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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

Baaa'News~~~3 Ovine Plan on the knitted Eggplant~~~Himhe and Callopie STILL planning on live chat~~~A bit more worried as no news from Noah {or Noel}~~~Bobble H. Ovine has a project and is working at the other house ~~~KOO starting after school project for 2012 Krewe of Ovine float~~~BFSS aka Dee Vine still an issue!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

byline*Noah~The Grey One
Much to my surprise, the morning after we arrived Esme informed me that I was to attend an Art Show in room 1207. 2 residents were displaying their works at a reception at 1030 that morning. I asked why we all were not attending. Esme explained that the invitation had really been for our HC and her MPU, and did not mention 'and guests'. Thus it seemed the Ovines need stay behind. But Esme suggested to Ellis that Art is something she enjoyed very much and thought Art might be a nice item to view for the entire flock. She suggested he request of our HC, to allow one or two Ovines to go also, in a basket of course as they may be assumed an accessory, carried by our HC. {ACCESSORY? Baa'd reference!} But I understood that approach may work as a ruse to allow us in. Ovi asked to go also and so the two of us climbed in our bed/bowls and once in a basket, the HC often carries with her, upstairs we all moved.
Frankly based on the attention we received from all the HCs, which numbered well over a dozen, no story was required to allow us in. Although if all 9 of us had appeared that may have changed the attitudes of the other guests.


What lovely paintings appeared here and there throughout the room. There were 2 artists displaying their efforts, Katie and Anna. Ovi and I made the round carefully viewing each framed piece. They were all colorful and showed great skill in creating beautiful views. But I immediately notice an omission. Only 1 of the paintings contained a pasture. Shouldn't all Art center around a pasture. But most disturbing was the total absence of OVINES!!!! Not a single Ovine appeared in any of the paintings!!! A few pieces lacking Ovines could be understood, sort of. But ALL LACKING OVINES.
So carefully I sought out the 2 artists who were both beautiful, gracious and talented women. {And they both GOT IT, Ovines I mean, so we were off to a good start}. But as I spoke to them of their lovely paintings, carefully alluding to the Ovine absence, it was obvious they lacked complete understanding of our importance. Well, there are times when acceptance is the only path available. As Ellis the Ram says, Open and appears that applies not just in the flock~~but everywhere.
So my review of this wonderful event is as follows. Both of these TALENTED women deserve high praise for their skill in use of color, content and form. All are TRULY wonderful paintings and would be a centerpiece admired by all, where ever they were placed. It was so difficult to decide which I believed was the BEST OF SHOW. So Ovi and I finally agreed since all were worthy of our pick the only option was to name the one with a PASTURE our BEST OF SHOW title.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

posted by Esme the Ewe
Ellis the Ram and I, spent our first day getting this adventure's Ovines settled in for the last days of our HCs MPU's winter at the beach. So nice to be back and also happy to see the MPU is doing well. 2 walkers and a never ending effort to enjoy each day despite the issues of age, I always find her Let's Go spirit admirable.
It was a difficult decision as to who would come to the beach this time. Ellis the Ram and I naturally. Although I would always wish to bring our entire flock, that just wouldn't be possible. Adventures are both EDUCATIONAL as well as a reward for positive flock manners. But also a selection to go on an adventure can be a lesson or an incentive for an Ovine. So Ellis the Ram and I gave the selections our usual due diligence.
Much to my surprise Sullivan and Callopie decided to stay in the pasture. Heaven knows what Callopie will have gotten into while we are away. So of the original 7 of our last beach adventure, only 5 need be considered. We thought Ovi might elect to stay behind with his mentor Sullivan. But after asking Ovi just that question, he said he would like to try going on an adventure without Sullivan, just to see how he would manage on his own. That left Noah and Piper.
Piper has been very quiet lately, well since the Updates from the Flock are complete I believe he is a bit adrift. I fear we may have to again deal with his Eggplant issues. As I am a bit concerned over Piper, I felt it best he join us. Strangely he seemed neither pleased or disappointed but resigned. {Yes, we will need to keep a wary eye on our Piper}.
Ah, Noah. Our Noah has been both a gift of support, thoughtfulness and well considered ideas as of late. He deserved another trip.
And that left a few spots if we wished to bring a few more Ovines. Then our Noah again made an excellent suggestion. He felt that this time we should bring the KOO along to reward them for sharing their story with the flock. And to encourage them to continue learning and experiencing things which truly frighten them. Plus Noah said "We need to show them the proper way to go on an Adventure so they don't stow away again. Stowing away can be dangerous and is not fair to others on the adventure." "Well done Noah" Ellis the Ram exclaimed, the KOO will complete the Ovines going on this adventure. Piling into the vehicle we left on the 22nd, settled in that evening and the next day~~~a surprise. An Art Show.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KOO goes on their First Outing
{Orientation Day}
posted by Noah and Ovi-Ovine Chaperons

OVI {center-then clockwise} Noah~KOO~KOO~KOO~Marty Grau

This was to be a big day. A day of Firsts for the 4 ovines of the KOO. And should you be asking "Well, what are their names, everyone needs a name, what if they need a passport?" In order~~Only one has a name as of today, Marty Grau. The other three seem to be content being known as the KOOs. {Time will no doubt assist toward names}. Yes, everyone needs a name. Hopefully names will appear before, if ever, a passport is required.

