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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

Baaa'News~~~3 Ovine Plan on the knitted Eggplant~~~Himhe and Callopie STILL planning on live chat~~~A bit more worried as no news from Noah {or Noel}~~~Bobble H. Ovine has a project and is working at the other house ~~~KOO starting after school project for 2012 Krewe of Ovine float~~~BFSS aka Dee Vine still an issue!

Friday, June 10, 2011


And the colors which will be perfect are Purple and Green. I came home from my search up at the pasture of my HC's parents, in the country. I had looked everywhere I could think of, no knitted Eggplant. That night before we fell asleep I told Piper of all the places I had looked and to keep the faith as I would find the knitted Eggplant. Piper sighed but what he said gave me encouragement. He told me that he wanted to thank me for taking all the time and facing all the danger of looking in holes, under places and even climbing up into a bird bath and a tree. Thanks was all I needed to not give up. And he was talking more and more, and not in Eggplant. Each day more and more of my best-est friend Piper was coming back.

After a night's rest, as we were all breakfasting on MLGV, my mind was thinking away. I knew I was missing something, but what? Start back at the beginning! Our HC reads to us each night from mystery stories, our favorites are written by our GFBFHD and CBFED, I have learned that our hero's~~~VICKY HILL AND PENNY BRANNIGAN often tell themselves~~~Start back at the beginning and think of everything. Think carefully to see if there is anything you missed. Or something you had seen or known but hadn't thought about. Or think about what you do know but from a different perspective {I got that word from Noah long ago}. 

So while we all were munching away I did just that, I thought about the knitted Eggplant which could be viewed as the start of the story. I STOPPED MUNCHING AND REALIZED, a knitted Eggplant. Quickly I bounced over to Piper and asked him where he got his knitted Eggplant and he told me he found it. Where did you find it was my next question. Piper explained that one day when he had no one to play with he had been looking about in our HC's room. And he had found the knitted Eggplant sitting in a basket full of yarn and knitting needles. It looked lonely and as he was lonely he carried it out of the basket and went to find our HC.

I asked Piper what he went to ask the HC. "If I could play with the Eggplant and keep it with me in the pasture" he said. "Why ask our HC?" I said. And there it was, the answer to the puzzle.

No, the answer wasn't finding the lost knitted Eggplant. But there was an even better answer!!!! Because Piper answered my why question by saying "Well since the knitted Eggplant was in a basket in her room and because as anyone in the flock knows~~~our HC knits. The only reason why the knitted Eggplant was in the basket in her room was she must have KNITTED THE EGGPLANT!"

At that point I started HLBing all around the pasture bleating "THAT'S IT THAT'S IT".  "What's it?" said all the ovines around us. I loudly bleated, "THE ANSWER!!!!"

I was Vicky Hill and Penny Brannigan all rolled into one, except of course that I am a boy and they are girls. NOW, I knew what had to be done so I began my quest.


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