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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

posted by Bobble H. Ovine

FINALLY! Word from our GFBFHD, advising the flock that our Daniel is safe in the Dennison Pasture. I have been very worried about my best friend. Oh, me? I'm Bobble H. Ovine, but Daniel calls me Bobble, which is fine by me. Guess now that Esme assigned me to post the news I will soon be tasked to post about myself on MEET THE OVINES. But in the meantime there is the really IMPORTANT NEWS. Daniel and his bed~bowl arrived safely in California. Our Hannah had been doing 'author' stuff in North Carolina but arriving home quickly informed us of Daniel. {Hope Hannah didn't return with some of that southern accent. I can't imagine what an British way of speaking accent wise combined with a southern drawl may sound like?}

We received 2 photos from Hannah to verify her news so we share one with all of you. Daniel, of course, is safe in his bed~bowl beside which the other 2 Mache Triplets stand. I couldn't tell which was Duncan and which was Dennison.

I had met the Mache Triplets when they first arrived but once I observed the way they treated Daniel I just kept my distance. And for that I am so VERY sorry. I haven't really told Daniel how horrible I feel that I didn't do the RIGHT thing. By that I mean, I didn't help Daniel. I didn't speak up when his brothers bullied him. I mean, I have never bullied ANYONE. But over the last 2 years, while Duncan and Dennison have been learning about how their behavior hurts others and worked to change their ways, I have also been learning that it is just as bad to stand by and watch as someone is bullied. When Daniel comes home I will apologize and because I have learned how wrong it was to not try to stop the bullying.......I will never stand by silent again.

Opps, think I was just suppose to announce that Daniel has arrived safely. And he has.

For my bestest friend in the world~Daniel,


  1. Checking in from Los Angeles here, the triplets are having SO much fun. My daughter arrived from the UK last night and we're planning on taking them on an adventure today .... I will send photos .....

  2. GFBFHD, That sounds like great fun and with an 'international' flavor of a visitor a very education event also. We only hope that all the boys will be on their best pasture behavior, listen and abide by all the rules of the Adventure and stay together. We certainly hope pictures will feature all 5 of you in various groups even if Daniel has to man the camera at times. Our HC has taught him proper use of such a device although he often has difficulty both viewing the shot then climbing up to push the button. During the climbing process the device tends to shift so he ends up with a photo of...well not what was intended.

    As we are aiming for the international vote as well, as the Easter event is celebrated other places then the US-not sure if that RR has a passport and part of others holiday. So having an endorsement from the UK would be lovely. If your OU supports our candidate, perhaps a photo endorsement for Noah?

    Have Bleating good fun today,
    Ellis the Ram and the entire flock