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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Heading North

~~posted by Ovi~~
Ellis and Esme have designated me to post of our journey home. I hope you enjoy my first ever all to myself~by myself for you to read~~posting. Yes, Tuesday morning found us leaving our Oceanside Pasture for our trip North. Anxious to rejoin the flock we left behind we gathered together and walked down the hallway toward the door through the parking lot to climb into the car. The only one who had any baggage was me. I walked next to Sullivan at the end of our flock. The red string which you may notice around my neck and down my back on both sides was attached to my bowl~bed. For some STRANGE reason it seemed far heavier than ever before. But I persevered and the 6 of us, oh plus our HC, settled into the car and away we went. We got to ride 'shotgun' atop a lovely fleece blanket, naturally once we put our seat belt around us we were ready to enjoy our first leg of the journey.
Sullivan, ME, Callopie, Himhe, Ellis and Esme

We left as the sky brightened stopping for fuel. A bit of a pile on but lots of fun. After an hour or so of driving went crossed our first state line, North Carolina. While our HC went to a building, we piled atop the sign showing where we were and when she returned she snapped our picture. Back to the car we went for our next part of our trip. Very soon we found ourselves in another state, Virginia! Ellis told us it was about halfway and this was very exciting. This time Callopie yelled PILE ON. After Ellis and Esme talked it over we did just that~PILED ON. And I the OVI~NATOR got to be on top. Well Callopie was next to me but as I'm taller I claimed KING OF THE HILL!!!!!


After such a morning and many exits and entrys of rest areas, we all were very tired and slept the rest of the way home. Except of course, our HC, who drove safely and didn't stop to eat. As we had planned ahead and had a big big big morning meal we didn't get hungry. Later as the sun set and hearing some baa'ing from the others I woke up and we were home. We all piled out and followed our HC to the door, back home at last.


Only one thing seemed strange. After all things were put away and we greeted the home flock, shared our adventures and we all clustered together and had a good night sleep. The STRANGE thing? The next day while our HC was busy we got to use the laptop, to look over our blog and enjoy our trip home photos. And when the photo of us coming down the hallway to the door appeared something was weird with my bowl~bed. Remember at the beginning of my post when I said my bowl~bed seemed heavier than before? We all gasped as we saw 'something' IN the BOWL~BED. Some things that appeared to be shades of purple, green and gold.......and although we enlarged the photo we wouldn't quite make out what it was. Finally Sullivan declared there appeared to be FOUR things in the bowl~bed and he thought they looked strangely like the back part of Ovines~hind ends.......Where were the stowaways? We thought they had been left behind with Willy...........but TWO hind ends looked like TWO of the stowaways but that left TWO. Those TWO seemed to be in shades of Green and Gold. The stowaways had been black with purple among the black fleece and white with gold among the white fleece. We rushed back to my bowl~bed but it was empty. Where are the contents of my bowl~bed we are all asking ourselves. If it is the TWO stowaways and somehow they have brought back TWO others.......well we will find them, they are somewhere in our pasture and we have a very very very large flock~~~They can't hide forever. Oh, in case you have trouble seeing the hind ends we placed 3 question marks by the 4 hind ends.

By permission of Ellis the Ram, my post is concluded.


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