Grau and Himhe stayed on the porch floor while Ovi, Callopie and I dragged the sign up to the handle of the press. It did look nice but it would need to be attached somehow and our HC had nailed a rubber mat on the boards for privacy and to assist to block the stinky cigar of the man next door. {Not much of a help we think but might help.} The mat is black so Ovi thought it would be a good background for our colorful sign. So I moved from the chair arm to a spot below where Ovi and Callopie stood holding the sign. With directions from Himhe and Marty Grau from the floor and my assistance just below Ovi and Callopie wrestled the sign up bit by bit. With a tack brought from downstairs Ovi climbed up and secured the sign on the black rubber wall. Stepping back I agreed with the 2 on the floor that it did look nice up there. But when we all got back down on the floor and thought about it, we all agreed that it would better lower, where creatures who would be voting could see it. So back up Ovi went, and all by himself this time, and detached the sign and sent it floating down to us. We got it attached to the front of the stand and stood back and surveyed it again. Yes! Looked great! EAST COAST CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS was OPEN! Campaign Staff East

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Just Thought It Was A Halloween Costume.....
posted by Ellis the Ram
After the birthday weekend adventure we returned to the pasture. Esme and I, Piper, Ovi and Himhe. It had been a fun time and Piper seemed happy enough when the flock asked about the adventure. But the Pumpkin which we had hoped may take the place of the Eggplant, Piper placed it with the Halloween decorations and never again carried it around. With only about a week til Trick or Treat all the younger ones in the flock baa'd day and night about costumes. Who would be going as a ghost, or a princess or even a cow. Piper didn't join in these discussions but every day seemed to go off into our HC's room. In there she keeps all the items she uses to knit and do other handwork type things. Sullivan reported that our HC and Piper had cleared a spot on a table and put a machine on it. They spent a great deal of time around the machine with scissors and thread and now and a humming sound could be heard. Once when Ovi went to watch and Piper asked Ovi if he would mind not watching them, as he was doing something special. When Ovi asked what it was Piper simply turned back to the machine where the HC was working and said-the flock would know on Trick or Treat night. Ovi reported all this including that the humming sound that seemed to belong to the machine on the table. Then the big night arrived, Trick or Treat night. Those in the flock who wished gathered together, all in their wonderful costumes. Himhe had a bunch of Dandelions on his head and said he was going as a weed patch. Ovi rolled in the mud then brushed it away in spots and said he was a Bovine, a cow. Sullivan was very clever and had found a bunch of sticks all around the pasture. Callopie helped him stick them into his fleece all over where the sticks stayed quite nicely. He said he was going as a pile of wood. As darkness arrived and we prepared to Trick or Treat we heard Piper yell "WAIT FOR ME".
We all turned around and there he was, dressed as an EGGPLANT. Although a bit taken aback quickly the flock erupted with Baa'rahs. And the flock unanimously decided that Piper had the best costume of all. With that we all Trick or Treated around the pasture. A short while later we returned. Ovi washed off the mud. Callopie, Esme and I helped Sullivan pull out all the pieces of wood and Himhe pulled the weeds out of his cap. But Piper didn't take off his Eggplant suit. When Ovi asked if he needed help to get it off Piper said "No, its very comfortable so I think I'll wear it for a while longer". As it was close to bedtime and had been a big night Esme and I sent the flock to bed. BUT, when morning came and bit by bit the flock woke up and gathered to begin seeking MLGV......there was Piper, still in his Eggplant costume. Hm? Esme suggested so as not to tear or dirty the costume perhaps Piper should take it off and put it away, maybe for next year. That was when we knew was definitely wrong. Piper asked "What costume?"

Esme and I just starred at each other. I asked Piper if he was teasing us. At that Piper said "Who is Piper?" Esme told him that was his name. "No, that isn't my name at all, I'm called Eggplant."

At that point Esme just said "ELLIS, I THINK IT IS TIME TO CALL ELLIS".

I'd ask our HC to take us to the next appointment.......

