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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Planned, Rehearsed, Put in Action
posted by Herzig

Following our meeting with our MTF it was time to approach our HC with our plea for help. Since she had visited with Ellis after our visit was completed, Himhe and I decided the next day would be better to put our plan in action. The plan was really quite simple. I would gather the 3 items and ask our HC to knit another Eggplant for Piper. But from the moment I got to the bottom of the chair where she was sitting helping her MPU with some phone calls, the first obstacle appeared. She was knitting on another project. Then again she is always working on some knitting project or another. As a matter of fact there are so many PIP's {Projects in Progress} around where our pasture is located we could build a mountain. Asking to begin yet another PIP may just tip the mountain and crush the flock. Still, it was for Piper.

She didn't notice me and I sat at her feet for a good 10 minutes so finally I steadied my nerves and climbed up on the table. I positioned myself on the table between my HC and her MPU, right in the middle of where they were working. FINALLY I was noticed. Looking a mite resigned at having to take time away from other things, she stopped knitting and crossed her arms. She said "Good Afternoon Herzig. I'm guessing there is something you want from me?" With the fiber on each side and the needle on a tube with points on both ends draped over my back, I cleared my throat with a 'baaahh'.
I began the plan I'd rehearsed. "The flock, really me, need a huge favor HC. Do you remember the Eggplant you knitted long ago? The one that Piper asked if he could take it to with him to the pasture because he was lonely and needed a friend?" I said.
"Yes" HC replied, "I do recall both the Eggplant and my conversation with Piper. I also recall that Piper lost the Eggplant. I was a bit sad about that really, as of all the vegetables I knitted the Eggplant was the best. It looked exactly like an Eggplant. The carrot looked like a knitted carrot and the banana looked like a knitted banana. But the Eggplant, yes it looked knitted but it looked EXACTLY like an Eggplant. Why do you ask?" I meant to sneak the request into our talk and slowly. But all my planning went over the pasture fence and I just blurted out "I WANT YOU TO MAKE ANOTHER EGGPLANT!!"
Right away I knew I'd made a mistake. HC quickly pointed to the PIP she was working on and said "I'm right in the middle, the 3rd of 5 ADLs {Adult Dining Linens} which a lovely woman sitting next to me at the Malice Domestic Banquet asked me if I would knit for her. She saw my Mom's when she put it over her neck as our meal arrived and was so excited, as she had already asked many knitters to make them for her. No one would help her and she has already paid me a very generous amount of money. I've knitted her 2 so I have 3 more to knit."
"Couldn't you just tuck an Eggplant in between knitting for the lady? Oh, Please. It's for Piper!"

After a few minutes of silence she reached over and picked up the fiber I had found and asked if I got it from one of her bins. When I said yes she began to smile and said "I believe you found the same purple yarn I used before.....oh, and you found the green too. And whats this? Hm, size 3 needles? But Piper, I don't think I could find the pattern I used to make the knitted Eggplant, it was a few years ago."

Victory was just over the pasture gate if I could just unlatch it and push it open. So I told her I had taken care of all that!!!! Proudly I puffed out my fleece and said "Himhe helped me to go on the computer and we found the place you must have found the pattern the first time. I've managed to 'save' it into your Patterns folder into one called Odds & Ends. That is how I know the size of needle you will need is #3. I even learned what DP means so I brought along the tube with pointed ends on both sides and that pack with lots of DP #3s".

Would all my hunting and collecting result in the thing I wanted most for my best~est friend Piper. A knitted Eggplant? I could barely breath.............and then my HC nodded her head. She said, "You are a very good friend Herzig. The kind of friend everyone would love to have and so few of us ever find. If you have done all the hard work and found all the items I need, how could I say No. Yes I will knit an Eggplant for you. Maybe...I could stand outside the pasture when you give it to Piper. And just watch to see if he likes it?"
"HC, HOW COULD HE NOT LIKE IT, he will love it because he will know its not just another knitted Eggplant. It will be knitted by his HC and you knit his lost Eggplant."

HC made no promises on when the knitted Eggplant would be finished but she knows how important this PIP is and I'm sure I'll be able to report soon.

The happiest ovine in the pasture

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