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While playing HIDE AND SHEEP this booklet was discovered. Just who are these Ovines? And why do they look so different? We may need to ask our HC? Does anyone know of this flock?

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boy's Day Out

posted by Sullivan, Ovi, and Himhe

Today our head of flock, Ellis the Ram gave us quite a gift. Our HC and her MPU were going to a luncheon~~and they told Ellis if he wished to send any of the flock, he could. Of course, Calliope immediately began BBBing, bleating to be chosen. But to our surprise he announced that today he was declaring the adventure a BOY'S DAY OUT. Of course, we had expected Ellis, Willy, and the 3 of us to be going. No, it was explained a boy's day not a Male Ovine day. And as Ellis and Willy are elders in our Flock that meant US !!!! As I Sullivan am the oldest of the 3, it was my responsibility to make sure we minded our manners. Hey, the 3 of us are on the 'quiet' side of the flock so I assured Ellis all would go well.


Enjoying the morning view of the Ocean we said goodbye and departed.
The car ride was great fun and we all buckled up to be safe. Arriving at the restaurant we went inside and our MPU selected the table and we settled in.

As you can see we gathered on the table and had a lovely view behind us. Naturally the HCs at the table all questioned our purpose. Based on that question it seems there were 5 HCs at the table who 'get it'. The 6th HC we eventually realized was one who did 'not get it', but was polite none-the-less, except.....more later regarding a comment. We positioned ourselves in the middle of the humans eating surface while we met each at the table. Naturally our HC and her MPU we skip.

While our table~mates~ Arlene and Jim, Lucy and Polly, reviewed their menus. Ovi, having taken to Polly moved over to sit next to her. We discreetly wished to read their menus. Not that we expected to have a Ovine lunch option of MGLV. We really wanted to check there was no human food being offered which was made from US ! Fortunately saw no Lamb Stew, no Roast Leg of Lamb, and THANKFULLY no Lamb Chops. I have no idea how we would have gotten back, but if there had been Ovine on the menu but we certainly would have left. What if the chef ran short and began looking our way? Or if we overheard other attendees selecting Ovine items for their meals. Or, DFH, humans at our table selected such meals. Luckily none of that occurred since Ovine wasn't on the menu. But always best to exercise due diligence in these matters.
The lunch went fairly well and although all but Polly C., had little interaction with us, everyone was very polite and we enjoyed their chatter. Polly C. quickly formed a bond with our Ovi and he moved his bowl~bed by her plate. Once actually teasing her by hiding under his bowl~bed while she was away from the table and wiggling to shake his bowl~bed when she returned and prompted an inquiry on his disappearance. I spent the consuming portion of the event on the handle of Polly's walker. Polly was very nice.....and fun. Polly GETS IT.
Finally the meal ended and a nice young man came by to clear away the table. Our HC still had half a bowl of salad which she told the young man she would be taking home with her. Then she winked at us and we knew the bowl of salad would be our MLGV treat for behaving so nicely. Himhe ? He enjoyed his time in the center of the table. When the time came to leave, Ovi and Himhe raced to a clear box full of MLGV, like a game of KING OF THE HILL they made it to the top of the box together. Then I joined them !
&&&&&&&&& After such a fun afternoon we were quite glad to be home. We told Ellis of our adventure and he told us tonight it would make a fine bedtime tale to sent the flock before sleep. But that was much later. Tired, we 3 boys decided the best way to end an adventure was with a nice nap.....even Ovi was so tired he decided to fore go his bowl~bed {although it was close by}.


Oh, Lucy the nice lady who 'didn't get it'. How did we know that? When we were preparing to leave and the humans were saying their goodbyes..........she said to our HC's MPU that perhaps next time she could tell her OU {our HC} to leave her 'toys' at home. She wasn't mean sounding or ill mannered but we could tell she was serious. TOYS ? Good thing Ellis, Esme or horrors Calliope not in attendance. Results would not have been pretty. We all felt sorry for Lucy. Imagine being one who 'doesn't get it'.




  1. What a lovely adventure and how I enjoy reading all about it. I just love your posts - love reading about the Ovine adventures! Keep them coming!