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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ellis the Ram takes Piper aka Eggplant to Ellis the Original
posted upon return by Ellis the Ram
As Esme had requested I immediately went in search of our HC who regularly saw our MTF, Ellis the therapist. {For which we are eternally grateful!!!} When I told her of Piper's disappearance~into an Eggplant, she seemed puzzled. "Eggplant? Are you sure he isn't teasing you? He had asked me to help him make an Eggplant costume for last nights Trick or Treat, that's all. Its just a costume." Again I explained to her that since Piper had lost the Eggplant, the one she had made long ago, he had become increasingly withdrawn. As she still stood there looking puzzled I must admit I began to get annoyed. Finally, and it just came out I swear it did, I fussed in a raised voice at her saying, "If you hadn't made and then allowed Piper to find that silly knitted Eggplant to begin with, then let him carry it around, Then take it with him that day when he lost it, THEN helped him secretly make that costume~~~~Maybe I wouldn't be here having to convince you our Piper is in need of Ellis the Original HELP!" She just stood there with that typical 'Who ME?' look on her face......but finally shrugged and said "OK, I'll call Ellis and see when he can see Piper or Eggplant....What am I supposed to call him now anyway?" {I turned and went back to the pasture to wait for her to call, muttering inappropriate Baa'^%$s and Bleat*&(^s the entire way}.

But a short while later my HC came to the pasture and said that MTF Ellis had free time the next morning, actually right before her appointment. I immediately told her we would be waiting at the gate at the designated departure time. And Piper aka Eggplant and I soon arrived at the office of our MTF Ellis the Original. Piper aka Eggplant climbed into a seat across the room from where HC and I were seated. And we waited to be called.

And we waited....... And we waited.......until finally MTF's door opened and he called out "Ellis the Ram?" I hopped off the chair and bounced over to him where we had a whispered conversation and I detailed the situation with Piper or Eggplant. Fortunately unlike our HC, no puzzled look and no further questions.......Ellis winked at me and stood up calling out "EGGPLANT? Please come on into my office." Piper aka Eggplant hopped of his chair and followed our MTF into the office and the door shut behind them. {I had asked our MTF that although he couldn't reveal the actual conversation without permission perhaps photos would ease the minds back at the flock}. I did see Piper aka Eggplant hop onto a couch, where I have sat myself a few times in support of my HC. With a deep sigh I returned to my seat next to my HC and we waited. About an hour later the door opened and MTF and 'whoever' exited the office. MTF walked over to my HC and I, he smiled and nodded at us and handed us an envelope. Saying his 'client' had given permission for us to know all about the visit and the results. And if we had any further questions he was always happy to see us or speak to us on a phone. Ellis the Original then asked after Esme and everyone in the flock. Then he and my HC went into the office and closed the door for their appointment. Piper aka Eggplant hopped up into a seat, this time next to me and actually spoke to me. "Good Morning Ellis and I'm sorry I worried everyone. I didn't realize how badly the loss of my friend, my Eggplant, effected me." I asked him if he felt better and he said, a little better. "Are you going to take your costume off? And is it alright if we still call you Piper?" Quiet for a moment he said "Yes of course my name is Piper, I understand that. And.....I will take my costume off.....soon.....or a bit later. Ellis said I could wear it a bit longer if I wished, maybe tonight take the top off my head, then maybe down to my middle........I will take it all the way off........soon." "Sounds good to me Piper" I said. "Whenever you want to do those things is fine. And you know we all love you." Finally, the first smile from our a long time began to peek through. I opened the envelope and inside were 2 photos of Piper's time in the office with Ellis and a folded piece of paper. I would save the paper for later when back in the pasture with Esme. But the photos made me feel good. On the back of each MTF had written words. They were: I listened very quietly and carefully while the young Ovine told me of his sorrow over the loss of his friend. After that I asked many questions which he answered honestly. My diagnosis and treatment plan is contained in my letter. When our HC emerged and we all said our goodbyes to our MTF we went home. Ellis the Ram

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