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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Monday, January 17, 2011


On the Hunt for the answer
Himhe, Ellis, Esme, Sullivan Callopie and Ovi
sitting left to right
Getting at the computer to do the research we previously spoke of, proved more time consuming then we all expected. But finally we crowded around the laptop which had been placed in the comfy chair. The first search we tried was GREEN BAY PACKER. And much to our amazement the screen filled with the explanation....

The Green Bay Packers are an American football team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are members of the North Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL) and are the third-oldest franchise in the NFL. Ah, the clue provided by GFK about a 'game' proved to be valid. Seems this Green Bay Packer is a group of human who engage in a game called Foot~Ball. Further reading down the page informed us that while playing the game of Foot~Ball these Green Bay Packers don garments which are Green and Gold.

Now, Ovines aren't really interested in 'games'. It seems most humans do nothing BUT play games........And most of these games seem to involve round objects and sticks. Hoc~Key=little black round object flat on top and bottom and a STICK. GFK works for something called the Milwaukee Brewers. The average Ovine would believe this 'Milwaukee Brewers' are engaged in 'brewing'. Remember, Humans=Games. This Milwaukee Brewers, they play Base~Ball. Base~Ball=a round object about 4" in diameter {and very painful if struck by such an object as it is hard like a rock............wouldn't using a rock be just as easy and certainly cheaper-rocks all over the pasture?}and a STICK. So we assumed this game called Foot~Ball would have a ball and STICK. So we next searched for Foot~Ball.

A form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron

Ah, finally a game with only a ball. And this ball appears to be oblong and filled with air which certainly must feel better if one is hit with it. But after this research, we all agreed that this does not answer the question of Purple, Green, and Gold. We must tell our HC to inform our GFK that the answer to her question is NO. The colors don't appear to mean a Green Bay Packer, a game, or some human named Favre who it seems likes Purple.

Tomorrow the flock travels with our HC back north to our pasture in Pennsylvania. We will miss the Ocean, the Seagulls, the Sunrises and the Sunsets. But our HC need us to accompany her to keep her attentive during her long hours of travel. Occasionally Baaa'ing and Bleat'ing to ensure she does not fall asleep. But Willy, the elder statesmen of our flock, will remain behind to keep our HC's MPU company until we return. Which will be soon, we hope.............meanwhile we remain vexed, JUST WHAT IS THIS PURPLE, GREEN, GOLD THING !!!


Ellis, Esme, Himhe, Sullivan, Callopie, Ovi and Willy.

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  1. Very cute photo at Sunrise .... my flock wish they were there too!!! Intrigued by the colors ... I am not a basketball fan but the Los Angeles Lakers' colors are purple and gold!