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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

posted by Malice Flock
We are ready for schmoozing!!!!!
Some of us were ready to go and waiting for the dawdlers, so we could get going for our morning downstairs. We were heading to the 'NEW AUTHORS' breakfast where each author would stand and introduce themselves and tell of us 'their book'. So exciting as authors from all over with fresh stories and fun new characters to meet. And we also wished to meet the authors and other HCs like ours who loved to read Cozy Mysteries.
Avery Ames and Turk
Early down to breakfast, we plopped into the first table where we schmoozed with new people and the author Avery Ames, whose Cheese Shop mystery series got us off to a great start. She was a very nice lady who spoke to each of us-obviously Avery Ames 'GETS IT'. The amazing thing is after being introduced to Marty Grau and the KOO she asked one of the KOO what its name was, and of course, the KOO hadn't selected any names yet. Avery simply declared looking at him and exclaimed TURK. So now its Marty Grau and Turk, and the KOO.
Danielle and Apri Cot
A nice lady at the table took an immediate fancy to another KOO who informed the lady, Danielle, that her name was Apri Cot due to her Apricot colored fleece. {Strange she never bothered to inform us of her name. Probably jealous 'Turk' had a name first}. Anyway, together they shared the day.
Tammy and Marty Grau alongside Jenn and Ovi
After breakfast we went to a few rooms enjoying the people and attending panels to listen to the authors. In the hallway we ran into 2 wonderful ladies who told us this was their FIRST time at Malice. This was very exciting as it was Ovi and Marty Grau's FIRST time at Malice. It was so nice to know we weren't alone or the only ones who were at their first Malice. Plus, we learned these 2 fine ladies were Veterans, like our HC. We were very honored when they agreed to have a photo taken with us. Aren't they nice?
Noah took over the next portion of the day. Since he hadn't found Mr Sparkles yet, he would approach a couple of our favorite authors. The first is a favorite because she is from Maine, the home of the heart of our HC. She was so nice and plans to ride a bike across Italy in a few weeks. Noah is certain she may be tied up with this event so doesn't ask for her endorsement of his candidacy, at this time. But once her Adventure is complete he may email her and ask if she would consider endorsing his candidacy. She writes wonderful mysteries where a real estate agent is the 'sleuth'. Our HC got #1 and #2 so we will soon get bedtime stories from Vicki Doudera's books, one chapter a night. Noah poses with Vicki Doudera

Now it was coming up to the noon hour so we would return to room #420 for a rest, but before that across the room we strolled, to visit an acquaintance of our HCs, from last years Malice. Sally Goldenbaum write mysteries around a subject very dear to our hearts. KNITTING, which is one of our HCs better skills. She gladly signed our HCs book so Noah quickly asked for an endorsement. With a great smile she agreed, HLB'ing...HLB'ing...HLB'ing. Noah had his first OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT FOR HIS ELECTION TO EASTER CREATURE 2012.

Sally Goldenbaum ENDORSES Noah for Easter Creature 2012

What a wonderful morning of schmoozing. What a wonderful group of HCs who all treated us very kindly. Who all appeared to 'get it'. The rest of the day may be Ex-traOvine busy but soon more photos from our first Malice Domestic.

The Flock

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