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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Sand ??????

Callopie likes Sand........Ovi hates Sand........ posted by Sullivan
&&& Do you believe a simple thing like 'sand' can cause such a fuss between friends? Well, I found out just this morning, that was what all the yelling was over,
&&& Now they are back to being good friends and this morning when we all awoke excited about the coming dawn .. there they were. Snuggled together in Ovi's bowl~bed. Our HC made it just for Ovi and when he is feeling 'in need' that is where I can always find him, in his bowl~bed. While they were out on the balcony in the bowl I managed to look through their photos from the adventure from which they returned
The Flock are familiar with Callopie's adventurous and often 'questionable' behavior. And we have much evidence of it in photos. Sneaking in bags to go along when not invited. The time she rolled in the bowl of blueberries we picked during our adventure in New Hampshire last year. No matter how many times Ellis and Esme told her that rolling about in blueberries was not at all the same as rolling about in leaf piles, she did it anyway. Typical Callopie, she managed to accomplish her blueberry roll without staining a strand of her fleece.
GEESH ! &&&
So not surprising to hear that Callopie had no issue with playing in the sand on the beach. I guess she found it great fun her first 'sneak out' so she simply thought everyone would enjoy it. Hm, well it seems Ovi did not. He did enjoy walking on the sand, where it was dry as he said it easily brushed off. BUT, Callopie insisted they go closer to the Ocean so of course the sand became less dry.......and less dry......and quite 'not at all dry'. He told me that half way down to the Ocean he climbed atop a sand pile and refused to go any further~~~but not our Callopie ! {As you can see by the photo at the beginning of this post}.
Ovi said after Callopie returned and he climbed off his sand pile, they went back toward the dry sand.....At which point Callopie insisted Ovi help her to do something she had seen HCs do on the beach. Yep, the results~~~~~~~

Ovi Reluctantly Assisted & Callopie Enjoyed Results

Seems the big issue was upon their return Callopie's decided a 'rough and tumble' would be great fun and pushed Ovi into a sand hole............thus............the DUST UP. Or perhaps the SAND DOWN !



  1. What great fun you all had on the beach! Where exactly is this beach? I am so excited to finally be able to leave comments --- it took me a while to figure this out!

  2. We are all quite glad you are safe and at home with the entire flock together. Even though this was Sullivan's post we all gather at times to ooo and ahhh over our very own on~line Pasture.

    Oh, we are on the coast of the state of South Carolina at a place called Garden City. Enjoying both the Ocean, Sunrises, Sunsets and Adventures. Both authorized and unauthorized.

    Ellis the Ram for all the 7+2 of us.