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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Technical Problems Creating Campaign Material !
posted from ECCH Staff

The ECCH crew has been working 'ears to tail' creating banners, signs and working on the party Platform. The Platform draft we are very pleased with, and will post about it and put it on our Campaign 2012 page~very soon.

The other tasks were going well but we were suddenly being plagued with technical issues due to our Campaign Materials Software. Callopie, our Office Manager, had done research and found a company offering a great deal. So we ordered it and got to work. All went off without a hitch, we thought. But when we later opened them up to finalize and print-things weren't as we had 'saved' them. We investigated the entire ECCH staff but no one had been on the computer so no ovine action seemed to be responsible for the problems. The first problem we noticed was a line which appeared on a sign we were planning. The two small photos here show what we saw when we opened the saved file.

Also, don't misunderstand, we like purple very much. Purple is one of our favorite colors. But we didn't put the little purple line there! Plus the color purple from the 'before' was different from the color purple in the 'after'. Noah, The Grey One, is normally our 'figure it out via research' ovine. But he was in the Dennison Pasture with his Campaign Manager Mr Sparkles working on campaign strategies. Himhe and Ovi spent a few days at the computer trying everything they could to find the answers but finally had to admit, they had no answers.

So we asked our Callopie for the information on the software and where she had procured the product. After a bit of time on the computer she had all the information we needed. The software we purchased came from Campaign Design Software Co. owned by UBuyWeNoSupport Inc. They had a live chat line we could go to, which we had no doubt would explain and give solutions for our problems. At least that is what we hoped. Before we started our live chat and knowing our HC has often used such resources for many items she has purchased, it was decided we get some pointers on the best approach with this method.

That is when we first heard the word~~~the name~~~MUQBAR. Based on our HC's reaction...the flock realized.....we might be in big trouble.

Sullivan and staff at ECCH

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