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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram
Yes, once upon a time our Piper was simply a normal ovine. He loved to play and 'hang about'. You could hear him baa'haaing and bleating about the pasture with his friends in the flock. But slowly we began to notice small changes in him. Finally we asked him why he seldom played in the pasture with the others. That was when we first heard him utter the word EGGPLANT. EGGPLANT we asked, "What EGGPLANT do you mean? Would you try to eat some EGGPLANT? There is some over in the garden which is over the fence by the pasture." Just by the look on his face we knew we had said something wrong. Had we asked the wrong question? APPARENTLY.......

It was then we met....... THE EGGPLANT. It seems that while the flock had been playing in a box of items which our HC had knit, with fiber, Piper found an EGGPLANT. And for some reason, known only to Piper it seemed, was immediately enthralled with this item. At first it seemed of no consequence. After all creatures of all sorts have treasures, treasures which only shine for them. Esme asked our HC if Piper could keep this Eggplant, at least until he tired of it and our HC said certainly. And a matter of fact she gladly would give it to Piper since he liked it so very much. Piper was THRILLED. And from that day forward Piper and his Eggplant were inseparable. Piper went no place without his Eggplant. Then one day while out on an Adventure with our HC Esme, Piper and I sat down to rest while shopping.
AND WHEN WE RETURNED HOME FROM THE ADVENTURE, NO EGGPLANT. Piper was devastated. To the place we sat we all MUST return and find the EGGPLANT. We informed our HC and she took Esme, Piper and myself and went to the place. They looked high and low, in trash cans, in corners and under the bench where we had rested. NO EGGPLANT. Our HC even went to the people who worked in the place the bench was and asked if they had found or even seen an EGGPLANT. {She returned mumbling something about these people must think her mentally deranged, asking about a missing fiber knitted EGGPLANT.~It was difficult not to blurt out "WHY? WOULD THEY NOTICE A DIFFERENCE IN YOU BEFORE THE LOST EGGPLANT AND AFTER ASKING OF THE LOST EGGPLANT?" Esme looked at me and I quickly realized that silence was safer}.
Needless to say Piper was grief stricken. Over the next few days Piper bleated less and less. Until finally nothing could produce a baa of any kind. We worried.
Our HC, noting the change in pasture morale appeared one day with a Pumpkin. A knitted fiber Pumpkin. As it was then October she suggested we give Piper the Pumpkin and maybe he would forget about his lost EGGPLANT. The Pumpkin would replace the EGGPLANT. I didn't have a lot of hope but we tried. The best way to say it, NOT PRETTY. Finally we told Piper that we had found this Pumpkin but no others. And it seemed so lost and lonely we didn't know what to do for it. Slowly Piper began to warm to it but we could see he still sorely missed his EGGPLANT. We hoped that by Halloween Piper would have bonded with this new knitted fiber vegetable and things would go back to normal.

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