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Monday, June 6, 2011

My Buddy, Piper
posted by Herzig

Piper aka Eggplant is once again getting better. He doesn't speak to me in Eggplant any more...but he really doesn't talk much at all. I mean he never was a chatterbox but now he speaks even less. He is my best-est friend and will always be we were adopted together from Patternworks in New Hampshire. But he still seems very sad.

I know if I had just been a better friend and not been so busy and I hadn't stopped treating Piper as a friend should, than maybe this would have never happened. Maybe if I'd been a better friend he would never have found the knitted Eggplant. If I hadn't been so busy maybe he wouldn't have begun to think he would be happier being an Eggplant. If he hadn't lost his Eggplant or if I had been a better friend when he did lose his Eggplant, maybe he wouldn't have suffered from VDD. He certainly would miss his knitted Eggplant if it were lost, but with a friend to feel sad along with him, the VDD might never have appeared.

I wasn't there when he needed me and so I've decided to go and look for his Eggplant. Piper tells me the last thing he remembers is going on an Adventure and when he came back he couldn't find Eggplant. But he doesn't remember exactly where they went on the Adventure. Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe have been so busy with a new Ovine that wandered in and with the rest of the flock all working on the Easter Creature 2012 Campaign, I have no one to ask just where the Adventure happened. So last week I went with my HC, up to the house she worries so about and works so hard on, and hunted all around for the knitted Eggplant.


While my HC got things ready to mow the lawn I decided to start at the far right corner of the yard. There was a beautiful tree with fragrant Lilacs. Now what better place for an Eggplant to hide than among lilac colored flowers. So up I climbed into the tree and hunted on each branch and each crook where branches separated. But no knitted Eggplant.

Then, over in the opposite end of the yard I noticed some tiny red colors peeking out all around this tree. So over I went and up I climbed. But quickly I realized that this tree had very large thorns on all its branches. And they were quite painful when they poked through my fleece to my body. But once I was up in this tree I decided I might as well look thoroughly, to avoid having to check this tree again. I found out later this is a Quince bush. Quinces are some sort of fruit and I hope they taste good as it would appear its very risky to get the Quinces out of their place of growth, Again, No knitted Eggplant.

Between this thorny bush and the porch with screens, making it lovely to sit and watch birds, I noticed a bird bath. Fortunately it had no water nor bird 'deposits' in it although for my friend Piper such things wouldn't stop me from looking. So up I climbed to the bowl on top of the pedestal upon which it rested and looked. No knitted Eggplant.

With all that climbing I needed a bit of a rest so I walked along the lawn by the porch and around the corner to a beautiful herb bed but saw nothing purple at all. When I got past the herb bed I came to the back of the house where a wooden porch had been built. Under it was a deep cave. So I edged my way under the trough holding Portulaca and once under could see light at the other side. Thank goodness the light allowed me to look all around under the wooden porch without having to crawl into the darkness. Just to make sure nothing was hiding I did call out, just in case. No knitted Eggplant.

 It occurred to me that on the other side of the bird bath had been a tree which seemed to be about to bloom. And a hint of purple could be seen poking about on the buds. So I walked back along the porch and looked up. Indeed it seemed purple colors might be about to appear. Later my HC explained it was called a Butterfly Bush and would soon have purple flowers all over it. It is called a Butterfly Bush because the flowers call out to Butterflies and when the time was right it was possible to sit and enjoy Butterflies and Blooms. The leaves didn't hide anything so after I looked over the bush I decided to check under the bush. No knitted Eggplant.

Next I remembered there had been 2 places back on the side of the yard where the Lilacs were, so over I went. There it was a huge dense patch of green leaves growing skyward. I recognized it from a picture. It was the leaves of a root which was called Horseradish. A favorite of the PPU of our HC, from who she learned the joys of the root. It was daunting but in I went. I explored under all the Horseradish plant leaves and it took quite a while. No knitted Eggplant.

 I heard my HC call out at that time that it would soon be time to put away all the lawn care items and begin to prepare to return home. She told me to look in the last few spots while she took care of the equipment. Fortunately a place I still wanted to look was right next to the Horseradish patch so over I went. I looked up into the Sage plant and easily could see there was no place to hide. But the bottom of the plant was covered in grass and weeds so I gave a quick look there. No knitted Eggplant.

I had searched very hard and it was very hot but until my HC called that we were leaving there still were spots to check. I walked back toward the Quince Bush looking in the pine hedges and searching in the lawn. It was then I discovered a hole. Covered with lawn growing over it. It was a bit scary but maybe, just maybe....I put my head down and burrowed through the grass. Luckily it wasn't an animal hole but rather was a drain of some sort in cement in the shape of the bottom half of a circle and where the cement went under the ground I could see a white tube. This must be where water from the pool and washing machine would empty. So I knew even if something had rolled into it it would have been floated out when the HC was washing clothing or cleaned the pool with the filter. No knitted Eggplant.
I felt very badly that I would soon be returning to the pasture with no good news to report to my friend Piper. Maybe this wasn't where the Adventure happened. I would ask Ellis and Esme when they had time. The only thing I knew is nothing was lost in the pasture.
On the way home I began to wonder if there might be another way to find a knitted Eggplant?
I won't give up,

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