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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

posted as **la** Flock {that's french!}
No, we haven't managed to pry the laptop from our HCs hands since that long ago day. The day we'd captured the FWIF. The day we created our last banner photo, yep-still there, showing the encircled 4 MDIs. Well, so much~much~much to tell. We will soon begin with the whole purple, green, gold thing and the FWIF. Then we will discuss geography. Then of todays outing. {Others in the flock also have things to say!!} But first, the FWIW. And the lessons we learned as we began to wrest the story from these 4 MDIs.
1. Education is very important
2. Patience is very important
3. Understanding is very important
Hm, yea that covers most of it.
But we are prepared whenever faced with new challenges, which often arrive as fellow creatures~ yes even Ovines. Whether that contact be with the flock in total or even one of us. Why are we prepared? Because our head of flock~~ELLIS THE RAM's guiding rule-OPEN AND ACCEPTING.
So tonight as our HC again, accompanied by her ear frying 'sailor speak', continues to hang pictures back on walls and wrest furniture to YET another place~POST WE WILL.
Oh Oh Oh, plus others have events to report of course our upcoming adventure to MALICE DOMESTIC {which M. Grau continues to say with a pitiful french accent}. M. Grau you ask? Tonight we will start by helping him to post on Meet the Ovines while others write of the events immediately after the capture, specifically-DURING THE INTERROGATION!


  1. My flock are so excited that you will be at Malice! Who is coming exactly? hugs from us all in Los Angeles!

  2. Well, we have yet to select those who will accompany Esme and I to this years honors. The last few years it has been Esme and I alone. We will select a few from the flock. But the KOO may require the event for further socialization. They have begun asking many questions concerning Mr Sparkles, when they heard he admired the 'jewels'. We were very pleased when we overheard them discussing the idea of sharing their jewels with him. But as you reported Mr Sparkles has been displaying signs of 'hissy fits' they are worried they may not get to meet him EVER. Thus a debate of if they wish to attend. Should you determine his behavior is worthy of joining you and your flock at Malice, our decision will be easier.