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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, April 15, 2011

IT ALL STARTED ONE MORNING posted by Noah, The Grey One

It was such a beautiful morning, the first sunny day in so~so~so long. Having spent the last year collecting bits of our fleece left here and there in the pasture~and bits removed from a knitted garment here and there~and fleece shavings from finished products which had been washed to firm perfection. They were ready. What was ready? Well our Fleece Balls. It has always been a flock project. To make use of all we are. Plus its fun, not only for the flock but for HCs. They create wondrous items with needles and hooks using our fleece which has been spun into lengths of fiber. Along the way, there are always bits to trim, fuzz to shave, and pieces of fiber unused. So when a large quantity of such fleece was ready the process got underway. Our HC sat down in a chair with all these bits plus a few strands of wool fiber collected along the way which had some nice length, and began to wind it all together. This is Herzig's favorite part of creating Fleece Balls. As pieces are selected somewhat randomly all the colors are wound tightly. We talk about what the finished ball may look like but until the Fleece Balls are completed and then cut in half to reveal inside the Fleece Ball~no one really knows.
So after our HC finished the winding 1 larger ball and used the remaining bits in a smaller ball waiting for more fleece, I prepared for the next part of the process. Placing the balls in a net bag and snugly securing it and then into a washing machine it goes.

I monitored the machine during several times of this washing and then guarded them outside in the sunny brightness, the first photo under the title. Knowing they would not dry or be complete for quite a length of time, but Fleece Ball time was well underway. Things were going as normal,,,,,UNTIL.......IT APPEARED.

I couldn't quite understand who or WHAT this creature was or why it was 'glaring' at me, as though I WAS THE INTRUDER. Then this creature asked what I was doing invading its territory with these eggs. "AND JUST WHAT SORT OF EGGS ARE THEY", it asked. "Obviously they are fake or not eggs at all, REAL EGGS look like these 2 I have." I was taken aback and frankly momentarily without voice. As we stared at each other I remembered what Ellis the Ram and Esme the Ewe always remind us, think carefully before speaking and be Open and Accepting. I thought carefully before I began speaking but knew the 'Open and Accepting' part was going to be extremely difficult.

After a deep breath I began. "I am Noah, The Grey One and this is where I live. In our pasture with my flock, my HC and her MPU, Polly. And these are not EGGS they are Fleece Balls and they are meant to be round. My question is WHO ARE YOU and why have you entered our pasture with those 'eggs'? If eggs are what they are. They do look like eggs but eggs are normally white or brown, not orange or blue. And they don't look like they are made from calcium which poultry form to hold the eggs as they give birth to them~they look made of clay used in pottery?"
The creature got rather snotty at that point, which I thought very rude, but~deeply baa'ing~I listened. "I am the Easter Rabbit you scruffy in need of a haircut ovine and these are Easter Eggs. This is my time of the year so you....and this flock...need to hit the road and stay out of sight until after Easter. Get with the program!"
"Well.....I am aware of the upcoming holiday and have heard of the the 'traditions' of Easter. A 'Easter Bunny', delivery of eggs in baskets along with sweets, celebrating with spring colors and gorgeous spring flowers. But I'm certain I've never heard that creatures 'not the Easter Bunny' are required to hide."
"As you may see, I have eggs and I have flowers, what do you have? Fleece Balls and cement!"
Then I said, "And if flowers are a requirement your puny pottery basket with fake pottery flowers pales next to my pasture full of lush beautiful Daffodils which, IF YOU NOTE, are real. My Fleece Balls are real and are products of me. Since when did poultry lay a pottery egg. Come to think of it, WHEN HAVE YOU EVER PRODUCED AN EGG?"
I think I had done it then, this Bunny began to angrily hop about screeching. Yes, screeching! The ear piercing sound being the only sound made by these creatures when matters creating high emotional displays occur. The rabbit began screeching " I AM THE EASTER BUNNY. I AM THE ONLY RIGHTFUL CREATURE OF THIS HOLIDAY. YOU ARE NOT. YOU WILL NEVER BE. ITS MY RIGHT AND NO ONE COULD EVER REPLACE ME. YOU WILL NEVER EVER BE IN CHARGE OF THE EASTER HOLIDAY. I AM THE PERFECT CREATURE FOR THIS POSITION AND I BAN YOU FROM THIS PASTURE FOR ETERNITY."
Yes, it appears Open and Accepting was history, as far as this creature was concerned, if ever it had been a concept. It was then I decided that whatever event had concluded that a rabbit was deserving of representing Easter, had been ill considered. And from my point of view no creature 'owned' the position of leading the holiday. I then made my decision. This Easter was upon us and nothing could be done this year. But next year I planned a change.
So today I begin my run for election to the position of EASTER CREATURE. I hereby announce to run on the
Ovine Party ticket for
The next steps
1. Formulate a platform
2. Determine the right ovines to fill key positions on my Election Committee
3. Create a sure fire Campaign strategy
4. Gain support for voting day
Noah, The Grey One

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