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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dictated by Sullivan/ECCHM and Posted by Ovi/ECCHAM

ECCH staff has decided to draft a Campaign Platform which we knows is a bit out of order from what is normally done. Done? Well, a platform we have learned, is a statement of positions on issues, which a political party makes promises to achieve.  Hm. Sort of like a check off list of things they want and they will make happen. The Campaign is all about exactly what they say they will do to achieve the promises in their Platform. The Election is to vote the candidate of a party to a specific job where they do what the platform wanted and promised. The term of office an elected candidate spends seems to be nothing at all to do with the platform.

This brought up quite a debate at ECCH, why would a platform for Easter Creature 2012 be needed at all....We didn't do the 'party' step. We went directly to having a candidate and we knew our Noah and anyone who had met the Rude Rabbit would know all they needed to know. But Piper has started to speak lately, thanks to Herzig, and in the middle of the debate he started talking.

"The reason we should write a platform of all the things we believe is so we can remind ourselves of the reasons the position of Easter Creature shouldn't belong to any one creature. It is a very very important job. Its a job all about joy, spring, kindness and being nice. It is a job about a religious belief that helps children understand their faith. And it makes me think that there must be similar wonderful ways for children growing up in all faiths and maybe those who celebrate Easter could learn about those other children and their faiths. And our Noah's encounter last spring with that Rude Rabbit showed that the Rabbit has begun to care more about himself than being nice. We don't want children learning about Easter from the Rabbit."

I looked around the headquarters and saw that all the Ovines were listening very carefully to Piper. Piper had stopped talking but I knew that there was so much more he could share so I asked him to please go on.

"If you want me to Sullivan" Piper said. "The Platform will be to remind us that the position of Easter Creature shouldn't belong to Ovines either. It will tell us before we become rude and inconsiderate Easter Ovines, just why Noah decided to ask to be Easter Creature." Piper looked down for a moment and then said, "I believe there should be several issues we address in the Platform. 1. That Easter Creature is for any creature. 2. That kindness is important. But I think we also should teach what Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe teach each of us. To be OPEN AND ACCEPTING of everyone and every belief. 3. That life in the pasture or a rabbit hole or a nest in the tree is all about being careful how we live. Pastures aren't made of plastic and can't be purchased in a store, so why should Easter baskets. Easter should be all about being Green. After all, Green is the color in the Pasture. Green is one of the colors that tell us its Spring. Green is the color of growing. That is all I have to say, Thank You Sullivan for allowing me to speak."

One by one each of us agreed that those 3 ideas were the perfect beginning for the PLATFORM. As baa'ing broke out it was soon decided that 1.Easter doesn't belong to only 1 Creature and 2. Open and Accepting, would be easy to explain in our PLATFORM. But the real fun would be in 3. Green. Somewhere I just knew Noah was saying, TAKE THAT RUDE RABBIT!


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