Ellis The Ram

Thursday, May 12, 2011

October until Halloween
posted by Esme the Ewe
Having discovered a knitted vegetable to replace Piper's Eggplant, we managed to interest him in the Pumpkin. Mostly by speaking of the importance of such a vegetable during the season of autumn. Piper was reluctant but slowly began to attend to the Pumpkin. But it was obvious that the relationship between Piper and the Pumpkin was nothing like Piper had felt for his Eggplant. We all knew we must work very hard to find a solution as once the autumn had passed things would return to our Piper laying about the pasture doing nothing.

So, explaining that in preparation for Halloween, Ellis had planned an Adventure. And Piper and his Pumpkin was chosen, among a select few others, to go on the Adventure. Piper at first donned his green sweater as a chill of autumn was in the air. Our HC helped knowing of the pain the loss of her...or rather Piper's....Eggplant. She found a fleece bag she had made in black and orange wool. As she had also made the Pumpkin, and of course the EGGPLANT, she knew the bag would be perfect. Perfect for Halloween. Perfect to carry the Pumpkin. Perfect to place a lovely Jack-O-Lantern to its front. And all would loop PERFECTLY over our Piper's arm. She whispered into my ear "perhaps this will prevent the Pumpkin getting lost also". {Despite Ellis's pithy comments at times regarding our HC we all know at she can be clever......sometimes!}.

With that we all settled in the vehicle, put on our seat belts and went on our Adventure. You see, this Adventure was in celebration of a rather special event, at least special to the HC's in our pasture. It was the weekend of our HC's entry into the world, her birthday. And she was becoming 56 years of age. {At times we are surprised she gets up in the morning due to all the groans we hear}. So the Adventure was to honor the event.

We visited the ocean and sunned on the Boardwalk.

We all had wonderful sill sitting time together.

And a knock at the door soon after we settled in our room produced a lovely rolling table. I encouraged our Piper to take his Pumpkin and join Himhe and Ovi to have their photo taken next to a chocolate coated chocolate cheesecake topped with lovely strawberries. A lovely card from the hotel wishing our HC a Happy Birthday was on the table along with water and a nice glass of fresh milk, which is our HCs BEVERAGE OF CHOICE when chocolate dessert appears.

I kept to the background encouraging our Piper to enjoy the Adventure. the time the rolling table arrived I could see Piper and the Pumpkin were growing apart. With a bit of sorrow I also noted since the boardwalk and sill sitting time Piper also seemed to be distancing himself from Ovi and Himhe.

I would need to relate all this to Ellis when we returned the next day,

From the October Adventure,

Esme the Ewe

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time for Eggplant......ah Piper The Beginning
posted by Herzig
Perhaps I should have said that differently. Sounds like something a HC might make to eat....and eating this EGGPLANT would definitely result in fleece between the teeth and indigestion. Better I should have started the post with Time for Piper....and later the Eggplant. Yep, and that is where this began. Where did Piper come to the flock 'from'. For that go to Meet the Ovines and although 'where' isn't part of this issue it may explain how wonderful our Piper is to us.
But last fall the problem began. Piper, always quiet and reserved found an Eggplant. Actually he found a small knitted Eggplant which had been made by our HC a few years back. She had made several vegetables and fruits. There was a carrot, a banana and an orange. But frankly they all looked rather in they looked exactly like a knitted fruit or vegetable. Nice but not well, quite 'from the garden' so to speak. But the Eggplant. NOW that one was special. That one looked freshly picked and EXACTLY like an Eggplant. Piper found it and decided it was for him. So he grabbed it and from that day forward you never saw Piper without his Eggplant. They were inseparable. Until...........
One day the Eggplant was gone. We had gone on a small adventure and Piper had insisted his Eggplant go along. We put Piper and the Eggplant in a basket, the one they are in at the top of the post. But when we returned to the pasture and emptied the basket from the trip, no Eggplant. Piper had been in the well as a few items the HC carries. A wallet, a camera, a phone, some keys...Piper, but no Eggplant. Chaos erupted.
We looked all through the vehicle which had taken us on the Adventure, NOTHING.
We even persuaded our HC to go back to the places we had gone on the Adventure, NOTHING.
We went to the people who worked in the place we had gone on the Adventure,
We returned and explained to our Piper the Eggplant wasn't found. He was inconsolable. Hanging his head he said "the Eggplant was so special so someone must have seen it and decided they would like it to be their friend. They must have taken it home". With that Piper walked over to his sleeping spot in the pasture, laid down, and didn't move. That day or the next or the next. He didn't move about, he didn't speak to others in the flock, he didn't respond when spoken to, he didn't want any MLGV.
And that is when it started.
In hope my friend Piper goes back to being Piper,
Herzig, adopted with Piper and his friend

