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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, May 27, 2011

posted by Ovi

Have to say, IT'S HOT. I'm wondering if Daniel had the right idea of working on the West Coast for a while. Of course haven't checked the weather past Joplin Missouri.

I woke up last night from a nightmare. Well, at first I thought it was a nice dream. There we were. The Flock. All of us together in a fresh spring pasture. Clumps of MLGV EVERYWHERE. And plenty for all of us. When my dream started we all were gathered in the center of the pasture, happily baa'ing together between chomping on wonderful soft tasty MLGV. And we didn't have to munch it down to the dirt, there was so much. So we would take the bestest tastiest part off the tops of clumps where we stood. Then like by magic we would find ourselves in a fresh spot of the pasture and enjoying the bestest tastiest part off the tops of clumps. When I would look back at where we had been chomping, I COULDN'T FIND WHERE IT WAS. Because after we left and were in another spot, the MLGV would quickly grow back.


But then the sound came...First a breeze began but it rapidly became a wind that rapidly became big gusts with trees surrounding the pasture bending over in pain. We all stopped chomping and the entire flock began to bleat with worry. Then all of a sudden it got very chilly and a big noise appeared. I looked over past the poor trees and it was no longer a sunny lovely day. The sky was grey. And not the beautiful grey of Noah. But an angry angry grey and then big flashes of light. THUNDER!!!! And that sound? What was that sound?

It was then that Sullivan said he had heard that sound. Long ago when young he had been pushed into a crate with his sister. The crate was put on a big cement shelf next to long long out of sight row of 2 metal things. And between the metal things which went out of sight over the horizon, were wood things which fit between the metal things. And while Sullivan was frightened in this crate on this cement he had heard the same sound.

We asked "WHAT WAS THE SOUND?" Sullivan said it was a long long group of boxes that came over the horizon and was heading right for his crate. And the closer the boxes came to them the louder the noise became. Until the boxes were almost right next to the cement when it began to slow down til it stopped right in front of his crate. It was OK though Sullivan said because then a man put his crate into one of the boxes and made sure it was secure, closed the doors of the box and from inside he began to heard the noise return but hearing from the inside so not nearly as frightening.


Then the wind became like nothing I've ever seen and it began to pick me that point though, WHEW WHEW WHEW I woke up. Only a nightmare. Then I remembered watching the weather with my HC. Now all of it made sense what they talked about in this Joplin Missouri.

I wonder if it was hot where Daniel was? Wonder if it is hot where Eleanor is? And we all wonder how all the ovines in Joplin Missouri are? And where a flock is there are always human creatures who need looking after. They think they look after us Ovines but in reality it is we, the Ovines, who watch over the Humans. We hope they are alright!



  1. OMIGOD ... I have been thinking about tornadoes too. I don't know what's worse - tornadoes or earthquakes? My prayers go to all those poor people in Joplin. I can't think on it too much - it's too distressing (especially the livestock). But gosh ... your dreams are powerful Ovi. What a relief to wake up!

  2. Oh my yes GFBFHD, my dreams are vivid but seldom so disturbing. Himhe thinks I've been watching too much television with our HC, as she often watches shows on the paranormal. Or, I've been wondering if I may have 'the gift'....Then Himhe pointed out if what I had was 'the gift' wouldn't I have had the dream BEFORE the tornado? {He can be a real wet fleece at times}. Tonight I hope to dream of ice cream instead! Your ovine friend, Ovi
    P.S. Oh and Bobble H. Ovine wants to send his best wishes to his bestest friend Daniel and to tell you to tell him he misses him but to have great fun in California!