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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In the midst of Piper and his VDD issue, The Mache Triplets story, Noah's campaign update and so many other happenings around the pasture.....a letter arrived today. This letter alone wouldn't prompt us to respond by a blog post. But this weekend at Malice Domestic, much as has happened numerous times and places over the years, we were asked about adopting an Ovine. Sometimes the request comes as a result of one of us catching the eye of some HC. Which is what happened last weekend at Malice Domestic. When Danielle, whose picture we posted a few days back, met Marty Grau and the KOO. Apri Cot and Danielle, Apri tucked in Danielle's shirt in the photo, had instant 'get it' between them. After spending the weekend together she adopted Apri Cot who went home to live in Virginia in Danielle's pasture. {Fortunately adoption paperwork and transportation was arranged}. We miss her but so pleased they found each other.
Several other HCs asked our HC if one could be 'found' for them. But the rest of us didn't wish to relocate so they left Ovine-less.
Then in the mail today a letter, addressing the very same thing.
Dear Ellis and The Flock, I have a pasture but its empty? How do I set about growing a flock? Ovine~less and Lonely
So naturally I responded immediately...... Dear Ovine~less and Lonely, Well, lets review the requirements to 'grow a flock'. A pasture~You Have One- check! An Open and Accepting heart~You obviously have both-check! It sounds to me like you are lacking only one thing, an Ovine. may even already have an Ovine but may not realize where they are hiding. Look around your home. Look around your neighborhood or go beyond. Ovines really are everywhere. You just have to send out welcoming thoughts and you will be amazed what will happen. But after checking about or if you simply wish to adopt from other sources, we can help. Our HC, her friends, and all of us in the flock are always seeing Ovines in need of a pasture. Or perhaps in need of a change. Or simply looking for adventure and travel. Or the most important need of all, a place where OPEN AND ACCEPTING always exists and love and care are always available. And if we hear someone is seeking an Ovine with special coloring, temperament or specific qualifications or skills~~we will find that Ovine and send them on their way. So we are so pleased you sent us this letter asking for help. Today the flock has decided to open a page on our blog with pictures of Ovines seeking a pasture. And details on the adoption paperwork and travel arrangements to complete the relocation/adoption of each. In addition, details of the means to request an Ovine with specific qualifications and qualities. If you can't locate any Ovines in need of a pasture in your area, contact us by means detailed on the page. Thank you for opening your pasture and your heart. Best Wishes from THE FLOCK, Ellis The Ram
So we have decided to add a page to VIEWS FROM THE PASTURE, Adopt an Ovine Program page. Should an Ovine seek adoption or a HC is seeking to adopt an Ovine........the page can help.
The Flock,

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