Sunday, May 8, 2011

posted by Ellis and Daniel

After a lengthy discussion with Esme, I went to speak with our Daniel. The photo of Duncan and Dennison, stared at so long by Daniel, had been closed. So I began our conversation with questions about any happenings in the pasture, while some of us attended Malice. He answered, but without much enthusiasm..... Esme was right, it was clear we didn't need to wait til Duncan and Dennison were reunited with their brother back in the flock. Daniel needed to take the test to his brothers.
And really that had been our hope all along. Yes, Duncan and Dennison needed to adjust their negative behaviors of bullying and belittling their brother. Because if that didn't happen the behavior would be part of every interaction with every creature they came in contact with, in or out of a pasture.
But the real measure of success for the Mache Triplets lay with Daniel. So the time had come for us to allow our precious Daniel to face the challenge of his brothers. Whether or not Duncan and Dennison would chose to alter their bullying ways, it was up to Daniel to handle whatever he encountered. How would the story turn out. Would it end with the Mache Triplets being the brothers we wished? Or would they go back to shunning our Daniel? And whatever way they behaved how would Daniel react?

So, with serious concerns..... I finally put the question to Daniel. "Daniel.....would you like to travel to California and join your brothers in the Dennison pasture?" Daniel was silent for a bit and then with more confidence then he has EVER displayed, he answered the question.
"Yes...I would very very VERY much enjoy traveling to California. I miss my brothers so much. Although, I'm not certain if they have even thought about or missed me in the last 2 years, that isn't important. I miss them. So, what is important is that I see them again. If they treat me as brothers should, that will be great. And if they chose to behave as they always have, well there is nothing I can do about that. EXCEPT, to finally say to them that I am 1/3rd of the Mache Triplets. I am equal to either of them, not 'more than ' or 'less than'. If they wish and chose to treat me as an equal and with the same respect and love I have for them, GREAT."
"And if they try to test me with their old ways they will NOT find the same brother of 2 years ago. Based on all the love everyone in the" flock has given me I can now stand up for myself. And Duncan or Dennison....or anyone else will never take that away from me".
And with that Daniel went to say See you later, to all his playmates in the flock. I watched him first go to the side of the pasture where he sleeps. To his friends Woodrow and MetalHead he explained where he was going but that he would be back. Even Fuzzie, who was in the corner admiring himself in the mirror turned his head to listen.
Next he spoke to his best friend, Bobble as they stood side by side. Bobble seemed very pleased to hear Daniel was ready to take a chance by traveling alone. Knowing what he would do in California made Bobble bounce his head up and down. I think Daniel actually seemed taller when he told Bobble "I'll be back soon, so save my sleeping spot, right next to you."
"What about your brothers, when you all return won't you want to sleep together?"
"You are my best friend Bobble. This is where I will be sleeping, next to you. Duncan and Dennison can sleep on my other side, if they wish. If all of you allow it."
At that, all the Ovines in the pasture could be heard Baa'ha'haing with lots of Atta Boy Daniel and You Rock!
Finally over to the last of his playmates. Quilty and her boy were laying down but not sleeping, Gobbell and 1 Bag Full all listened as Daniel again explained where he would be.
As they all wished him a safe journey and quick return Daniel returned to where I sat. "Ready?" I asked.
Daniel quickly replied "I WAS BORN READY." {I must speak to Esme about what they are watching on TV. I couldn't recall where I heard I was born ready, but I was certain it was on the TV in some movie or other. Oh well, at least no foul language.....yet?}
Hm.....wonder if I should let Hannah, Emily, Mr Sparkles, Noah, Duncan and Dennison that Daniel is on his way? Maybe I'll just see if she reads it here before Daniel arrives. {Baa Ha Ha Ha Ha}
Still smiling, ELLIS THE RAM

