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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time for Eggplant......ah Piper The Beginning
posted by Herzig
Perhaps I should have said that differently. Sounds like something a HC might make to eat....and eating this EGGPLANT would definitely result in fleece between the teeth and indigestion. Better I should have started the post with Time for Piper....and later the Eggplant. Yep, and that is where this began. Where did Piper come to the flock 'from'. For that go to Meet the Ovines and although 'where' isn't part of this issue it may explain how wonderful our Piper is to us.
But last fall the problem began. Piper, always quiet and reserved found an Eggplant. Actually he found a small knitted Eggplant which had been made by our HC a few years back. She had made several vegetables and fruits. There was a carrot, a banana and an orange. But frankly they all looked rather in they looked exactly like a knitted fruit or vegetable. Nice but not well, quite 'from the garden' so to speak. But the Eggplant. NOW that one was special. That one looked freshly picked and EXACTLY like an Eggplant. Piper found it and decided it was for him. So he grabbed it and from that day forward you never saw Piper without his Eggplant. They were inseparable. Until...........
One day the Eggplant was gone. We had gone on a small adventure and Piper had insisted his Eggplant go along. We put Piper and the Eggplant in a basket, the one they are in at the top of the post. But when we returned to the pasture and emptied the basket from the trip, no Eggplant. Piper had been in the well as a few items the HC carries. A wallet, a camera, a phone, some keys...Piper, but no Eggplant. Chaos erupted.
We looked all through the vehicle which had taken us on the Adventure, NOTHING.
We even persuaded our HC to go back to the places we had gone on the Adventure, NOTHING.
We went to the people who worked in the place we had gone on the Adventure,
We returned and explained to our Piper the Eggplant wasn't found. He was inconsolable. Hanging his head he said "the Eggplant was so special so someone must have seen it and decided they would like it to be their friend. They must have taken it home". With that Piper walked over to his sleeping spot in the pasture, laid down, and didn't move. That day or the next or the next. He didn't move about, he didn't speak to others in the flock, he didn't respond when spoken to, he didn't want any MLGV.
And that is when it started.
In hope my friend Piper goes back to being Piper,
Herzig, adopted with Piper and his friend

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