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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, February 25, 2011

{Happy Flock Bouncing Bouncing Bouncing}
posted by Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe
Do you believe it? It is almost time for Esme and I to prepare for our annual sojourn with all our HCFs and Ovine friends at Malice Domestic. In case someone is unfamiliar, we will explain all about this Malice Domestic. Or in our typical acronym mode~MD XXIII. {For any who may fondly recall times past? This MD is not the acronym for the toxic alcoholic beverage which was the drink of choice for many as it was CHEAP. Which by default meant LOW QUALITY} I digress.
A wonderful gathering of authors, readers/fans, and those professionals who deal with the bits and pieces of authors getting their works to the readers/fans. Our HC and MPU began attending several years back and absolutely love every minute of the weekend. In 2008 it was my turn to attend, my=Ellis the Ram. Of course. As head of flock both my duty and privilege. It was wonderful. And I met so many lovely people who interacted with me as ones who GET IT.
That was the year Elizabeth J. Duncan and I met. Actually she stopped my HC and spoke directly to me. I knew she was the right sort as she immediately commented on how perceptive I was, she knew that, she said, simply by my eyes. We have been friends since through many adventures. Alas, she has been so busy our correspondence has trickled off but it doesn't change our friendship. Next morning, as we nattered away, she asked my HC if I was going to the banquet. {I HADN'T BEEN ASKED} HC said I had nothing appropriate to wear to such an event and friend Elizabeth quickly offered to provide 'formal attire'. Next post I will have photos of 2008 MD where you will easily note, CBFEJD has great fashion sense. A wonderful time, not only the Banquet but the entire weekend.
The next year having noticed Esme in my of my pics, shared with Elizabeth, an invitation was extended to include Esme. Imagine, Elizabeth brought lovely fleece clips for Esme to wear to the banquet. That year we met our GFBFHD, Hannah. She also 'gets it' and it was like we'd always known each other. Hannah is extremely funny and very gracious. She began corresponding with us also but alas is often so busy we have long spells without hearing from her. But she always writes eventually and that is all that matters to us. Most importantly, it is all due to GFBFHD that this blog exists and for that alone we are eternally grateful.
We are HFBBB because it will soon be time to leave our pasture and journey to the convention. This year in Bethesda Maryland, which we've learned is not far away. Nevertheless we will be 'sleeping over' as in past years. Our HFBBB is due to our HC finally making our reservation for 'sleeping over' accommodations!!!!! And this year due to GFBFHD's plan to bring her entire flock we plan to select a few of our flock to accompany us also. And we certainly hope CBFEJD will bring members of her flock also !
I realize this is a slight detour from our interrogation of the 4 MDIs but fear not, the flock is fleece deep in that investigation and Flock on the Trail updates will detail it all.
Our Post minus 'titles and such' in red and black? Those are MD colors. Which we will be sporting at the banquet as will our HC and MPU.
For the Flock,
Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe

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  1. Yes, I well remember meeting Ellis and his HC at the 2008 Malice. I had just had some happy news so was feeling particularly cheerful when I walked into a room saw Ellis. I realized at once that he was a unique force for good and honesty. I was honoured when he seemed to like me, too. We had a most enjoyable time getting to know his HC, too. I seem to recall there was a peculiar incident at the banquet when a young lad pretended to make off with Ellis, giving him quite a fright. But it was a harmless prank. This year I will be bringing Eleanor and Duncan who has been staying with us for over a year for a bit of rehab. He will be returned to his own flock. We are looking forward to seeing you all again. We will all be baaaaack together before we know it!