Friday, May 6, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram
My first task, per Esme, was comforting our Daniel, who it appears had been sitting in front of the computer looking at Malice Posts. But when he had come to the photo of Duncan and Dennison he went no further. And Esme said, there he had been for several hours. Not a Baa or a Bleat, just looking at the photo of his brothers. They had now been separated for over 2 years, which at first we had anticipated to be an absence of, at most, a few months......Perhaps the best way to explain the Mache Triplets was the letter I sent with the other 2 triplets, Duncan and Dennison. The letter which explained it all and accompanied them to our CBF, Elizabeth and Eleanor and our GFBFHD, Hannah and Emily~we post below...
Our Dear Human Friends Hannah and Elizabeth, Oh and of course, our Ovine Friends~ Emily and Eleanor,
We find ourselves dealing with a potentially disruptive force within our flock. Recently our HC Susan found, in an antique market at the very back and no doubt due to the issue we are now facing, 3 new young Ovines. She brought them home. They refer to themselves as the Mache Triplets, due to their resemblance in structure to paper mache. Well, 2 of them use the term Mache Triplets, the 3rd has become increasingly withdrawn.
We will explain...Yes, they are triplets. And one would think bonded together genetically. But this bond seems to have developed a 'crevice'. The 1st and 2nd of the triplets are extremely close, rather more like twins. But for some bizarre reason the 2 seem to shun the 3rd triplet. Why? We aren't privy to why. It is just blatantly obvious and the 'crevice' is getting wider every day.
A few examples. 1 and 2 do everything together. Eat~Sleep~Frolic. The 3rd is always left out, although he will stand quietly near. Painful to watch. When they move about the flock he always walks behind them and if they engage in chat with others in the flock they block him out,. Or interrupt when he attempts to speak or degrade what he is able to utter. {The flock has come to avoid 1 and 2 but feel badly and wish to include 3. But he simply follows his brothers about}. When we asked what their names were the very first day~the first piped up with 'DUNCAN' and the second quickly added 'I'M DENNISON'. {They hadn't had time to interact with the flock so how they chose the names of you, our friends, baffles us}. We waited for the third to tell us his name but instead the first and second bgan shouting
.......DUMMY.......DUMPSTER........DUFFUS.......DEADHEAD......DENSELY..... Well, I quickly stopped that nonsense. Then, I kindly asked the third directly what his name might be. Finally he stammered D.....D......D.....ah DUH. At which point the 2 broke out in a huge Baa'ha and Duncan yelled "Yea, that his name....DUH!". The poor thing hung his head and mumbled, "Yes, Duh will be fine".
We, Esme and I, do NOT THINK THAT IS FINE. We think it is not fine at all. What we have here is a full blown case of bullying. And we must put an end to it and very soon. Well~~IMMEDIATELY. Obviously, these 3 brothers belong together and we think D, 'D' is how we will refer to our precious 3rd triplet for now, really does need his brothers. But no doubt being introverted by nature and the bullying he is being subjected too by his brothers is crushing his spirit. And as the older and kinder ovines, we feel D doesn't have the requisite skill set to stand up for himself. Therefore to become all he is capable of being. So after much discussion and thought, Esme and I have decided to seek your help. Well frankly we aren't asking you at all. We are acting upon our decision.
Therefore we are sending this letter along with Duncan and Dennison, to explain the problem and what we wish you to do to assist with this sadly dysfunctional behavior.
We have decided that we need to separate the Mache Triplets for a short while, if they are to flourish and live in our flock, or in any flock. And this doesn't simply mean separating D from Duncan and Dennison. We feel Duncan and Dennison also need to be apart, in order to correct their inappropriate behaviors. So with that idea in mind and due to the strange incidence of what they 'claim' are their names......we are sending to each to their namesakes, Elizabeth DUNCAN and Hannah DENNISON.
While we work on D's low self esteem and build his confidence, we wish you both to take your namesakes in hand. While we provide the positive and full support for D, we hope you can put your fertile and inventive brains toward breaking down the rather 'too high opinions' these 2 have of themselves. Teaching them the value of working together, proper flock etiquette and positive family interactions, all traits which are based on respect. Knowing you both are busy with jobs, writing and family, we know Eleanor and Emily can tackle the hands on day to day work, based of course, on your guidelines.
It may sound harsh, but we believe that 'tough love' is the only hope for these 2 bullying brothers and the only hope for our D is acceptance and love from all of us in the flock. We think a little over a month should do the trick for all 3. So as Malice Domestic is about a month from now, perhaps Duncan and Dennison can accompany Eleanor and Emily when they travel to Malice with you both.
After such rigorous personnel work on themselves the triplets will have earned a holiday at this elite and fun conference. The triplets being in the company of the 'E' quads of Au Gres at ~Ellis/Esme/Eleanor/Emily ~ while at Malice Domestic can also monitor their behavior to ensure they are all 'with the program'.
Our faith in the 4 of you is well founded and together we feel a wonderful and mature new Mache Triplets will enhance our flock and yours.
Well, unfortunately the month became a year. At which point we all agreed a year hadn't resolved the problem. So Duncan and Dennison returned to Canada and California. D had really progressed extremely well remained with us, although the test would be when the Mache Triplets found themselves together again. Hopeful again, this year Malice arrived. Duncan had made a complete change and was ready and anxious to return home. But Dennison seemed to have reverted the last month prior to Malice and had been giving our Hannah and Emily a great deal of difficulty. Sadly it was decided Dennison was still incapable of joining his brothers at home. D, who now has declared his name to be DANIEL, was heartbroken but resolute. He had worked very hard on himself. And after 2 years Duncan proved he had also worked very hard on himself. But not Dennison.
But an idea? We conferred with our HC, Daniel and Duncan, and Hannah and Emily.....and a new and final plan was developed. Duncan would accompany Dennison back to California with our confidence that Duncan would maintain his new Open and Accepting frame of mind. Perhaps this would be what Dennison needed at last. But now here was our Daniel. Sadly sitting in front of the computer looking at his brothers. Esme and I will need to discuss what is next for our Daniel and ultimately, the MACHE TRIPLETS.
In support and hope,
Ellis the Ram

