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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

OK, I've Been Silent Long Enough!

I've noticed all the other posts the posting names are small. But ONCE AGAIN, its up to me to point out, my name should be seen and LARGE. Certainly, few would fail to recognize My Divine self, I am after all, Dee Vine. {I explained all that in the most important introduction on Meet the Ovines.}

I've taken note that Noah, The Grey One, is campaigning for the position of Easter Creature 2012 and has asked Mr Sparkles to be his CM. I find this a bit annoying since although I have been ridiculed since my arrival, they choose an Ovine with the same fleece I wear.  Because I 'am' THE FIRST SPECTACULAR OVINE IN THE FLOCK WITH LUXURIOUS COLORFUL FLEECE. Mr Sparkles arrived long after I made my debut. I live in the same flock as the candidate but he choose a CM on the other side of the country! But none of this treatment of moi, surprises me at all. 

 Its all about jealousy~and who can really blame the flock. To achieve anything close to my sense of style, brilliant conversational skills, and magnetic personality must be daunting, if not impossible. Which no doubt has led to the flock behaving rudely and just leaving me out of their games.

Two incidences of which I have photographic proof! Now some may not have realized my difficulty with the current banner photo. {Should you read this at a later date all banner photos are archived on our 'Photo Banner Page'}. To assist you gaining a complete understanding of my issue about this photo, I explain the TRUTH, under the photo.

When we posed for our formal 'Duncan Lake' photo in 2009 I SUGGESTED we all face West, it is my best side after all. But since the rest had already decided to look East~~well, I ended up being the only Ovine facing in the CORRECT direction. I'm posed nicely at the left top end of the dock. From clockwise  facing the WRONG direction? At the 1100 position, Esme the Ewe and at 0100 Noah, The Grey One {I hope he listens to his Campaign photographer better than he did ME}, 0300 Ellis the Ram, 0400 Callopie, 0500 Sullivan, 0800 Herzig and at 0900 Piper. Now I realized most would believe I was the one at fault. So I correct your reasoning now! I am the ONLY Ovine who understood the important of the photo being snapped from MY BEST SIDE.

During that same trip it was decided that we ALL should pick berries. Why? There was endless MLGV where ever one stepped. I AGAIN explained this fact to the flock who ignored my flawless insight. And YET AGAIN, they picked berries. I on the other hand took the logical course of taking a bit of leisure time on the swing. Don't you just know they posted this picture explaining I didn't wish to associate with them in their berry nonsense. They posted MY photo on some twit nit sight calling me a Diva!!!

Well, I've had quite enough of their behavior. So I am going to begin my own campaign in the flock. I'm toying with running for MOST DELICIOUS DIVA or OVINE OF DE~VINE or even DIFFERENT IS FAR SUPERIOR TO BEING AVERAGE. {I haven't really decided which 'crown' might suit me best and must be careful to choose which is best~~~~as obviously I will be the winner}. 

Divinely Yours,
Dee Vine

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