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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ellis the Ram's Photo Album
posted from Ellis the Ram's scrapbook
Didn't I say my CBFEJD has the knack for formal wear. Yes, Here I am, my first year at Malice Domestic. And all eyes were on me, well outside from all the authors, especially the ones who had been nominated for the AGATHA. Malice is where that particular award is given. Actually its where authors get nominated, voted, and awarded. Who needs the OSCARS....all the winners receive is a tiny little man with no eyes and body language that says 'don't get near ME', naked and thinking being gold makes it ACCEPTABLE, sits somewhere doing nothing and doesn't even dust itself. Now here, AGATHA! You get a TEAPOT! Brilliant....for a nice pot'a to start the day with or sooth you to sleep at night. It is warm and comforting when filled with hot water over steeping tea leaves in whatever form you wish~bag, in a implement full of holes, or tossed into the pot to swim around in the hot water.
But even if this lovely ceramic reflection of success isn't used for tea-it looks lovely and welcoming.
I'm honored to be an attendee, well-the companion of an attendee-my HC. AND its where I've had the jackpot luck of meeting wonderful people who have honored me with their friendship~of the HC variety. {Of course, they in turn have come to value the gift of Ovine Friendship, enough to adopt their own flocks}.
Oh, back to my Photo Album.....
CBFEJD~Elizabeth J. Duncan &
GFBFHD~Hannah Dennison
Now, I searched the album far and wide to find just the right photographs of my 2 author friends, but alas...........Obviously Photography is not my HC's strong suit! {This year we will monitor her pics every evening, delete and instruct her to retake-better!}. So here they are hard at work waiting the arrival of those HCs who wish to have their treasured volumes signed~by the very person who created them. Such fun, you can see the line, the loonngg line, behind Hannah so hope their hands were rested. If you look very closely, on Elizabeth's table, is a book with a pale green cover, her book. See it. Well, that is my fleece poking out from the side. HC=Photos NOT!
I've attended many book signings as my imposing presence is often required for crowd control duty, such as in 2008 for Maggie Sefton. My assistance, noted by both CBFEJD and GFBFHD, planted the idea of their Ovines assisting them also. I have a snap in my album of CBFEJD and her Ovine Eleanor at one of their book signings. And I'm certain if needed GFBFHD's Ovine treasure, young Emily the Lamb, is at the ready to stand guard. I have also attended other events at Malice such as sitting in on Panels. I would show you a photo of just that, but quality is unacceptable, Baaa'd focus.
I've grazed in the hospitality room interacting with attendees as well as listened intently at the New Authors Breakfast. The shot on the bottom is the day Elizabeth spoke on her first book IN THE COLD LIGHT OF MOURNING-you know, the one I'm BEHIND!
All in all we enjoy each and every moment spent with Old Friends, New Friends, and Soon to be Friends at Malice Domestic. So will end this little bit of Malice past with 2 more of my lovely memories. Oh and 1 of a rather stressful moment, when I was held by the NM aka Lucas aka OU, of CBFEJD. {I have since been repeatedly assured he is truly harmless and a fine, note his eyes! Nefarious!}

Ellis the Ram~Elizabeth J. Duncan~ Esme the Ewe/ NM aka Lucas aka OU Malice 2009~ Malice 2008 Maggie Sefton-Author of wonderful Cozy Mysteries about FLEECE! Naturally~ Cozy=Fleece! Malice 2008

Photographically yours,
Ellis the Ram


  1. These are wonderful photos and a fine tribute to all of us. You are creating buzz and excitement in the run up to Malice. Perhaps I will go through my photos and do a similar blog. One thing, though, and I've told you this before, young Ellis -- no saying nasty things about Susan. She's a wonderful photographer.

  2. She has good intentions.....what did I read about highways paved with good intentions? Must ask Noah.....he's up on those things.
    Thank you CBFEJD, flock BBB you are reading their blog. {I didn't tell the I'd been sending email nudges Shhhh!}

  3. Oh!!! I just LOVE LOVE these photographs!! They are wonderful Susan. I will be bringing my little flock this year to Malice --- and Elizabeth and I will be on a panel together ---- I do so enjoy your blog.