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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Strange Case of the RED TEA POT
report from Sullivan

To update you on my hunt for Callopie I will now relate how my last few days have been. A bit challenging...a bit dangerous....a bit disappointing. But I am pleased to report I discovered that I am really quite good at being a DETECTIVE. Except, I didn't 'close my case', I still haven't located my sister.

When last we posted we had almost opened the RED TEA POT but were busted by Esme. Noah, Ovi, Fla'Lamb and I began to plan our next attempt to open the lid of the RED TEA POT. But before we finalized our plan, an unexpected event....Ellis the Ram announced to Noah, that in recognition of his hard work with the KOO, he was taking him on a weekend Adventure, with our HC Susan and her MPU Polly.

It happened so fast, as the next morning as I woke, they were leaving. It was then I noticed a strange occurrence, the RED TEA POT seemed to be going with them. Well, not WITH them, it seemed to be following them. Careful not to let them notice its presence, THE RED TEA slowly began rolling along, a distance behind. This RED TEA POT had become a very important object and somehow I felt it might know something of my sister, Callopie. It was then I decided to follow also. And just as this RED TEA POT was doing, I would also keep my distance and avoid being seen. I needed to know what the RED TEA POT was doing, why the RED TEA POT was doing it, and what it knew about my sister, CALLOPIE. So as Ellis and Noah moved down the sidewalk...and the RED TEA POT rolled quietly behind them...I waited for my opportunity.

It soon came as Ellis and Noah were helped into the back seat of the car, and our HC opened the trunk of the car and returned indoors for travel items. With great difficulty the RED TEA POT managed to get into the trunk. It did this by hooking its handle over a piece of luggage sitting by the car waiting for our HC to lift it into the trunk. Hmmm, why not me also. So I hurried back to the house and climbed inside a suit bag which had not yet been zipped closed, climbed in and burrowed under clothing. Next thing I knew I was being carried and put down...then I heard the trunk shut. Soon after the car was turned on and I could feel us moving. I was on my way.

A while later I awoke and realized I was being carried along on a wheeled item of some sort. Ellis and Noah didn't seem to be with us but it was then I detected a sound. A sound very much like a badly mis~shapen ball, rolling away. Quietly, I unzipped the suit bag and seeing the RED TEA POT about to leave this room full of luggage, I hopped out of the suit bag and followed.

Carefully through doors, down passageways, around columns and across floors the RED TEA POT, with me behind, traveled til we came to an elevator. This I knew was going to be tricky. If I should get into the same elevator as the RED TEA POT I no doubt would be noticed. Observing the RED TEA POT, as it seemed to be eavesdropping on several groups of HCs, he finally rolled into an elevator. Waiting, like I've seen on old movies our HC watches, I noted the elevator went right to the 15th floor. Now the problem, how to follow in another elevator going to the 15th floor and quickly. Luck was with me and the very next group of HCs were speaking of going to the same floor. I scooted around their legs and waited as they filled the elevator and pushed the button. When the door opened I had to crouch very low by the door {L: Long Range View and R: Close Up} and there right in front of me was the RED TEA POT and it was rolling away. SO I FOLLOWED......

The RED TEA POT started down the corridor {L: Long Range View and R: Close up} and carefully I followed. The the real challenge was coming next. As the RED TEA POT reach door number 25. A cart, the very cart I hopped down from to follow the RED TEA POT, was coming out of door number 25. As that happened the RED TEA POT easily rolled through it. I was a bit behind so hurrying behind, I barely managed to get in.

Actually 'getting in' wasn't exactly what happened. I was halfway in when the door closed on me. But not a bleat or a baa I uttered. {And believe me with this heavy door pinning me again the door frame this was NO small accomplishment!!!} But luck was with me again as from across the room Ellis turned and saw me. So pretending he was checking the floor along the wall along the corridor, he 'pretended' not to see the RED TEA POT and made his way down to the door where I was trapped.
With great effort he managed to pry the door off of me, allowing me to free myself and placing himself where I had been trapped. I have never been so proud to be a member of my flock. Ellis 'our' Ram was the best HEAD OF FLOCK in the world. I began to fear his fate wedged in the door but he whispered not to worry as our HC was fetching 'ice' and would soon be back and when she opened the door he would come with her into the room.
Quite soon our HC returned with the ice and as soon as she pushed the door open I heard her say..."Why Ellis, whatever are you doing stuck in this door. Hopefully not setting a bad example for Noah? Get up on the coffee table with Noah, I don't want either of you to get hurt or lost." It was then she saw me and asked Ellis why she didn't know he was bringing Sullivan. Then she saw it.....THE RED TEA POT. Asking her mother why she had brought it along this weekend instead of to Malice the next weekend.....Polly said she had not packed it at all and had no idea how it came to be packed.

But I knew how the RED TEA POT came to be sitting with us on the coffee table~~~The real question was WHY?


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