Thursday, May 5, 2011

posted by Head of Flock, Ellis the Ram
It has been a wonderful few days up at the house having 'me' time. If not for Esme such time would be beyond reach. But I felt ready to return to the pasture and deal with the day to day issues of my flock. I had spent the few days guarding the house, just in case the flood waters returned. My HC's daily struggle with the maintenance of the property, for sale and belonging to her MPU/late PPU, was taking its toll. 2 years of organizing and clearing possessions as well as moving items to storage, dumpster, mission and co~locating other items. Maintaining the property which included an in ground swimming hole. And Lawn Serf duties. All in all she does it all by herself with help at times from friend Gobel. Gobel who accompanied the KOO on their first outing. But I knew the toll it has taken on her body and soul, so guarding the house and cheering her on when she works is a high priority for me and all in the flock. Plus Ellis time was long overdue. But now it was time to return.
As shown in my banner photo, my last task was assisting in the collection of Lilacs which grow in the yard. My HCs late father always gathered bunches of Lilacs to fill the house for Polly and the family. So I was bringing home not only flowers but memories for the nose and the soul for Polly and my HC. Then the 3 of us piled in the car. 3 of us? That would be me, my HC and.............THE 4LCC. Always a challenge as 'space etiquette' is a concept lacking with 4LCCs.

