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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

posted by Sullivan

We woke up with all in our usual spots, except Callopie, who as reported in "Overwhelmed", was missing. I had gone to Ellis and Esme yesterday morning to report my sister's absence, after first having searched the pasture thoroughly with no results. Ellis and Esme told me all would be OK and they would soon find my sister, but I was still scared. I've never woken up and found Callopie gone before and why would she be gone?

Ellis and Esme promised me it would turn our with Callopie safely home and very soon. I trust them......but my worry wouldn't leave. So I decided to keep looking. All day yesterday I looked. Under furniture, in closets, under the sink, nothing. I asked each member of the flock and then went back and asked them all again, nothing. I climbed up on window sills and looked behind curtains, nothing. I waited by the refrigerator door until my HC opened the door to get something out and I quickly crawled in before she shut the door. I looked on every shelf, under the cheese, down to the drawer where the fruit is stored, and flipped up the clear front of where the butter lay, nothing. Then I went down to the bottom shelf and very soon my HC opened the door to return an item to the refrigerator and I hopped out, nothing.

Still no sister. I wanted to call our "Callopie, are you hurt? Are you lost?" Nothing. And when the sun was gone I was so tired and so sad I didn't have anywhere else to search. And I was scared.

So I went to the cozy blue chair we had stayed while the painting man was working. But it wasn't empty. Sitting in the cozy blue chair was my HC's MPU, Polly. She was settling in for a while before going to resting place for the night and was sitting in her nightgown.

It was daunting to approach Polly as I knew she was resting before bed but finding Callopie was more important than my fears. So I looked up at her and asked "Have you seen my sister, Callopie?" Polly was so very nice and kind, she could see right away how worried I was. She leaned down and touched my head. "No" she said, "I'm afraid I haven't seen Callopie for, lets see..., since yesterday I believe. Isn't she in the pasture?" Then I told her about Callopie being gone and where I'd searched. Polly kindly agreed to keep an eye open and should she find my sister, or any hint of her, she would immediately call out for all to hear. I thanked her. It was then I noticed a big red............tea~pot?. It was sitting on a little stool next to Polly. I asked her what it was and she confirmed, yes it was a teapot. It was red, Callopie's favorite color. I asked what a big red teapot was doing sitting on the stool. Polly explained it was a bag HCs sometimes carry with important things and she had found it at Malice Domestic.

BOOM! Malice Domestic, a place Callopie wanted terribly to go. I told Polly it was very nice and turned to do a bit more searching before bedtime. I was getting very tired. I could hear Polly say goodnight to me as I walked away. Where was Callopie?

When I got to our bedtime place and the flock were settling down I told Noah, Ovi and 2 of the Magnet gang about my day. Just as I was falling asleep I said "Oh, yea. There was this big red teapot bag which our HCs MPU got at Malice Domestic. We all settled in to sleep, I just hoped when I woke in the next morning, Callopie would be in her spot, I miss her.

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