We started our day gathering the KOO in a corner of our pasture to explain the rules of their First Day Out. 1} Stay together as wandering off alone could be dangerous. Plus could ruin the outing, due to time searching for the wanderer. 2} Don't speak to strangers, should it happen an Ovine find themselves alone. 3} Asking questions is always acceptable. But public Bleating voices are required. 4} Patience for others if someone is baa'ing a question and while the question is answered. 5} Don't be afraid of HCs. They won't hurt you. And that is why we stay as a group. Its safe!
After the rules we climbed into our basket and awaited our HC. Her girl scout camp friend Gobel would soon arrive and we would all go to the first stop on our First Outing. AN AUCTION! Gobel arrived and drove the 8 of us to an auction. That is 6 Ovines and 2 HCs.
The First Auction
The flock were all too aware the word AUCTION could mean a variety of things. There are many auctions, that creatures such as us, would NEVER venture to, certainly not within Baaa'ing distance. HCs can be heard referring to those auctions as LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS. FDH!!!! Why? Live=items which are living. Stock=a term which HCs use to refer to 'property'-property which they may EAT {Bovines, Swine~~~OVINES}. Or SELL, which is what occurs at a LIVESTOCK AUCTION. Ellis the Ram suggested we not mention auctions of this sort, as to not frighten the KOO during their first outing. So the auction selected to attend was simply of inanimate objects of numerous types. {HCs seem to throw out their own items, often items of no further use or useful at all. And then purchase other HC's items considered of no further use or useful at all. Seems a questionable thing but afterall, HCs?} We stayed for a bit of time while the HCs waved cards with
numbers on them. And then we all left with nothing. Strange? We think so.
The First Restaurant and First view of UMMMM's
Then we parked in front of a series of buildings which formed a circle around a road. The road formed a circle around a statue. We followed the HCs as they exited the car and entered one of the doors. Ovi and I knew immediately what sort of building we were in, a Restaurant. And joy and rapture, one of our favorite sorts of Restaurant-A BAKERY. Why is a Bakery our favorite? First, a bakery always smells lovely. Not the same sort of lovely as freshly mowed MLGV, but close. Second, because HCs tend to be happier in this sort of Restaurant as evidenced by their cries of delight and muffled ummmm's as they consume what is in a Bakery. And third and most important reason why we love Bakeries-no bovine, swine or OVINES are EVER on the menu. So while we roamed about the KOO asked questions and explored, the HCs selected items guaranteed to produce ummmmm's and sat down at a table. The 6 of us climbed atop the table, simply to provide "KOO orientation" and viewed the ummmm~ables.

The First Friend

So as the HC behind the counter served another HC, we climbed onto the counter to view that ummm~able and to visit. Everyone being 5 Ovines, Ovi remained on the table. The KOO were a bit concerned being in such close contact with a HC, they were just getting comfortable with our HC and Gobel. So they huddled together with their hind ends toward her. But immediately from the way she fussed over us, I knew she was one who GOT IT. And finally the KOO realized they had nothing to fear. As Lisa, our new friend ooh'd and ahh'd over us they asked if our HC would take a photograph with their FIRST FRIEND. Lisa is a very very very nice First Friend.

When we returned to the pasture all the flock gathered around asking questions which the KOO happily answered. Ellis nodded at Ovi and I while Esme came and told us how well we had done with our assignment. Exhausted we left the KOO and the rest of the flock and crawled into our bed/bowls.

