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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

posted by Ovi at Campaign Headquarter {CH}

Malice was over and on Sunday afternoon we all Baa'd our farewells til next year, joined our HCs and went our separate ways........Well sort of.......

It appears that Dennison {l}, of the Mache Triplets, wasn't quite finished with being a bully and making difficulties. Duncan {r} seemed to have adjusted himself quite nicely in his 2 years at the Duncan flock. So Hannah suggested Duncan accompany them back to California, in hopes he would be a good influence. So we went home with neither Duncan or Dennison. But if Duncan could learn so could Dennison so worth a bit more time away from the pasture.

Apri Cot had been adopted by Danielle.

And during the weekend Noah and Mr Sparkles discussed whether Mr Sparkles would fill the position of Campaign Manager. The campaign would begin soon and Noah needed a manager who was both reliable and could 'think beyond the fleece'. By Sunday, Noah and Mr Sparkles, had agreed to become the Campaign Manager for Noah's run for Easter Creature. As they lived on 2 different coastlines much would be done via emails but a good start was best face to face. So Noah and Mr Sparkles would travel with Hannah to her next literary event and then on to the Dennison Pasture. When the plan for the campaign was underway Noah would return home. And that is where they were, as seen in the first photo of this post, in front of Hannah's name card halfway between the coasts.

All in all there was much work to do. Whew! Managing the front desk at the pasture was becoming a much more complex task. But its all about teamwork, RIGHT?

Reporting from the front desk at CH,



  1. A belated check-in from Los Angeles just to report that Duncan and Dennison (Daniel ... perhaps you should come to California for a spell too?) - are having a lot of fun. Noah and Mr. Sparkles have been madly campaigning --- and now it's Emily who feels she's really left out. Susan - I must thank you for so generously trusting me with your ovines ....

  2. Susan is pleased to have some of our flock off on Adventures with others. She is a bit 'involved' in Serf duties at her parents house. Speaking of Daniel....Esme and I are considering an idea for our Daniel. As you may see from the last post, we are a bit worried over him. How is Dennison behaving?