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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

KOO goes on their First Outing
{Orientation Day}
posted by Noah and Ovi-Ovine Chaperons

OVI {center-then clockwise} Noah~KOO~KOO~KOO~Marty Grau

This was to be a big day. A day of Firsts for the 4 ovines of the KOO. And should you be asking "Well, what are their names, everyone needs a name, what if they need a passport?" In order~~Only one has a name as of today, Marty Grau. The other three seem to be content being known as the KOOs. {Time will no doubt assist toward names}. Yes, everyone needs a name. Hopefully names will appear before, if ever, a passport is required.

We started our day gathering the KOO in a corner of our pasture to explain the rules of their First Day Out. 1} Stay together as wandering off alone could be dangerous. Plus could ruin the outing, due to time searching for the wanderer. 2} Don't speak to strangers, should it happen an Ovine find themselves alone. 3} Asking questions is always acceptable. But public Bleating voices are required. 4} Patience for others if someone is baa'ing a question and while the question is answered. 5} Don't be afraid of HCs. They won't hurt you. And that is why we stay as a group. Its safe!
After the rules we climbed into our basket and awaited our HC. Her girl scout camp friend Gobel would soon arrive and we would all go to the first stop on our First Outing. AN AUCTION! Gobel arrived and drove the 8 of us to an auction. That is 6 Ovines and 2 HCs.
The First Auction
The flock were all too aware the word AUCTION could mean a variety of things. There are many auctions, that creatures such as us, would NEVER venture to, certainly not within Baaa'ing distance. HCs can be heard referring to those auctions as LIVESTOCK AUCTIONS. FDH!!!! Why? Live=items which are living. Stock=a term which HCs use to refer to 'property'-property which they may EAT {Bovines, Swine~~~OVINES}. Or SELL, which is what occurs at a LIVESTOCK AUCTION. Ellis the Ram suggested we not mention auctions of this sort, as to not frighten the KOO during their first outing. So the auction selected to attend was simply of inanimate objects of numerous types. {HCs seem to throw out their own items, often items of no further use or useful at all. And then purchase other HC's items considered of no further use or useful at all. Seems a questionable thing but afterall, HCs?} We stayed for a bit of time while the HCs waved cards with
numbers on them. And then we all left with nothing. Strange? We think so.
The First Restaurant and First view of UMMMM's
Then we parked in front of a series of buildings which formed a circle around a road. The road formed a circle around a statue. We followed the HCs as they exited the car and entered one of the doors. Ovi and I knew immediately what sort of building we were in, a Restaurant. And joy and rapture, one of our favorite sorts of Restaurant-A BAKERY. Why is a Bakery our favorite? First, a bakery always smells lovely. Not the same sort of lovely as freshly mowed MLGV, but close. Second, because HCs tend to be happier in this sort of Restaurant as evidenced by their cries of delight and muffled ummmm's as they consume what is in a Bakery. And third and most important reason why we love Bakeries-no bovine, swine or OVINES are EVER on the menu. So while we roamed about the KOO asked questions and explored, the HCs selected items guaranteed to produce ummmmm's and sat down at a table. The 6 of us climbed atop the table, simply to provide "KOO orientation" and viewed the ummmm~ables.

The First Friend

So as the HC behind the counter served another HC, we climbed onto the counter to view that ummm~able and to visit. Everyone being 5 Ovines, Ovi remained on the table. The KOO were a bit concerned being in such close contact with a HC, they were just getting comfortable with our HC and Gobel. So they huddled together with their hind ends toward her. But immediately from the way she fussed over us, I knew she was one who GOT IT. And finally the KOO realized they had nothing to fear. As Lisa, our new friend ooh'd and ahh'd over us they asked if our HC would take a photograph with their FIRST FRIEND. Lisa is a very very very nice First Friend.

When we returned to the pasture all the flock gathered around asking questions which the KOO happily answered. Ellis nodded at Ovi and I while Esme came and told us how well we had done with our assignment. Exhausted we left the KOO and the rest of the flock and crawled into our bed/bowls.

Ovi the exhausted and Noah the sleepy Grey One

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