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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, April 8, 2011

posted by Noah The Grey One for Sullivan

Sometime during the night I heard a noise but went right back to sleep. Mostly because it was just one sound and it didn't seem to wake up others in the flock. But in the morning as one by one we woke and greeted each other~there it was, a RED TEA POT? Sullivan was still asleep, due to his previous day being extremely tiring. Between his searching throughout the day for his sister, climbing up then down the stairs, into each room calling her name and poking about everywhere to check for her, he was exhausted. Plus he had started to sniffle a bit, probably due to the time he spent in the refrigerator searching and then having to wait til a HC reopened the door so he could exit.

But the rest of us immediately saw the RED TEA POT ! Slowly a few of us gathered about Sullivan and the RED TEA POT and nudged our friend Sullivan awake. Our first question was where did it come from and why was it in that spot, right next to Sullivan? After Sullivan chased the sleep out, he told us it was the same RED TEA POT he saw when he spoke with Polly to see if she knew where Callopie might be. And he told us it had been brought back from a Malice Domestic a few years before 'the flock'. Even before Ellis the Ram. Well, that meant the RED TEA POT was really really OLD.

We all discussed its strange appearance and most importantly why it was in THAT SPOT. Right next to Sullivan. Close to where Callopie normally slept? Odd, we all agreed. It was then we heard the muffled bleats and realized that this RED TEA POT was sitting on top of Fla'Lamb. Fortunately Fla'Lamb is already, well~FLAT, but it still couldn't be comfortable. Well, maybe for the RED TEA POT but certainly not for Fla'Lamb. We asked our flat friend if he wished us to fetch Ellis and Esme for help but after freeing his ear from under the RED TEA POT and to raising his head, he assured us that no, he was fine. Plus he said although the RED TEA POT was rather large it really wasn't heavy at all. Fla'Lamb explained he thought the RED TEA POT was empty, hollow. Which was a good thing as it was then we noticed 2 of the Magnet Gang had climbed to the upper part of the RED TEA POT.

Pepe and A. Fro~2 of the Magnet Gang climb the RED TEA POT

It was then A. Fro told us that the top seemed to be attached to the RED TEA POT, but only for a short distance. And both she and Pepe felt the RED TEA POT jiggle so they thought it was hollow. Ovi, Sullivan and I gathered around the bottom, Fla'Lamb underneath and now with Pepe and A. Fro climbing the RED TEA POT and insisting it was hollow, perhaps we could open it. That might make it easier to push it off of Fla'Lamb. So at least he would be able to move about.

So when A. Fro made it to the top of the RED TEA POT, we outlined our plan. Sullivan would move to the side with Ovi bracing him from behind and I directing the action from the front. First, using his nose, Sullivan would push open the top with help from Pepe and A. Fro. Ovi would then come from behind and climb over Sullivan to position himself along the open top, placing himself where it might add weight, to help lean it away. Then all 5 of use would push it off Fla'Lamb. It would take teamwork and cooperation but together we could achieve the results, to get the RED TEA POT off our Fla'Lamb.

As long as nothing unexpected interfered, Fla'Lamb would soon be free......we thought?

Noah, The Grey One

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