Ovi the exhausted and Noah the sleepy Grey One

Monday, March 21, 2011

MTF Ellis counsels the KOO
After the point at which Noah's post ended, Esme and I conferred as to what the next step for the KOO should be. Yes, EDUCATION was vital and it was underway. Every flock member got involved in EDUCATING the KOO on the ways in the flock. Every flock member answered questions, listened and supported our KOO. It was going to be a forever journey.
Esme always says, "every day we learn something, even if we don't realize it. And if you don't know what it was you learned then ask someone you spent your day with and they will help you find what you learned."
But we also could see that the dream which had been the mission of the KOO, having been the reason they thought they WERE, had been lost to them. We knew it wasn't lost but simply postponed. But to the KOO, we could see, it seemed gone. To go to the place called New Orleans, to be a parade of the Krewe Of Ovine, to find their dream~was gone.
Esme and I have learned many things during our days, but the sadness of the KOO was beyond our ability. After we sat quietly for a long long time Esme gasped and exclaimed "MTF." I was baffled. I mean I knew who the MTF was, but what did he have to do with the KOO. So Esme explained. "Didn't we ask Ellis, our MTF, what the meaning of this FWIF was? And didn't he explain that to find an answer to the FWIF he would need to meet with them? And wasn't our MTF the first to recognize the significance of the gold and green round plastic balls on a string? And didn't he ask where the PURPLE STRING WAS? And Ellis my companion~~aren't all the answers to those questions the same YES?"
That is why I value my companion Esme so very much. She understands when I do not. And she was absolutely right, as usual. The next step for the KOO was to visit our MTF, our Ellis the Original. And our HC had an appointment the next day. So we would take the KOO along. And perhaps our MTF could help the KOO with the sadness. Tell the KOO what we had been saying was true, the dream wasn't lost. And help us find the next step for the KOO.
And he did just that. He spoke to them for quite a while and I could just feel the sadness begin to disappear. And we could see the dream returning. Esme had the perfect solution. The next step? MTF thought it was time the KOO stopped hiding. They had already stopped hiding from the flock but it was time they learned about what was outside the flock. An Outing was next.
The EDUCATION continues,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

First-Get a Map
posted by Noah
There are several in the flock capable of telling this next portion about the KOO, but I volunteered. Because the Ovine who posts gets to pick what colors to post in. And although not considered one of the more eye catching colors, Grey is the best. I believe it is the color of calm, of reason, of insight, of intelligence.....and the color of my fleece. Yep, Grey. Oh yea, a map.
After we began to learn more about the KOO it became clear there seemed to be a lack of understanding about many issues. EDUCATION certainly seemed a perfect beginning. They explained they preferred to be known as the KOO. Which they explained was KREWE OF OVINE. Now remember, the mysterious incidents began around the time part of our flock was at the beach. First we noted the stowaways, fewer than 4 at that point. Then they vanished, we thought. But again and again they began to appear. In the photo of us departing for our home pasture. What seemed to be hind ends while traveling in the car. All the while the colors purple/green/gold invaded us, everywhere. Finally we captured them, interrogated them, and slowly began to learn what was going on.
Once they told us they were a KREWE we looked it up. Much research revealed a Krewe seemed to be a word for a group who formed to pursue some sort of 'social' activity. But that was all we could find in a dictionary. So we went to the computer. WOW! We typed in the word KREWE and all was revealed. AND EVERYTHING THAT POPPED UP SEEMED TO BE IN PURPLE/GREEN/GOLD. The flock was in total agreement we had hit pasture dirt. Our version of the HC pay dirt, you see.
We quickly concluded that these 4 Ovines were a social organization, which seemed odd to us, as a flock seemed to cover that purpose quite well. So we put our research to the KOO.
Yes, they admitted they were just as we had found, a social organization. And then explained they had no idea where they were from but one by one had found each other. Marty Grau, the only of the 4 with an actual name, said he was first and all alone. But with some wandering about he had discovered a picture frame and SOMEHOW he just knew something about what was in the picture frame must hold a clue as to who he was and where he started.
On the frame was a very colorful and strange creature which seemed to be a HC. Looking down at his fleece he noticed some of the colors on the picture matched his fleece. Soon after he discovered a mirror and with a shock he realized his face, ears and even his tail colors supported his theory.
He told us while the flock was off doing 'stuff' he worked at the computer and through trial and error found the same sites we had. The colors matched his. And they talked about parades.......he just knew this MUST be his mission. To be a parade? But how was he to accomplish this. Could one Ovine be a parade? He sadly went back to hiding from the flock. Then much to his surprise he discovered another Ovine, much like him but different. Again the colors. Then another and finally a 4th. They decided they must belong together due to their brilliantly colored fleece.
None of the other 3 seemed to know their names, and really Marty didn't know his name for certain, either. But from his search on the computer he thought he might be Marty Grau. He thought that was his name although it was spelled slightly different from the computer. He told us on the computer it was spelled M~A~R~D~I~~~G~R~A~S. But something told him his name was spelled different even though they seemed to sound the same. So he must be the somehow related to this Mardi Gras. Bit by bit, the other 3 Ovines decided their mission must be to join him. And finally to join their relative ~~Mardi Gras~~ where ever it lived. Back to the picture frame where they decided a New Orleans must be the place, but how to get there?
Ah, this was the reason they stowed away in December. They didn't know where they were or where we were going but MAYBE it was this New Orleans. And if they called themselves a Krewe and found this New Orleans, perhaps they would be a parade? {All of us in the flock could see their line of thought didn't go in a straight direction, but UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE~not 1 Baa-HaaHaa}
And back now to that word EDUCATION. They had no idea where they must go, how to get there or what direction to take. Geography! Several of us realized, after having done our own research that Mardi Gras would seem to be over for this year. And New Orleans was no where close to York Pennsylvania or Garden City South Carolina, although the beach was certainly closer than the pasture. And much preparation would be necessary to be a Krewe in a parade at this Mardi Gras.
Although the KOO was very sad when we explained it all we quickly turned to Understanding and Patience. We told the 4 we would help them learn all they might need and help them if they decided they still wished to continue on their mission. And in the meantime we asked if they would like to join the flock. We told them about the number 1 rule~OPEN AND ACCEPTING. After they held a KOO meeting they returned and said they would very much like to join our flock, at least for now.
So we began learning about geography, if New Orleans was their goal.....geography was critical.
Noah, The Grey One

