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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Monday, March 21, 2011

MTF Ellis counsels the KOO
After the point at which Noah's post ended, Esme and I conferred as to what the next step for the KOO should be. Yes, EDUCATION was vital and it was underway. Every flock member got involved in EDUCATING the KOO on the ways in the flock. Every flock member answered questions, listened and supported our KOO. It was going to be a forever journey.
Esme always says, "every day we learn something, even if we don't realize it. And if you don't know what it was you learned then ask someone you spent your day with and they will help you find what you learned."
But we also could see that the dream which had been the mission of the KOO, having been the reason they thought they WERE, had been lost to them. We knew it wasn't lost but simply postponed. But to the KOO, we could see, it seemed gone. To go to the place called New Orleans, to be a parade of the Krewe Of Ovine, to find their dream~was gone.
Esme and I have learned many things during our days, but the sadness of the KOO was beyond our ability. After we sat quietly for a long long time Esme gasped and exclaimed "MTF." I was baffled. I mean I knew who the MTF was, but what did he have to do with the KOO. So Esme explained. "Didn't we ask Ellis, our MTF, what the meaning of this FWIF was? And didn't he explain that to find an answer to the FWIF he would need to meet with them? And wasn't our MTF the first to recognize the significance of the gold and green round plastic balls on a string? And didn't he ask where the PURPLE STRING WAS? And Ellis my companion~~aren't all the answers to those questions the same YES?"
That is why I value my companion Esme so very much. She understands when I do not. And she was absolutely right, as usual. The next step for the KOO was to visit our MTF, our Ellis the Original. And our HC had an appointment the next day. So we would take the KOO along. And perhaps our MTF could help the KOO with the sadness. Tell the KOO what we had been saying was true, the dream wasn't lost. And help us find the next step for the KOO.
And he did just that. He spoke to them for quite a while and I could just feel the sadness begin to disappear. And we could see the dream returning. Esme had the perfect solution. The next step? MTF thought it was time the KOO stopped hiding. They had already stopped hiding from the flock but it was time they learned about what was outside the flock. An Outing was next.
The EDUCATION continues,

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