But once my HC was behind the wheel and buckled up she noticed my space was seriously invaded so she asked and I accepted a change of venue. As befitted my position and status I found my seat on the dashboard, safely positioned despite lack of seat belt, we would be careful.

We arrived safely home, took the Lilacs inside and the HC fed the 4LCC. {Which if the 4LCC had a vote would be a 24/7 evolution}. Now onto my flock duties....

Flowers and Memories,

Ellis the Ram

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

posted by Ovi at Campaign Headquarter {CH}

Malice was over and on Sunday afternoon we all Baa'd our farewells til next year, joined our HCs and went our separate ways........Well sort of.......

It appears that Dennison {l}, of the Mache Triplets, wasn't quite finished with being a bully and making difficulties. Duncan {r} seemed to have adjusted himself quite nicely in his 2 years at the Duncan flock. So Hannah suggested Duncan accompany them back to California, in hopes he would be a good influence. So we went home with neither Duncan or Dennison. But if Duncan could learn so could Dennison so worth a bit more time away from the pasture.

Apri Cot had been adopted by Danielle.

And during the weekend Noah and Mr Sparkles discussed whether Mr Sparkles would fill the position of Campaign Manager. The campaign would begin soon and Noah needed a manager who was both reliable and could 'think beyond the fleece'. By Sunday, Noah and Mr Sparkles, had agreed to become the Campaign Manager for Noah's run for Easter Creature. As they lived on 2 different coastlines much would be done via emails but a good start was best face to face. So Noah and Mr Sparkles would travel with Hannah to her next literary event and then on to the Dennison Pasture. When the plan for the campaign was underway Noah would return home. And that is where they were, as seen in the first photo of this post, in front of Hannah's name card halfway between the coasts.

All in all there was much work to do. Whew! Managing the front desk at the pasture was becoming a much more complex task. But its all about teamwork, RIGHT?

Reporting from the front desk at CH,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the midst of Piper and his VDD issue, The Mache Triplets story, Noah's campaign update and so many other happenings around the pasture.....a letter arrived today. This letter alone wouldn't prompt us to respond by a blog post. But this weekend at Malice Domestic, much as has happened numerous times and places over the years, we were asked about adopting an Ovine. Sometimes the request comes as a result of one of us catching the eye of some HC. Which is what happened last weekend at Malice Domestic. When Danielle, whose picture we posted a few days back, met Marty Grau and the KOO. Apri Cot and Danielle, Apri tucked in Danielle's shirt in the photo, had instant 'get it' between them. After spending the weekend together she adopted Apri Cot who went home to live in Virginia in Danielle's pasture. {Fortunately adoption paperwork and transportation was arranged}. We miss her but so pleased they found each other.
Several other HCs asked our HC if one could be 'found' for them. But the rest of us didn't wish to relocate so they left Ovine-less.
Then in the mail today a letter, addressing the very same thing.
Dear Ellis and The Flock, I have a pasture but its empty? How do I set about growing a flock? Ovine~less and Lonely
So naturally I responded immediately...... Dear Ovine~less and Lonely, Well, lets review the requirements to 'grow a flock'. A pasture~You Have One- check! An Open and Accepting heart~You obviously have both-check! It sounds to me like you are lacking only one thing, an Ovine. may even already have an Ovine but may not realize where they are hiding. Look around your home. Look around your neighborhood or go beyond. Ovines really are everywhere. You just have to send out welcoming thoughts and you will be amazed what will happen. But after checking about or if you simply wish to adopt from other sources, we can help. Our HC, her friends, and all of us in the flock are always seeing Ovines in need of a pasture. Or perhaps in need of a change. Or simply looking for adventure and travel. Or the most important need of all, a place where OPEN AND ACCEPTING always exists and love and care are always available. And if we hear someone is seeking an Ovine with special coloring, temperament or specific qualifications or skills~~we will find that Ovine and send them on their way. So we are so pleased you sent us this letter asking for help. Today the flock has decided to open a page on our blog with pictures of Ovines seeking a pasture. And details on the adoption paperwork and travel arrangements to complete the relocation/adoption of each. In addition, details of the means to request an Ovine with specific qualifications and qualities. If you can't locate any Ovines in need of a pasture in your area, contact us by means detailed on the page. Thank you for opening your pasture and your heart. Best Wishes from THE FLOCK, Ellis The Ram
So we have decided to add a page to VIEWS FROM THE PASTURE, Adopt an Ovine Program page. Should an Ovine seek adoption or a HC is seeking to adopt an Ovine........the page can help.
The Flock,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

