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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Posted by Herzig

I was all fired up and ready to tackle our HC. Needles, fiber and pattern I started out of the pasture to find her. Nothing could stop me now! Then, on the way out Himhe stopped me and ask where I was heading. After telling him I had all I needed and of course again thanking him for helping me find the pattern, he asked a question. "I know what a good friend you are and we all have learned a lot about VDD which Piper developed. I am wondering if we need to check with our MTF?"  Confused I asked "Why? Piper is getting better each day so what would be need to ask our MTF about anyway?"

"Well," Himhe began, "we don't know exactly how or why Piper developed VDD but we do know when. It started when he lost his Eggplant. So it might be a good idea to ask Ellis the Original, since he was the person who identified Piper's VDD, if giving him another knitted Eggplant is safe. Piper's may misplace it again. Or some creature may steal it. Since he lost his first knitted Eggplant he might be so afraid of losing another it might be bad for his VDD?"

Now this was a turn of events I hadn't even considered. All my work finding and collecting what was needed for a new knitted Eggplant was wasted? It was like waking up and going into the pasture for a fresh MLGV breakfast and finding a farmer had plowed our pasture. Nothing to see but dirt. Himhe quickly told me not to be sad as Ellis the Original would probably say it was a great idea and think Piper having a new knitted Eggplant was just fine. Still, when would we be able to visit our MTF? And if we asked to go with our HC the next time she had an appointment, she might want to know why. Then she might say she wouldn't make one anyway, even before we checked with our MTF.  Himhe told me not to worry, he would work it out.....and the next morning he had. He asked Esme to get our HC to take Himhe and I along for an adventure, because our HC had an appointment that very day. So putting our 3 things into a bag then in the car, safely tucked away, we left with our HC that afternoon.

Seeing us with our bag, MTR Ellis invited us into his office telling our HC he wanted to show us around before their appointment. {Such insight is why he is our MTF} 

We pulled the 3 items out of the bag so he could examine them. Then he asked "Is this Eggplant like the one Piper lost?" We explained that it was the same materials and pattern, although I thought the real knitted Eggplant looked much better than the one in the picture. Ellis looked confused for a bit. Then he said "Are you going to knit this eggplant?"
I think that was the first time I ever heard Himhe laugh, although I had to listen quite closely. Guess it wasn't really a laugh more like a chuckle. So I told Ellis of course not, that I was going to get an HC to knit the Eggplant. Still looking confused his next question was "I don't understand why you need to talk to me~~I CAN'T KNIT".  OK, this time it was definitely a laugh I heard from Himhe. After I glared at Himhe, I said "the ONLY reason we came to speak with you was because HIMHE!!! thought we should ask if it would be safe for Piper to have another knitted Eggplant."

"Well, now I understand what is going on here. Because Piper developed VDD and I know about VDD and want to be sure making this knitted Eggplant won't be harmful for Piper." Nodding, I waited for his answer.

It was then I knew it had been a good thing to ask Ellis our MTF. He leaned over and patted my back and told me that I was a wonderful friend and certainly, a knitted Eggplant would be a fine thing for Piper to have again. Especially one that a good friend like me had worked so hard to get for him. I told him of my plan of getting my HC to agree to knit the Eggplant and with a wink of his eye he said "I'll hint a bit about it to her myself during our appointment. She often has some knitting in her bag. We have spoken of knitting before and maybe it will plant an idea, then all you have to do work your plan. I only have one request Herzig." "What?" I said. Ellis replied, "I would like to see the knitted Eggplant when it is finished. Maybe you and Piper will visit with the knitted Eggplant."

And I would make sure that would happen.

Back to the plan,

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