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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

Baaa'News~~~3 Ovine Plan on the knitted Eggplant~~~Himhe and Callopie STILL planning on live chat~~~A bit more worried as no news from Noah {or Noel}~~~Bobble H. Ovine has a project and is working at the other house ~~~KOO starting after school project for 2012 Krewe of Ovine float~~~BFSS aka Dee Vine still an issue!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Deep Baaa!
posted by ELLIS THE RAM

That is what Esme and I have had to do the last few days. So many clovers in the pasture, we finally realized the pasture was in chaos. Not that everyone wasn't busy~ doing campaign work, helping a friend, Marti Gras and the remaining KOO hard at their studies. Piper has been working very hard to keep conversing with the flock but we can tell he is still sad. Meanwhile his friend Herzig has convinced our HC to make a new knitted Eggplant. Trouble is she hasn't begun it yet and I fear Herzig is growing short tempered. Bobble H. Ovine seems to have a very special project he wants to start for his friend Daniel, who is summering with his brothers in California, The Mache Triplets seem finally to have become proper loving brothers. But word is, there
 is much upheaval in the Dennison Pasture due to a potential pasture relocation. And HC was informed that the pasture must be fumigated {I had to look it up and seems it involves getting rid of bugs or probably keeping the bugs away}. Plus the Dennison Pasture became a spot for many wooden living items which has made it quite 'dense' and difficult to roam.  We are wondering if that is why no word on the campaign Noah announced in April. Mr Sparkles and Noah were to go to California to plan the campaign and hopefully gather endorsements. Esme is a bit worried about Noah. She has begun to speculate that may have gotten seduced by the 'celebrities' as the Dennison Pasture is near Hollywood. Callopie and Himhe have been unable to get any answers with their research of their software issues so they have asked to use the computer to live chat with technicians who are reported to be very experienced and knowledgeable. We are scheduling that with our HC. No one has written requesting to Adopt an Ovine as of yet so Grace, who is such a sweet little lamb, is living in our Pasture. 

Then BFSS, oh yes she prefers to be called Dee Vine, hijacked the blog and engaged in Blatant Self Baaa'ing. Of all the issues that is the one completely unresolved. And despite my Open and Accepting rule even I am finding it difficult to be patient with her. I am all for publicly knocking her down a fence railing or two but Esme keeps stopping me. She says she is thinking very hard of what we can do to correct her 120% self absorbed behavior. I don't think even Ellis our MTF could keep a professional demeanor if he gave her a session or five to help her. That worries all of us. But we will find the way, {I think a rope tied at the far end of the pasture with BFSS attached to it would be a splendid beginning....but}. 

So with all that going on I've informed the entire flock that I will do all the posting until progress appears on all those issues. Plus, our HC has seemed very quiet lately and maybe a bit sad. I overheard her MPU tell her they are taking a 4 day Adventure to New Jersey on the 22nd. Plus she has a MTF appointment and also a trip to the Veterans Hospital to have a place on her skin checked. I told her if she would just grow fleece, those spots wouldn't appear since the sunlight couldn't penetrate it. We are always free of spot on our hides, she doesn't seem to want to grow fleece which baaaaffles me. Anyway I have told the flock that since we adopted her it is our responsibility to get her out of the 'quiet'. Wish us luck.

With Hope,
Ellis the Ram and the ENTIRE Flock

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