CBF Elizabeth Duncan with Emily and MPU Polly Van Hyning with Esme the Ewe and Ellis the Ram as they prepare to take their seats
YES, The big night arrived so with all other Ovines having their own part'ee in #420, I escorted Esme and Emily to the award banquet. Together we gathered with our CBF Elizabeth Duncan, Polly and our HC for pre banquet photos. As usual we sat at the best table, which this year was #23{like Malice Domestic #23?}. How did we manage THAT? Silly question, I am after all~~~ ELLIS THE RAM! {Baa~ha~ha}

At our table were so many fine intelligent women so as the only male at the table, I kept alert. Lea Mesner sat to the right of my HC and I noted them immediately becoming great friends. Which I am very pleased to see. Another fine lady and another which I'm sorry to say I did not get their names. Mea Culpa! Then next our CBF Elizabeth Duncan, IN THE COLD LIGHT OF MOURNING and A BRUSH WITH DEATH. Esme and I had been having our SLEEP~OVER {Baa-rah Baa~rah Baa~rah} with Elizabeth, so back together we now were at dinner. Then 2 very fine ladies, yep Mea Culpa times 2 again. Then Jane Bird who had asked of our HC in the afternoon, finding out she knew Elizabeth Duncan. Jane wished to purchase Elizabeth's 2nd book but couldn't find it in the vendors room. Perhaps our HC knew where she might find one. Sadly no, but Jane was able to speak to CBF herself so we felt better. The next 2 ladies were another set of ladies becoming great friends. Now Polly has the name of her left dinner person, so I won't worry about a Mea Culpa and then Polly, nattering along nicely. {I will ask our HC for her name and tell you another time}.

***In place of 'names' a MC-for the Mea Culpa's.***

MC~Jane Bird~CBF~MC~MC ****MC~Jane Bird and Ellis~CBF

MC~MC and Esme~CBF and Emily*** MC~Jand Bird and Ellis~CBF
The dinner was nicely done with no OVINE entrees, so other than that, well it was Human Creature Food, blah blah blah. After dinner and before the awards portion we finally came to the really really really fun part of the evening. Visiting and chatting, which always means lots of fun with ooo's and ahhh's over us, the Ovines!!! Yes we sit on the table and all the humans really are quite tolerant of that. I mean some have no idea what we may have been hoofing through in the pasture, but we always are Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion for being in such locations at these events. Since no one asked we be removed, all was well.

Jane Bird cuddled us and we had some photos taken with the -Mea Culpa-ladies and Jane and Elizabeth. One lady even tried to tease Esme by helping her sip from a cup. But they all treated us wonderfully. All in all it was another great evening spent with our HC and new friends. WE LOVE MALICE!

Esme and Elizabeth....Jeri and Ellis

Finally, just as the program announcing the winners of this years Agatha Award was to begin, our CBF noted a lady at the next table had the same brilliant fashion sense as herself. Although in different shades of course. So to ensure we would be able to identify one from the other......Elizabeth is holding Esme and Jeri Westerson nicely held me. Now, Agatha awards were announced but you will have to find on the web. HC's are special but no Ovines had been our interest was waning. {But the nice lady at breakfast who named one of the KOO, Avery Ames? She won so..........}


Now the night was over and 'sleep wells' were said so up to #420 we sleepily went, to join the Ovine Stay Behind Crew. And when the door was locked and as lights were outten'd we gathered. A traditional Ovine Sill Sitting, together watching the lights of the city between sweet dreams.

Reporting from Saturday Night at Malice Domestic 23,