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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

Baaa'News~~~3 Ovine Plan on the knitted Eggplant~~~Himhe and Callopie STILL planning on live chat~~~A bit more worried as no news from Noah {or Noel}~~~Bobble H. Ovine has a project and is working at the other house ~~~KOO starting after school project for 2012 Krewe of Ovine float~~~BFSS aka Dee Vine still an issue!

Friday, April 29, 2011

posted by Ellis the Ram & Esme the Ewe

The event dreamed of finally arrived, as did those of us in the flock. With our HC's MPU Polly, we settled into our terrific room and prepared to go downstairs to get ourselves checked in to Malice. A new bag full of books for our HCs {and once they are piled in TBR piles WE will take custody of the bag.} All of us decided it would be such fun to go when we wished and to events each thought interesting. But for Esme and myself our first priority was to find our great friends Hannah Dennison and Elizabeth Duncan. Authors EXTRAORDINAIRE! Duncan of the Mache Triplets would be arriving from Canada with CBF Elizabeth. We were assured his 'anti bullying' training has gone well and perhaps he would be rejoining the pasture in Pennsylvania. Also Dennison of the Mache Triplets was accompanying our GFBFHD, Hannah. Dennison has not been quite as successful with his anti bullying training and lately has been giving Hannah an increasing amount of trouble. To think he had progressed last year much much further than Duncan. But this year a complete shift. We would need to speak to our Hannah to determine what will be next for our Dennison. But first the priority was to find Elizabeth. Yes, Elizabeth who left her flock we knew she would be terribly lonely and homesick for the Canadian flock. Elizabeth was so happy to see us after a long year apart and just as we hoped?????


Imagine, for the night Esme would be sill-sitting in our CBF's room and catching up. Esme would accompany CBF to the Banquet the next night. But when we found CBF Elizabeth I knew she was in need of not only Esme at the SLEEP~OVER, my presence was also needed. So the first night that is where we HLB'd. Sullivan would take charge of the flock in our HC's room so all would be well.

Sullivan, Piper aka Eggplant, Callopie in her RED TEA POT, Ovi comfy in his bed and Marty Grau and KOO, now in Esme's cozy bed and our Noah, the next EASTER CREATURE!! all happily in room 420 while we snuggled in room 112. The next morning each of us would get a turn 'smoozing' with all our old friends and making new friends. Lots of photos will be snapped and new friends introduced. And Noah is very anxious to ask Mr Sparkles to accept his request to be his campaign manager. Mr Sparkles is very adept at presenting himself and unafraid to put himself 'out there'. That was something Noah knew he would need over the next year during his campaign. Mr Sparkles? A unique and 'performance' oriented Ovine from the Dennison Flock. First thing on Saturday morning............With hopes of a good night sleep both in room 112 and room 420,

Smoozingly yours,

Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe

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