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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

We Just Thought It Was A Halloween Costume.....
posted by Ellis the Ram
After the birthday weekend adventure we returned to the pasture. Esme and I, Piper, Ovi and Himhe. It had been a fun time and Piper seemed happy enough when the flock asked about the adventure. But the Pumpkin which we had hoped may take the place of the Eggplant, Piper placed it with the Halloween decorations and never again carried it around. With only about a week til Trick or Treat all the younger ones in the flock baa'd day and night about costumes. Who would be going as a ghost, or a princess or even a cow. Piper didn't join in these discussions but every day seemed to go off into our HC's room. In there she keeps all the items she uses to knit and do other handwork type things. Sullivan reported that our HC and Piper had cleared a spot on a table and put a machine on it. They spent a great deal of time around the machine with scissors and thread and now and a humming sound could be heard. Once when Ovi went to watch and Piper asked Ovi if he would mind not watching them, as he was doing something special. When Ovi asked what it was Piper simply turned back to the machine where the HC was working and said-the flock would know on Trick or Treat night. Ovi reported all this including that the humming sound that seemed to belong to the machine on the table. Then the big night arrived, Trick or Treat night. Those in the flock who wished gathered together, all in their wonderful costumes. Himhe had a bunch of Dandelions on his head and said he was going as a weed patch. Ovi rolled in the mud then brushed it away in spots and said he was a Bovine, a cow. Sullivan was very clever and had found a bunch of sticks all around the pasture. Callopie helped him stick them into his fleece all over where the sticks stayed quite nicely. He said he was going as a pile of wood. As darkness arrived and we prepared to Trick or Treat we heard Piper yell "WAIT FOR ME".
We all turned around and there he was, dressed as an EGGPLANT. Although a bit taken aback quickly the flock erupted with Baa'rahs. And the flock unanimously decided that Piper had the best costume of all. With that we all Trick or Treated around the pasture. A short while later we returned. Ovi washed off the mud. Callopie, Esme and I helped Sullivan pull out all the pieces of wood and Himhe pulled the weeds out of his cap. But Piper didn't take off his Eggplant suit. When Ovi asked if he needed help to get it off Piper said "No, its very comfortable so I think I'll wear it for a while longer". As it was close to bedtime and had been a big night Esme and I sent the flock to bed. BUT, when morning came and bit by bit the flock woke up and gathered to begin seeking MLGV......there was Piper, still in his Eggplant costume. Hm? Esme suggested so as not to tear or dirty the costume perhaps Piper should take it off and put it away, maybe for next year. That was when we knew was definitely wrong. Piper asked "What costume?"

Esme and I just starred at each other. I asked Piper if he was teasing us. At that Piper said "Who is Piper?" Esme told him that was his name. "No, that isn't my name at all, I'm called Eggplant."

At that point Esme just said "ELLIS, I THINK IT IS TIME TO CALL ELLIS".

I'd ask our HC to take us to the next appointment.......

Ellis The Ram

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