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe
Ah yes, EDUCATION. Such a big word and what a vast field. Speaking of which a field 'may' be another word for a Pasture. And that is something we know about. And the flock knows just where our 'home' pasture is located. In a place called York, PA. How did we learn that? Because others took the time to teach us, to EDUCATE us. In the HC world we have observed that EDUCATION seems to be given to HCs in big buildings with many rooms containing many places for HCs to sit. When young it seems they get sent to these buildings for many hours to receive EDUCATION. Hm? One way to 'get' EDUCATION. But we know there are more than one way to munch on MLGV.
So most of an Ovine's EDUCATION comes from older Ovines doing and younger ones observing and then copying. But some must come from other places? Like.....asking trying.......and yes, by using some of those methods HCs might use, like books or looking on a computer. And we 'get' that. So there is more to just knowing that our Pasture is in York, Pennsylvania. What if an Ovine wants to travel and gets lost? So, EDUCATION is important to learn where the edges of our pasture may be. Or what part of a larger space in which our pasture may be located. Or where that larger space is located to understand where our friend's pastures may be. Emily's pasture is in California and Eleanor's pasture is in Canada.
Ah yes, the original issue...The FWIF, the cozy blue chair and the interrogation. The FWIF? We have discovered much to our surprise that these 4 Ovines who we viewed as MDI's, may not be MDIs at all. During their interrogation it became clear they were Ovines who didn't 'get it'. HOW CAN THAT BE? we gasped. Aren't all Ovines born 'getting it'? It was while the painting man worked and we huddled safely on the cozy blue chair that the flock 'got it'. We 'got' that the FWIF didn't 'get it'. They lacked EDUCATION.

Yes, they knew what MLGV was healthy and what was not. But they didn't 'get' geography~among so many other things they didn't 'get'. Why was geography important to the story of our FWIF? Because geography is key to their mission, their dreams and the odd behavior which plagued our flock....beginning with purple/green/gold. And while in the cozy blue chair we became aware we needed to assist them to gain EDUCATION. EDUCATION which is such a large work which is important to every minute of every day of every month of every year {bet you 'get' the direction that sentence is going?}

So our EDUCATION began when we learned the 4 aren't MDIs of the FWIF. We learned they called themselves The KOO. Their EDUCATION we realized must begin with geography!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

posted as **la** Flock {that's french!}
No, we haven't managed to pry the laptop from our HCs hands since that long ago day. The day we'd captured the FWIF. The day we created our last banner photo, yep-still there, showing the encircled 4 MDIs. Well, so much~much~much to tell. We will soon begin with the whole purple, green, gold thing and the FWIF. Then we will discuss geography. Then of todays outing. {Others in the flock also have things to say!!} But first, the FWIW. And the lessons we learned as we began to wrest the story from these 4 MDIs.
1. Education is very important
2. Patience is very important
3. Understanding is very important
Hm, yea that covers most of it.
But we are prepared whenever faced with new challenges, which often arrive as fellow creatures~ yes even Ovines. Whether that contact be with the flock in total or even one of us. Why are we prepared? Because our head of flock~~ELLIS THE RAM's guiding rule-OPEN AND ACCEPTING.
So tonight as our HC again, accompanied by her ear frying 'sailor speak', continues to hang pictures back on walls and wrest furniture to YET another place~POST WE WILL.
Oh Oh Oh, plus others have events to report of course our upcoming adventure to MALICE DOMESTIC {which M. Grau continues to say with a pitiful french accent}. M. Grau you ask? Tonight we will start by helping him to post on Meet the Ovines while others write of the events immediately after the capture, specifically-DURING THE INTERROGATION!