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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

posted by Piper, OOC
What a busy few days here in the pasture.......our HC informed us last week that the sides of our pasture were to be painted? Pasture=Painted? Then we realized that she was referring to the place in which our Pasture is located....HER walls were being painted. Fortunately not all in one day but over several as it requires much moving of items, removing of items, securing of items......followed by moving of items, inserting of items, replacing of items. All tasks completely unsuited to Ovines, so we thought NOT OUR CONCERN as we are hot on the trail of the FWIF. Unfortunately we began to realize that we Ovines seemed to be among the ITEMS mentioned above. Our Ellis and HC conferred and it was decided we would move to a chair in a room to be painted last where we would be safe for the few days.
When Ellis returned to inform us of our 'move', Noah suggested a rather clever plan. {Wish I had thought of it myself}. Noah proposed Ellis should enlist the assistance of our HC in this plan. So back Ellis went and shortly we heard our HC and Ellis Baa-Ha Ha'ing. Ellis returned and loudly told us we would ALL be moving to a cozy blue chair in the living room due to 'very dangerous' work about to begin in our HCs living area. We all bleated and baa'd on cue with questions of why?
Because he loudly stated, a man would be arriving with 'paint', which should not be trifled with, due to potential hazardous contents of some of the material. So we should station ourselves away from where this man and his paint would be working. Plus, again loudly, should there be an accident during this 'work' and this paint spill, it could splash over anything nearby. And this paint might be very hard to remove from things like FLEECE. So to avoid this we must go to the chair. Callopie, getting into the fun of the plan, baaa'd out "What if the paint does get on our fleece, can't it be washed off?" After a moment of thought Ellis loudly said "No-all the fleece would have to be SHEARED!"
And the flock responded with bleats of FDH.
The stage was set. Ellis called out throughout the rooms that all Ovines need report to the cozy blue chair on the far side of the living room. So we all gathered on the chair while our HC covered us with a curtain removed from the dining room. She leaned over and winked and went back to dealing with items. And we waited.....and waited......and waited.
You may be asking what we were waiting FOR. Noah's plan to work, of course. Having hunted for several days near and far~high and low for the FWIF-with no success. Noah suggested that if all the dangers which may result from painting, and our HC and Ellis making it known that the only safe place for the Ovines would be the cozy blue chair..............perhaps the FWIF may be frightened enough to attempt to sneak onto the chair. Knowing they had evaded all attempts to locate them, Noah believed the FWIF WOULD sneak onto the cozy blue chair. And would never consider being caught. So we waited.....and waited......and waited. Was the plan a success? Here is the proof!!!


20th of February was Sunday so whatever was to happen time was slipping away for the Purple/Green/Gold? As seen in our last photo we quickly corralled these 4 Ovines between us. When they declared their wish to escape we reminded them of the man and his paint and they stopped attempting to run off. Not that we trust them to remain if we don't confine them to the cozy blue chair with us. And by the time the man and his paint have left, all our questions may be answered.
We will discover just what all this sneaking about and purple, green and gold means.
For the flock resting safely on the cozy blue chair in the living room, sleep well. We plan too!
Piper, OOC

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