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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

byline*Noah~The Grey One
Much to my surprise, the morning after we arrived Esme informed me that I was to attend an Art Show in room 1207. 2 residents were displaying their works at a reception at 1030 that morning. I asked why we all were not attending. Esme explained that the invitation had really been for our HC and her MPU, and did not mention 'and guests'. Thus it seemed the Ovines need stay behind. But Esme suggested to Ellis that Art is something she enjoyed very much and thought Art might be a nice item to view for the entire flock. She suggested he request of our HC, to allow one or two Ovines to go also, in a basket of course as they may be assumed an accessory, carried by our HC. {ACCESSORY? Baa'd reference!} But I understood that approach may work as a ruse to allow us in. Ovi asked to go also and so the two of us climbed in our bed/bowls and once in a basket, the HC often carries with her, upstairs we all moved.
Frankly based on the attention we received from all the HCs, which numbered well over a dozen, no story was required to allow us in. Although if all 9 of us had appeared that may have changed the attitudes of the other guests.


What lovely paintings appeared here and there throughout the room. There were 2 artists displaying their efforts, Katie and Anna. Ovi and I made the round carefully viewing each framed piece. They were all colorful and showed great skill in creating beautiful views. But I immediately notice an omission. Only 1 of the paintings contained a pasture. Shouldn't all Art center around a pasture. But most disturbing was the total absence of OVINES!!!! Not a single Ovine appeared in any of the paintings!!! A few pieces lacking Ovines could be understood, sort of. But ALL LACKING OVINES.
So carefully I sought out the 2 artists who were both beautiful, gracious and talented women. {And they both GOT IT, Ovines I mean, so we were off to a good start}. But as I spoke to them of their lovely paintings, carefully alluding to the Ovine absence, it was obvious they lacked complete understanding of our importance. Well, there are times when acceptance is the only path available. As Ellis the Ram says, Open and appears that applies not just in the flock~~but everywhere.
So my review of this wonderful event is as follows. Both of these TALENTED women deserve high praise for their skill in use of color, content and form. All are TRULY wonderful paintings and would be a centerpiece admired by all, where ever they were placed. It was so difficult to decide which I believed was the BEST OF SHOW. So Ovi and I finally agreed since all were worthy of our pick the only option was to name the one with a PASTURE our BEST OF SHOW title.

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  1. Oh! What lovely photos and what a wonderful paintings! I also loved the new banner ... Mr. Sparkles is beside himself with excitement seeing he has "proper" siblings ...