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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, May 6, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram
My first task, per Esme, was comforting our Daniel, who it appears had been sitting in front of the computer looking at Malice Posts. But when he had come to the photo of Duncan and Dennison he went no further. And Esme said, there he had been for several hours. Not a Baa or a Bleat, just looking at the photo of his brothers. They had now been separated for over 2 years, which at first we had anticipated to be an absence of, at most, a few months......Perhaps the best way to explain the Mache Triplets was the letter I sent with the other 2 triplets, Duncan and Dennison. The letter which explained it all and accompanied them to our CBF, Elizabeth and Eleanor and our GFBFHD, Hannah and Emily~we post below...
Our Dear Human Friends Hannah and Elizabeth, Oh and of course, our Ovine Friends~ Emily and Eleanor,
We find ourselves dealing with a potentially disruptive force within our flock. Recently our HC Susan found, in an antique market at the very back and no doubt due to the issue we are now facing, 3 new young Ovines. She brought them home. They refer to themselves as the Mache Triplets, due to their resemblance in structure to paper mache. Well, 2 of them use the term Mache Triplets, the 3rd has become increasingly withdrawn.
We will explain...Yes, they are triplets. And one would think bonded together genetically. But this bond seems to have developed a 'crevice'. The 1st and 2nd of the triplets are extremely close, rather more like twins. But for some bizarre reason the 2 seem to shun the 3rd triplet. Why? We aren't privy to why. It is just blatantly obvious and the 'crevice' is getting wider every day.
A few examples. 1 and 2 do everything together. Eat~Sleep~Frolic. The 3rd is always left out, although he will stand quietly near. Painful to watch. When they move about the flock he always walks behind them and if they engage in chat with others in the flock they block him out,. Or interrupt when he attempts to speak or degrade what he is able to utter. {The flock has come to avoid 1 and 2 but feel badly and wish to include 3. But he simply follows his brothers about}. When we asked what their names were the very first day~the first piped up with 'DUNCAN' and the second quickly added 'I'M DENNISON'. {They hadn't had time to interact with the flock so how they chose the names of you, our friends, baffles us}. We waited for the third to tell us his name but instead the first and second bgan shouting
.......DUMMY.......DUMPSTER........DUFFUS.......DEADHEAD......DENSELY..... Well, I quickly stopped that nonsense. Then, I kindly asked the third directly what his name might be. Finally he stammered D.....D......D.....ah DUH. At which point the 2 broke out in a huge Baa'ha and Duncan yelled "Yea, that his name....DUH!". The poor thing hung his head and mumbled, "Yes, Duh will be fine".
We, Esme and I, do NOT THINK THAT IS FINE. We think it is not fine at all. What we have here is a full blown case of bullying. And we must put an end to it and very soon. Well~~IMMEDIATELY. Obviously, these 3 brothers belong together and we think D, 'D' is how we will refer to our precious 3rd triplet for now, really does need his brothers. But no doubt being introverted by nature and the bullying he is being subjected too by his brothers is crushing his spirit. And as the older and kinder ovines, we feel D doesn't have the requisite skill set to stand up for himself. Therefore to become all he is capable of being. So after much discussion and thought, Esme and I have decided to seek your help. Well frankly we aren't asking you at all. We are acting upon our decision.
Therefore we are sending this letter along with Duncan and Dennison, to explain the problem and what we wish you to do to assist with this sadly dysfunctional behavior.
We have decided that we need to separate the Mache Triplets for a short while, if they are to flourish and live in our flock, or in any flock. And this doesn't simply mean separating D from Duncan and Dennison. We feel Duncan and Dennison also need to be apart, in order to correct their inappropriate behaviors. So with that idea in mind and due to the strange incidence of what they 'claim' are their names......we are sending to each to their namesakes, Elizabeth DUNCAN and Hannah DENNISON.
While we work on D's low self esteem and build his confidence, we wish you both to take your namesakes in hand. While we provide the positive and full support for D, we hope you can put your fertile and inventive brains toward breaking down the rather 'too high opinions' these 2 have of themselves. Teaching them the value of working together, proper flock etiquette and positive family interactions, all traits which are based on respect. Knowing you both are busy with jobs, writing and family, we know Eleanor and Emily can tackle the hands on day to day work, based of course, on your guidelines.
It may sound harsh, but we believe that 'tough love' is the only hope for these 2 bullying brothers and the only hope for our D is acceptance and love from all of us in the flock. We think a little over a month should do the trick for all 3. So as Malice Domestic is about a month from now, perhaps Duncan and Dennison can accompany Eleanor and Emily when they travel to Malice with you both.
After such rigorous personnel work on themselves the triplets will have earned a holiday at this elite and fun conference. The triplets being in the company of the 'E' quads of Au Gres at ~Ellis/Esme/Eleanor/Emily ~ while at Malice Domestic can also monitor their behavior to ensure they are all 'with the program'.
Our faith in the 4 of you is well founded and together we feel a wonderful and mature new Mache Triplets will enhance our flock and yours.
Well, unfortunately the month became a year. At which point we all agreed a year hadn't resolved the problem. So Duncan and Dennison returned to Canada and California. D had really progressed extremely well remained with us, although the test would be when the Mache Triplets found themselves together again. Hopeful again, this year Malice arrived. Duncan had made a complete change and was ready and anxious to return home. But Dennison seemed to have reverted the last month prior to Malice and had been giving our Hannah and Emily a great deal of difficulty. Sadly it was decided Dennison was still incapable of joining his brothers at home. D, who now has declared his name to be DANIEL, was heartbroken but resolute. He had worked very hard on himself. And after 2 years Duncan proved he had also worked very hard on himself. But not Dennison.
But an idea? We conferred with our HC, Daniel and Duncan, and Hannah and Emily.....and a new and final plan was developed. Duncan would accompany Dennison back to California with our confidence that Duncan would maintain his new Open and Accepting frame of mind. Perhaps this would be what Dennison needed at last. But now here was our Daniel. Sadly sitting in front of the computer looking at his brothers. Esme and I will need to discuss what is next for our Daniel and ultimately, the MACHE TRIPLETS.
In support and hope,
Ellis the Ram

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