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Thursday, May 12, 2011

October until Halloween
posted by Esme the Ewe
Having discovered a knitted vegetable to replace Piper's Eggplant, we managed to interest him in the Pumpkin. Mostly by speaking of the importance of such a vegetable during the season of autumn. Piper was reluctant but slowly began to attend to the Pumpkin. But it was obvious that the relationship between Piper and the Pumpkin was nothing like Piper had felt for his Eggplant. We all knew we must work very hard to find a solution as once the autumn had passed things would return to our Piper laying about the pasture doing nothing.

So, explaining that in preparation for Halloween, Ellis had planned an Adventure. And Piper and his Pumpkin was chosen, among a select few others, to go on the Adventure. Piper at first donned his green sweater as a chill of autumn was in the air. Our HC helped knowing of the pain the loss of her...or rather Piper's....Eggplant. She found a fleece bag she had made in black and orange wool. As she had also made the Pumpkin, and of course the EGGPLANT, she knew the bag would be perfect. Perfect for Halloween. Perfect to carry the Pumpkin. Perfect to place a lovely Jack-O-Lantern to its front. And all would loop PERFECTLY over our Piper's arm. She whispered into my ear "perhaps this will prevent the Pumpkin getting lost also". {Despite Ellis's pithy comments at times regarding our HC we all know at she can be clever......sometimes!}.

With that we all settled in the vehicle, put on our seat belts and went on our Adventure. You see, this Adventure was in celebration of a rather special event, at least special to the HC's in our pasture. It was the weekend of our HC's entry into the world, her birthday. And she was becoming 56 years of age. {At times we are surprised she gets up in the morning due to all the groans we hear}. So the Adventure was to honor the event.

We visited the ocean and sunned on the Boardwalk.

We all had wonderful sill sitting time together.

And a knock at the door soon after we settled in our room produced a lovely rolling table. I encouraged our Piper to take his Pumpkin and join Himhe and Ovi to have their photo taken next to a chocolate coated chocolate cheesecake topped with lovely strawberries. A lovely card from the hotel wishing our HC a Happy Birthday was on the table along with water and a nice glass of fresh milk, which is our HCs BEVERAGE OF CHOICE when chocolate dessert appears.

I kept to the background encouraging our Piper to enjoy the Adventure. the time the rolling table arrived I could see Piper and the Pumpkin were growing apart. With a bit of sorrow I also noted since the boardwalk and sill sitting time Piper also seemed to be distancing himself from Ovi and Himhe.

I would need to relate all this to Ellis when we returned the next day,

From the October Adventure,

Esme the Ewe

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