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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

posted by Ellis and Daniel

After a lengthy discussion with Esme, I went to speak with our Daniel. The photo of Duncan and Dennison, stared at so long by Daniel, had been closed. So I began our conversation with questions about any happenings in the pasture, while some of us attended Malice. He answered, but without much enthusiasm..... Esme was right, it was clear we didn't need to wait til Duncan and Dennison were reunited with their brother back in the flock. Daniel needed to take the test to his brothers.
And really that had been our hope all along. Yes, Duncan and Dennison needed to adjust their negative behaviors of bullying and belittling their brother. Because if that didn't happen the behavior would be part of every interaction with every creature they came in contact with, in or out of a pasture.
But the real measure of success for the Mache Triplets lay with Daniel. So the time had come for us to allow our precious Daniel to face the challenge of his brothers. Whether or not Duncan and Dennison would chose to alter their bullying ways, it was up to Daniel to handle whatever he encountered. How would the story turn out. Would it end with the Mache Triplets being the brothers we wished? Or would they go back to shunning our Daniel? And whatever way they behaved how would Daniel react?

So, with serious concerns..... I finally put the question to Daniel. "Daniel.....would you like to travel to California and join your brothers in the Dennison pasture?" Daniel was silent for a bit and then with more confidence then he has EVER displayed, he answered the question.
"Yes...I would very very VERY much enjoy traveling to California. I miss my brothers so much. Although, I'm not certain if they have even thought about or missed me in the last 2 years, that isn't important. I miss them. So, what is important is that I see them again. If they treat me as brothers should, that will be great. And if they chose to behave as they always have, well there is nothing I can do about that. EXCEPT, to finally say to them that I am 1/3rd of the Mache Triplets. I am equal to either of them, not 'more than ' or 'less than'. If they wish and chose to treat me as an equal and with the same respect and love I have for them, GREAT."
"And if they try to test me with their old ways they will NOT find the same brother of 2 years ago. Based on all the love everyone in the" flock has given me I can now stand up for myself. And Duncan or Dennison....or anyone else will never take that away from me".
And with that Daniel went to say See you later, to all his playmates in the flock. I watched him first go to the side of the pasture where he sleeps. To his friends Woodrow and MetalHead he explained where he was going but that he would be back. Even Fuzzie, who was in the corner admiring himself in the mirror turned his head to listen.
Next he spoke to his best friend, Bobble as they stood side by side. Bobble seemed very pleased to hear Daniel was ready to take a chance by traveling alone. Knowing what he would do in California made Bobble bounce his head up and down. I think Daniel actually seemed taller when he told Bobble "I'll be back soon, so save my sleeping spot, right next to you."
"What about your brothers, when you all return won't you want to sleep together?"
"You are my best friend Bobble. This is where I will be sleeping, next to you. Duncan and Dennison can sleep on my other side, if they wish. If all of you allow it."
At that, all the Ovines in the pasture could be heard Baa'ha'haing with lots of Atta Boy Daniel and You Rock!
Finally over to the last of his playmates. Quilty and her boy were laying down but not sleeping, Gobbell and 1 Bag Full all listened as Daniel again explained where he would be.
As they all wished him a safe journey and quick return Daniel returned to where I sat. "Ready?" I asked.
Daniel quickly replied "I WAS BORN READY." {I must speak to Esme about what they are watching on TV. I couldn't recall where I heard I was born ready, but I was certain it was on the TV in some movie or other. Oh well, at least no foul language.....yet?}
Hm.....wonder if I should let Hannah, Emily, Mr Sparkles, Noah, Duncan and Dennison that Daniel is on his way? Maybe I'll just see if she reads it here before Daniel arrives. {Baa Ha Ha Ha Ha}
Still smiling, ELLIS THE RAM

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  1. We are SO excited that Daniel is on his way to California! Duncan and Dennison are beside themselves and have already planned many activities. The Caifornian "flock" are growing ... but Mr. Sparkles did want to mention that he was hoping the Mache Triplets were going to pitch in with regards to Noah's campaign?
    Can't WAIT!